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Bentley Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition

2019 is a wonderful year for automotive enthusiasts as several carmakers are celebrating their respective milestones in the industry. One of those is a British luxury marque that enjoys worldwide recognition for its rich racing legacy. Get ready to welcome the Bentley Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition by Mulliner. It is an exclusive production model with only 100 units available for purchase. Judging by its rarity, it won’t be long until all of the examples on offer will be spoken for.

To start off, we want to point out that this special edition shares some similarities with another limited edition model from the same catalog. In fact, this is the third and final entry in the carmaker’s Centenary series. The first one being the Continental GT Number 9 Edition, followed by the Mulsanne W.O. Edition. All three of these sweet rides boast bespoke and lavish touches from Mulliner. As such, lucky owners have every right to show off the sheer quality and opulence of these automotive masterpieces.

Meanwhile, with the Mulsanne model being the only exception, the Bentley Continental GT Convertible Number 1 pays homage to the brand’s rich racing heritage. To be precise, it draws inspiration from the iconic No. 1 Blower and its record-setting lap speed in 1932 at the Outer Circuit at Brooklands. Thus, to commemorate 100 years of excellence, buyers will have a chance to own a piece of racing history within their new automobile. Engineers are recasting a small piece of the piston from the original No.1 Blower into wheel spinner on the vehicle’s dashboard. Finally, everything else is what anyone would expect from the luxury brand.

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The 1964 Aston Martin Goldfinger DB5 Continuation Edition Is Every Collector’s Dream

There’s no denying the fact that Bond movies are super popular even today. We’ve seen many actors play the part of the suave British spy, but Aston Martin remains a series staple. It seems that the franchise is particularly smitten with the marque, yet there’s a good reason for that. Take for example the 1964 Aston Martin Goldfinger DB5, which is the ultimate badass spy car of its generation.

Almost all of the vehicles that roll off the production line are just innately sleek and sexy. In fact, the models that show up on the silver screen are immediately turned into pop culture icons. Now, the company is making a move that’s sure to make die-hard fans of the movies scream with excitement.

Sean Connery’s iconic ride in Goldfinger will be making its return as an exclusive collector’s piece. Only 25 continuation examples are in line for production and will cost a staggering $3.5 million each. What makes these units so special are the additional built-in gadgets inspired by the film.

We’re talking about a bulletproof body, old slick sprayers, a rear smoke screen system, and the list goes on. Other notable additions include revolving license plates, battering rams on each end, and front-firing machine guns. All other armaments will be functional, except for firearms, which will rely on special effects to simulate its operation.

Moreover, the oils slick sprayers will apparently spray water for safety reasons. Due to the aforementioned features, the 1964 Aston Martin Goldfinger DB5 continuation model will not be street legal for obvious reasons. None of that would matter because anyone who would be buying one will be keeping it as a showpiece anyway.

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Land Rover Range Rover Astronaut Edition Takes You To The Stars

Recently, a Rolls-Royce went for a space theme for the new Phantom Tranquillity. The luxury ride features elements that pay homage to mankind’s fascination with the stars and the results are alluring. Now, another carmaker wishes to pay tribute to our never-ending quest to conquer the heavens with a special release. The Land Rover Range Rover Astronaut Edition is an exclusive SUV model that imposes a strict requirement for ownership.

In order to qualify for the purchase of this limited edition Range Rover, you must be part of the Future Astronauts. We’re talking about an adventurous collection of 600 individuals who are registered to ride the Virgin Atlantic spacecraft. It is one of the futuristic projects of Richard Branson to eventually commercialize space travel. It sure sounded crazy during its announcement, but it looks like other companies are following suit.

The Range Rover Astronaut Edition flaunts a bespoke Zero Gravity Blue coat that looks stunning. According to Land Rover, the night sky serves as the inspiration for the new color. Metallic details accentuate some of the SUVs exterior design elements. Meanwhile, to mark the collaboration between the two companies, each of the aluminum door handles will sport an engraving of the Virgin Galactic’s constellation logo. Moreover, once the door opens the puddle lamp activates to show a silhouette of the spacecraft.

Moving inside, owners will see the SpaceShipTwo logo on the headrests as well. Equally notable is the center console that bears images detailing the history of flight. The highlight of the cabin is the discs on the cupholders. It reportedly comes from the landing skids of the first Virgin Galactic spacecraft. The Land Rover Range Rover Astronaut Edition is truly everything a future space traveler would want.

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Images courtesy of Land Rover

2019 Bentley Continental GT Number 9 Edition By Mulliner

To remind us of how long certain manufacturers have existed, special edition items are usually in order. These serve to commemorate their achievements and to show off some of the best that they can do. 2019 already has its fair share of awesome rides that are on their way to showrooms later this year. Let’s check out another one that’s recently making a splash across the automotive industry. The 2019 Bentley Continental GT Number 9 Edition by Mulliner.

This exceptional ride reportedly pays homage to Sir Henry Ralph Stanley Birkin, an iconic member of the original Bentley Boys. This awe-inspiring luxury vehicle apparently draws inspiration from the former’s famous Blower that won the 1930 Le Mans 24 Hours race. Making its debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the British carmaker is employing the expert hands of Mulliner to deck out this fancy automobile. To celebrate its 100 years in operation, the Number 9 Edition will have an exclusive run of only 100 examples.

