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Driving the GMC Canyon, and pour one out for the Camaro | Autoblog Podcast #812

In this episode of the Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is joined by Road Test Editor Zac Palmer. They start by discussing the the cars they’ve been driving, including the 2023 GMC Canyon AT4, ECD Jaguar E-Type EV, ECD Land Rover Defender 110 and the Genesis GV60. Next, they hit the news starting with the Chevrolet Camaro production ending. Rumors about the Hyundai N Vision 74 are bandied about, and then the two discuss the latest McLaren iteration named the GTS, which is a refresh of the GT. Lastly, the pair discuss who they think were the most influential leaders in the automotive industry throughout 2023

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Autoblog Podcast #812

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Autoblog’s Editors’ Picks: The Complete List

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Up close with the 2022 Range Rover

Remember we talked about the brand new 2022 model year Range Rover a while ago here on Well, you can’t drive one yet as the first customer cars will only be available in the Spring of 2022, but there are pre-production prototypes around already, and it seems YouTuber Doug deMuro managed to find one to get close and personal to and talk about ‘all the quirks and features’ of it, unfortunately being a prototype he wasn’t allowed to drive it, but she’s a beauty, so let’s take a look at his 24-minute video before we talk details on this new full-size SUV from the famous Range Rover brand:

[embedded content] [embedded content]

Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, said, “The New Range Rover is a vehicle with a peerless character, from the impeccable restraint of its exterior to the flawless tranquil sanctuary of its cabin. Informed by creative intellect and a desire for perfection, it doesn’t follow fashion or trend, but by a modernist design philosophy, combined with over 50 years of evolution, it is quite simply the most desirable Range Rover ever created.”

The MY2022 Range Rover is the first completely new model since 2014, and while it deliberately looks familiar, a lot is actually different compared to the outgoing model, base pricing starts at $105,000, but if you know anything about previous Range Rovers, you understand that’s just the start, and the massive options list and the possibility to create your bespoke model can skyrocket that price very quickly.

Wheels are a nice 21-inch as standard, but for the first time on a Range Rover you can opt for massive 23-inch tall wheels like the ones seen on the Autobiography LWB version of the above video, and another first for the MY22 Range Rover is the third row of seats, two additional units, only available on the Long Wheel Base model, but still, it’s possible now, but you can also opt to have your special Range Rover come with just four seats, and those rear ones are just absolutely stunning and immensely comfortable while that central console houses all kinds of amenities.

Nick Rogers, Executive Director, Product Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover, said, “The New Range Rover combines supreme on-road and all-terrain capability with electrified propulsion and new levels of connected capability. In the quest for comfort, we have been obsessed with human science and understanding brain activity to minimize cognitive impact and ensure these advanced technologies work in absolute harmony, creating a truly effortless driving experience. It’s an engineer’s duty to make people’s lives better, and that’s exactly what the New Range Rover will do for you.”

For the 2023 model year a PHEV will join the two petrol engines we’ll see in 2022, the extended-range plug-in hybrid (PHEV) will come with the inline 6-cylinder Ingenium engine coupled to a 105kW electric motor integrated with the transmission, power for this motor will come from a 38.2kWh lithium-ion battery, this setup will allow up to 62 miles of near-silent pure-electric driving, total power output will be 434 hp and this PHEV will be able to reach 87 mph on electric power only.

There’s a brand new Range Rover in town

I know the Mercedes G-Wagon is probably the most famous large SUV at this time, but you just can’t discard the famous Range Rover when talking about high-end, luxury SUV, and I know we now have others like the Bentley Bentayga and the Rolls Royce Cullinan, but the Range Rover has been the go-to off-roader for over 50 years, and both farmers and royalty have been seen behind the wheel of this famous SUV.

And while you might see a Bentayga or a Cullinan struggle off-road, both the G-Wagon and the Range Rover are more than capable both on city streets and out in the fields on muddy roads, the Range Rover is a ‘do-it-all’ that can transport the occupants in ultimate luxury while thundering down a field out and about, however, if you look at some of the specs shown in the latest press release for the unveiling of the MY2022 edition, you might think twice about getting in with filthy boots, especially when you opted for a white upholstery.

Thierry Bolloré, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, said, “The New Range Rover is a superb manifestation of our vision to create the world’s most desirable luxury vehicles, for the most discerning of customers. It writes the next chapter in the unique story of pioneering innovation that has been a Range Rover hallmark for more than 50 years.”

Pricing for the United States market starts with the entry-level Range Rover P400 SE, a mild Hybrid 3.0L Turbocharged I6 (395hp / 406 lb-ft) that comes with an MSRP of $104,000, that number quickly rises once you get into the more powerful models, like the top-of-the-line Range Rover P530 First Edition (LWB) with the powerful 4.4L Twin-Turbocharged V8  pumping out 523hp with 553 lb-ft of torque, starting at $163,500 before options.

The new Range Rover will be available in SE and Autobiography models while as usual there is a ‘First Edition’ throughout the first year of production, based on the Autobiography but with some bespoke specification, exclusively available in a Sunset Gold Satin finish, among a choice of five exterior colors. Just like before the Range Rover gets the Standard (SWB) and the Long Wheelbase (LWB) body designs, the SWB comes with five seats, while the New Range Rover LWB model is available with a third row for extended comfort for up to seven adults.

In Range Rover language the SV isn’t a Super Veloce model like we’ve seen from Lamborghini, in this case, the SV stands for Special Vehicle Operations and boasts a next-level interpretation of luxury and personalization, the special SV model is also available in either SWB or LWB designs, with exclusive features including new SV Serenity and SV Intrepid design themes and a four-seat SV Signature Suite configuration that has a raised central console in between the two rear seats.

Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, said, “The New Range Rover is a vehicle with a peerless character, from the impeccable restraint of its exterior to the flawless tranquil sanctuary of its cabin. Informed by creative intellect and a desire for perfection, it doesn’t follow fashion or trend, but by a modernist design philosophy, combined with over 50 years of evolution, it is quite simply the most desirable Range Rover ever created.”

The Range Rover was the first luxury SUV to come with an Electronic Air Suspension, back in 1992 already, so it made sense for this New Range Rover to continue this pioneering approach with an updated version of that, now called Dynamic Response Pro with pre-emptive suspension that actually uses the built-in eHorizon Navigation data to read the road ahead and prepare the suspension to provide appropriate responses … something we’ve seen on the Rolls Royce Cullinan too.

And another feature seen on the Rolls Royce SUV has made its way into the New Range Rover: power-assisted doors, a first on a Range Rover, available as an option on the MY2023, these doors can be controlled from the Pivo Pro screen on the central console, the doors even have sensors to avoid hitting people while opening or closing, and yes, the traditional two-piece split tailgate that has been a feature on the Range Rovers since the Seventies is back on this new model too.

Nick Rogers, Executive Director, Product Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover, said, “The New Range Rover combines supreme on-road and all-terrain capability with electrified propulsion and new levels of connected capability. In the quest for comfort, we have been obsessed with human science and understanding brain activity to minimize cognitive impact and ensure these advanced technologies work in absolute harmony, creating a truly effortless driving experience. It’s an engineer’s duty to make people’s lives better, and that’s exactly what the New Range Rover will do for you.”

Not only does the New Range Rover come with 360° camera view, as do most higher-end cars these days, but this SUV also has built-in lights all around the car to create a ‘blanket’ of light around her while you maneuver this big lady around … remember those neon underglow in the tuning scene a few decades ago … well, underglow is back now.

Rory O’Murchu, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar Land Rover, said, “The New Range Rover combines advanced hardware with a pioneering toolkit of digital technologies and software, all enabled by our advanced electrical architecture – moving Range Rover from a mechanical world to a mechatronic ecosystem that delivers an intuitive drive. Our new Integrated Chassis Control system is a prime example of this philosophy and co-ordinates a suite of predictive and reactive technologies, that make this the most comfortable and agile Range Rover ever produced.”

While the New Range Rover isn’t a small SUV by any means, it does come with a turning circle of just 36 feet, the smallest of any Land Rover at this time, and this is thanks to All-Wheel steering now standard on every Range Rover, the rear wheels can be turned up to 7 degrees for better stability and comfort at speed, together with reducing the turning circle at low speeds in the city.