You’ll notice that the grille bears the number 9 as a nod to the race care familiar to fans of motorsports. Lucky owners can have it in Beluga Black or Viridian Green, which are both equally stunning options. Additionally, the interior upholstery comes in either Beluga or Cumbrian Green leather upon request. In place of some of the chrome components of the base model, you’ll find black accents instead. The 2019 Bentley Continental GT Number 9 Edition by Mulliner is also sitting on four bespoke 21-inch wheels. Meanwhile, the center dial of the rotating dashboard includes a wooden insert from the original Birkin’s original Blower car.

Images courtesy of Bentley

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2019 BMW M850i xDrive Coupe First Edition

We all love to be different, that’s why each one us prefers a certain style or personality. This ignites our passion to own or collect stuff that is not commonly available. That’s why companies love to offer special items that end up becoming something collectors want to own. It’s no wonder why these end up going for insane prices at the auction block. For automotive enthusiasts, exclusive releases are to die for. That’s exactly why the 2019 BMW M850i xDrive Coupe First Edition will be a big hit.

Fans of the German marque should know that only 400 of these will roll off the production line so demand will be high. To stand above the regular release variants, the First Edition will don a unique Frozen Barcelona Blue coat. According to reports, the special metallic paint finish is making its debut on this vehicle only. The paint melds perfectly with the blacked-out grille, tailpipes, window surrounds, and air breathers. Additionally, the 20-inch M wheels also sport a jet black color scheme to complete the ensemble.

For discerning buyers who want even more, there’s an option to add an M Carbon exterior package and M Carbon roof. Now that we’re done with the exterior, let’s move on to what’s waiting for us inside the cabin. The carmaker’s luxury lineage surely shines inside with Night Blue and Ivory White leatherwork. The upholstery gets an elegant accompaniment from the Night Blue Alcantara roof liner. A premium entertainment setup awaits with a Bower & Wilkins Diamond sound system. The 2019 BMW M850i xDrive Coupe First Edition truly boasts stellar craftsmanship.

Images courtesy of BMW


This 2019 Bentley Bentayga By Mulliner Is Heading To Japan

During car shows, we often see the latest and the best automakers that automakers can offer. These include concept vehicles that usually never make it into production and limited-edition models. The former normally lives on in our imagination, while the latter eventually becomes available albeit in small numbers. While supercars and hypercars are notably popular, the luxury market is equally as exciting. Enter the 2019 Bentley Bentayga by Mulliner, a Japanese only release with only 10 examples in line for production.

So what makes these variants different from the regular version? The name obviously holds a clue, which advertises a touch of elegant stylings from the folks at Mulliner. These experts live and breathe for the customization of Bentley vehicles. As such, these Japan-bound models flaunt unique elements that make the exterior and interior stand out from regular Bentaygas.

Starting off with what’s on the outside, you have an exclusive new shade of paint that the manufacturer calls Porcelain. The SUV also sites on 22-inch Mulliner Paragon wheels that sports hubcaps that keep the winged logo upright at all times. Additionally, both of its front doors proudly bear the union jack emblem projects the marque’s name on the ground when it’s open.

Up front sits a chrome matrix grille that looks classy. Meanwhile, the cabin of each 2019 Bentley Bentayga by Mulliner showcases a mixture of blue and white leather with camel brown stitching. Owners can likewise bask in the beauty of the dashboard’s wooden strip. Taking cues from the traditional Japanese parquetry, each intricate panel takes three months to complete.  Each of the 10 units will carry a price tag of around $285,000.

Images courtesy of Bentley

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The Subaru STI S209 Gets A Limited Run Of 200 Units Only

It’s going to be an exciting year for automotive fans as a popular overseas brand reveals its first S-series entry for the United States. Attendees at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show got a glimpse of the Subaru STI S209 in all its glory. According to the Japanese carmaker, the new model is the most powerful one to roll out of its factory. Moreover, it will be an exclusive release with only 200 units in line for production. The announcement will definitely have collectors scrambling to reserve one as soon as possible.

To back up its claim, Subaru teases a 2.5-liter turbocharged boxer engine that will produce around 341 horsepower. Alongside its four-cylinder powerplant sits a six-speed manual transmission that reportedly delivers all that muscle to its all-wheel-drive system. Sources note that tweaks for the suspension include Bilstein dampers to enhance its handling. These upgrades are a necessary evil in order to maximize all of that extra power underneath.

Owners can expect top-notch stopping power with a set of Brembo brakes. The front pair features six-piston calipers, while the two in the rear have two. Finally, each assembly holds high-friction pads that provide exceptional performance. The 19-inch gold BBS wheels likewise hint at something extra. We learned that Dunlop specially crafted the rubber of the GT600A tires that the vehicle sits on. The tiremaker claims that it will deliver additional grip to improve control.

The interior of the Subaru STI S209 is exceptionally prepared with splashes of Alcantara around its cockpit. The driver and front-seat passenger also get to enjoy the snug Recaro seats that firmly asserts the car’s racing heritage.

Images courtesy of Subaru

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