For the 2023 model year a PHEV will join the two petrol engines we’ll see in 2022, the extended-range plug-in hybrid (PHEV) will come with the inline 6-cylinder Ingenium engine coupled to a 105kW electric motor integrated with the transmission, power for this motor will come from a 38.2kWh lithium-ion battery, this setup will allow up to 62 miles of near-silent pure-electric driving, total power output will be 434 hp and this PHEV will be able to reach 87 mph on electric power only.

Michael van der Sande, Managing Director, Special Vehicle Operations, said, “Special Vehicle Operations exists to amplify the core characteristics of Land Rover vehicles, obsessing over every detail with a passion for quality. In the case of Range Rover, that means injecting even more luxury into every part of the car. With more choice than ever before, our customers will be able to create a new Range Rover SV that truly reflects their personality, their dreams, their desires. That is how we interpret modern luxury.”

The New Range Rover will be built solely at the Solihull Manufacturing Facility in the UK, using a state-of-the-art production line housed in the building used to produce early Series Land Rover vehicles, this historic building is the spiritual home of Land Rover and its reimagining as a new, ultra-modern center for Range Rover production showcases the way the company protects its heritage, you can now go to your local dealer and put an order in for the New Range Rover, sales have started already.

All of the Bond cars of ‘No Time To Die’ (caution for spoilers)

Note: The following overview of the cars in No Time To Die contains spoilers. Read at your own risk, or come back after seeing the film to make sure you caught everything.

No Time To Die picks up right around where Spectre leaves us. James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) are driving along in Bond’s restored and iconic DB5 in Matera, Italy. Things don’t stay all that cheery for long in picturesque Matera, though. As is tradition in Bond films, the first car chase hits us with an explosion of action in what’s a super-long opening scene.

Fourth-gen Maserati Quattroporte: The baddies in the beginning are driving a Maserati and chasing after Bond in the DB5. Specifically, they’re in a fourth-gen Quattroporte, which feels right for a chase scene in Italy. Its squared-off looks are mean enough, and its Italian growl is a good background soundtrack to the DB5’s inline-six.

In addition to the Quattroporte, the chase scene in Matera is home to a couple of the best stunts of the entire movie, including the arch jump done with a Triumph motorcycle seen in trailers — Matera is extremely hilly.

Eventually, Bond and Swann find themselves in the DB5 again together, which is where the famous gatling gun scene from the trailer commences, but not before the bulletproof windows and body of the DB5 are thoroughly tested. RIP to the first-gen Range Rover Classics and Jaguar XFs that joined the Maserati in pursuit of Bond (here’s a list of other Bond cars over the years).

As the DB5 escape scene concludes, we catch a glimpse of what appears to be a Ferrari from the 1970s. However, the view was far enough away that we’ll need a second look to be sure of the exact model.

Land Rover Series III: Next time we see Bond, he’s fishing in Jamaica and driving around a blue Land Rover Series III. It’s yet another of the many Land Rover products featured throughout the film, and unlike most of Bond’s Aston Martins, this one doesn’t seem to have any unique features. The other intriguing vehicle out of Jamaica? An old Chevrolet Bel-Air expertly and effectively piloted by Bond newcomer, Ana de Armas.

Next up, we get a few shots of the new and still-not-for-sale Aston Martin Valhalla mid-engine supercar (also seen in trailers). Bond’s old boss M is in the scene which appears to have been shot in some secret wind tunnel of sorts. Much to our dismay, nobody ends up driving the Valhalla in the film. Could it be a teaser for what the next 007’s car is? There’s a decent chance of that, considering the Valhalla played such a small role in this Bond film.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage: Boy were we happy to see the original V8 Vantage from the late 1970s and 1980s make an appearance. In fact, it made multiple appearances throughout the film. It’s difficult to get a more badass combo than Daniel Craig behind the wheel of a blacked-out Aston Martin Mustang.

Off-road vehicles aplenty: As seen on several trailers, things take a turn to the off-road side of things with flying Land Rover Defenders — Land Rover even made special James Bond versions of the SUV. Bond wasn’t behind the wheel of any of these Defenders, though. Instead, he pilots a Toyota Land Cruiser in the Norway portion of the film as he’s pursued by Range Rover Sport SVRs and Defender V8s with double the horsepower. Plus, Triumph motorcycles are back again for the two-wheel enthusiasts in this bumpy chase scene.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera: The stunning and still relatively new DBS Superleggera rocks up to the party in Norway, too, quickly showing everybody its bonkers 715-horsepower V12 is nothing to sneeze at. This two-seat Aston is piloted by Nomi, Bond’s 007 replacement, and she’s clearly gone through the same secret agent driving training that Bond did.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where we’ll leave you without getting too spoiler-heavy. There are plenty of classic Bond gadgets and gizmos throughout the film. Plus, a bizarre plane/submarine combo vehicle makes an appearance at some point. In short, though, the cars of Daniel Craig’s last Bond film don’t disappoint, and neither do the stunts. 

There is plenty for car enthusiasts to ogle at when No Time To Die opens in theaters on October 8.

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Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition Revealed: 300 Units Worldwide

To celebrate its role in 25th James Bond film, Land Rover SV released the new Defender V8 Bond Edition based on the ‘No Time To Die’ film.

The interior features an illuminated ‘Defender 007’ tread plate and a start-up animation for the inherent Pivi pro infotainment system which is specially designed for the Defender V8 Bond Edition. The touch screen display honours the long partnership between Land Rover and the James Bond’s franchise.

Customers will be presented with the opportunity to spot the ‘007’ puddle lamp graphics at night.

The Defender V8 Bond edition is limited to only 300 units world wide, the interior further features ‘one of 300’ detailing and the SV Bespoke logo. 15 Bond V8 edition vehicles will be sent to the UK, 5 units will be the Defender 90 and 10 units of Defender 110 body styles. Each vehicle will be authorized by experts at the SV Bespoke in the UK.

The James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ film will feature the new Defender model alongside two Range Rover SVRs, Range Rover Classic and a Land Rover Series lll. The film is expected to premiere in cinemas worldwide from September 30th 2021.

The Defender V8 Bond Edition is powered by a 5.0 L V8 supercharged petrol engine. The engine delivers a maximum output power of 525hp and 625 Nm of torque and has been equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The acceleration from 0-60mph is achieved in 4.9 seconds at a top speed of 149mph.

The new model provides new levels of performance as well as driver engagement by combining the V8 with the enhanced suspension and transmission to create a fast and dynamic Defender.

Bond, James Bond … the limited edition Defender

I have to admit, I rather like the Bond movies, I do prefer the older ones with Sean Connery, Roger Moore, or Pierce Brosnan, and not so much the more recent ones with Daniel Craig, but that’s a personal preference, I love the gadgets that are used in Bond movies, and those haven’t been abundantly present in the later movies, but still, they are all great action movies, and I will catch the new one in the cinema probably when it is finally released.

For me, the ultimate Bond car is still an Aston Martin, despite the side step onto BMW in some movies, but in recent movies, the Land Rover Defender had an important role too, so much so that their SV Bespoke department decided to create a new Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition as a celebration of the latest Bond movie to be released on September 30, 2021, which happens to be the 25th official Bond movie, a total of only 300 Defender V8 Bond Editions will be made, either in 90 or 110 styles, at a price slightly over £105,000 (about US$ 150,000).

This special Defender V8 Bond Edition is inspired by the cars used in the new No Time To Die movie, with their stealth look from the extended Black Pack complete with 22-inch wheels in Gloss Black over signature Xenon Blue brake calipers … and finally a bespoke ‘Defender 007’ badge on the rear, and then you also get ‘007’ puddle lights for visibility when it’s dark, while you open the door, the doorsills are illuminated with … you guessed it ‘007’.

Finbar McFall, Land Rover Brand Director, said: “The Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition is an exclusive take on the most powerful production Defender ever made, inspired by vehicles on screen in No Time To Die. It represents a meeting of two great British brands and is a unique celebration of Land Rover’s 38-year association with James Bond.”

On the central console, you’ll find a specially developed start-up animation for the intuitive Pivi Pro infotainment system touchscreen that honors Land Rover’s long partnership with the James Bond franchise, while the interior boasts a laser-etched ‘one of 300’ detail complete with the special SV Bespoke logo.

And this limited edition 5-Liter V8 with 525 PS from a supercharged petrol engine also delivers 625 Nm of torque through an eight-speed automatic transmission, in the Defender V8 90 this results in an acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in only 4.9 seconds while a top speed of 149 mph is possible, the larger 110 style is only marginally slower.

With only 300 units built by Land Rover SV Bespoke, this Defender V8 Bond Edition isn’t just limited to the UK market, in fact, only 15 units are available in the UK, 5 in the 90 style body and 10 in the larger, four-door 110 style, the rest will be distributed globally, but each and every single unit will be commissioned by the vehicle personalization experts at SV Bespoke in the UK.

No Time To Die is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and stars Daniel Craig, who returns for his fifth and final film as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007. The film will be released in cinemas from 30 September 2021 in the UK through Universal Pictures International and in the US on 8 October 2021, from Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) via their United Artists Releasing banner.

007 © 1962 Danjaq, LLC and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
007 is a trademark of Danjaq, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Everrati Electric Land Rover Series IIA

To this day, the Land Rover Series IIA is one of, if not the most iconic SUVs that has ever been produced. And it’s been out of production for half a century. Now that British…

The post Everrati Electric Land Rover Series IIA first appeared on Cool Material.

E.C.D. Automotive Design Tesla-Powered Range Rover

Sliding electric motors into vintage vehicles is hot right now, and the folks at E.C.D. Automotive Design have done just that with a classic Land Rover Range Rover. Inside, there’s a Tesla direct drivetrain that…

The post E.C.D. Automotive Design Tesla-Powered Range Rover first appeared on Cool Material.

The V8 is Here: 2021 Land Rover Defender 90 V8 & 110 V8 Launched!

A new Defender V8 has joined the family. The familiar 5.0L V8 supercharged petrol engine with an output of 525hp and 625Nm of torque through an eight-speed automatic transmission. The acceleration from 0-100 km/h is achieved in 5.2 seconds and the top speed is set at 240km/h. The Defender V8 is available in both 90 and 110 body designs.

There is also a new XS Edition with a brand new exterior design and an optional larger 11.4 inch Pivi Pro touchscreen. In addition, a new Carpathian Edition has been revealed, the design, performance and capability is based on the V8 Defender while the XS Edition replaces the First Edition and combines bespoke designs and enhancements.

The car has expanded its customization by introducing exterior packs namely the The Bright Pack, Extended Bright Pack and Extended Black Pack to enhance the Defender’s profile, wireless charging with signal booster is set as standard.

The new Dynamic Program is available exclusively for the Defender V8 and offers improved off-road capabilities as well as handling balance on tarmac and loose surfaces. The new Defender V8 features a larger diameter and anti-roll bars for sharp cornering and increased grip.

Unique exterior enhancements include bespoke badging, quad exhaust system with well defined tailpipes, 22inch alloy wheels in Satin Dark Grey and Xenon Blue brake calipers with 20 inch brake discs. The exhaust system soundtrack can be improved by selecting the Dynamic program in the terrain response system.

The exterior benefits from Land Rover’s signature recyclable satin protective film which protects the car from scratches and off-road stone chips. Clients can choose between three colors i.e Carpathian Grey, Yulong White and Santorini Black. Carpathian Grey and Yulong white with Narvic Black roof is also available. The interior of the Carpathian Edition features the same upgrades as the Defender V8, seats in Miko Suedecloth with Robustec accents, Alcantara wrapped steering wheel and illuminated tread plates.

The XS Edition is available in P400 Petrol, P400e (PHEV) and D250 (MHEV) diesel. Interior of the XS Edition features heated and electric memory seats in grained leather. Exterior colors available are Silicon Silver, Hakuba Silver, Gondwana Stone and Santorini Black.

Prices of the new Defender V8 start at 98,505 pounds for the 90, and 102,250 pounds OTR for the 110 in the UK. USA pricing starts at $100k for the 90 V8 and $107k for the 110 V8.

The new Defender V8

If you are a fan of the Land Rover Defender, I’m sure you’ll be delighted to learn they’ve just launched the most powerful model in history, a supercharged V8 version that delivers 525 hp and can get to 60 mph from standing still in only 4.5 seconds, and it still has exceptional off-road capabilities!

The new Defender 90 V8 will reach a top speed of 149 mph (240 km/h) thanks to its 5.0-Liter engine which continues a heritage set as far back as the Seventies when the first V8 was shoehorned into a Land Rover off-road vehicle. Combining this kind of performance with the award-winning off-road capabilities is even further refined with the flagship Defender V8 Carpathian Edition, note that the V8 engine is available in both the 90 and the 110 versions.

By now the Defender First Edition will be surpassed by a new XS Edition with bespoke design and improved specifications both inside and outside, and you get even more exterior ‘packs’ now … names like ‘The Bright Pack’, ‘Extended Bright Pack’, and ‘Extended Black Pack’ allow you to create a special Defender that matches your taste perfectly.

David Hemming, Chief Product Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The introduction of our V8 powertrain adds a new dimension of driving engagement and off-road capability to Defender. Fast and fun to drive, it represents the pinnacle of the Defender family and is as rewarding on the road as it is capable off it. We’ve also broadened the appeal of the entire Defender line-up with new derivatives, option packs and enhanced connectivity, so there really is a Defender for everyone.”

Naturally, the more powerful V8 engine requires a bespoke tuning for both the suspension and the transmission, with new rates for the springs and the dampers used to make sure the Defender’s unstoppable capabilities remain with the new 5.0-liter V8 supercharged petrol engine, which produces 525HP, 625Nm of torque and drives through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

If the impressive sound of the V8 engine isn’t giving away this new model’s power, the distinctive tell-tales on the outside should make it easier … how about not one, not two, but four exhaust pipes at the rear, complete with distinctive tailpipes, or the special 22-inch lightweight wheels finished in a satin dark grey … and there are V8 badges to be found too.

For the outside, customers can go for one of three shades, Carpathian Grey, Yulong White, and Santorini Black, apart from the black one, you can also ask to have the roof finished in Narvik Black for some added contrast.

Inside, Defender V8 features seats trimmed in unique Ebony Windsor Leather with Dinamica® suedecloth and Robustec accents, while the Defender’s exposed Cross Car Beam has a special Satin Black finish. The four-spoke steering wheel is enhanced by an Alcantara rim and tactile satin chrome gearshift paddles, which are unique to V8 models. Leather covers the airbag housing and gear lever, while illuminated treadplates are completed with a V8 script.

If you opt for the new Defender V8 Carpathian Edition, you’ll take the 525 hp model to the next level of performance, durability, and design … this is the ‘top-of-the-line version which as the name would suggest, is only available in Carpathian Grey, and always comes with the Narvik Black roof, bonnet, and taildoor, the latter being a first on the New Defender.

Straight from the factory, this edition also comes with a Satin Protective film applied to the body, creating a semi-matt look, both for protection and for additional aggressiveness, add the blue front calipers and satin black towing eyes, and this Carpathian Edition looks mean.

Prices for the New Defender V8 start at £98,505 for the 90 and £101,150 OTR for the 110 in the UK, pricing for the US market, and when the new V8 will be available hasn’t been mentioned in their press-release yet.

Land Rover Defender P400e Plug-In Hybrid

The legendary Defender has certainly emerged into the 21st century with more power, refinement, and technology than its rather rudimentary (but still awesome) predecessor. Now, the Defender comes in a plug-in hybrid version that probably…

Adventum Coupe is the two-door Range Rover that never was

At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover surprised us with the Range Rover SV Coupe, a two-door Range Rover produced by Special Vehicle Operations. The automaker planned to build 999 of them for $295,000 a pop, which would have made the SV Coupe the most expensive from-the-factory Range Rover ever. Not even a year later, after dismal financial returns for Jaguar Land Rover in 2018, Land Rover canceled the SV Coupe, knocking back customers who had already specced units with $60,000 in additional options. Niels van Roij Design came to the rescue not long after, promising its own two-door coachbuilt Range Rover called the Adventum Coupe. The sketches released at the time had us hopeful for the real thing. Now that the first production example has been completed for a buyer, we’re glad to report that the Adventum Coupe is just what we wanted.

Niels van Roij made a few departures from the two-door designed by Land Rover’s SVO. The Adventum goes without frameless windows, the side vents on the doors, and 23-inch wheels. SVO reworked everything but the hood and lower tailgate compared to the standard Range Rover, van Roij also left the fenders and upper tailgate alone. Everything else from the A-pillar back is reshaped to fit true SUV coupe lines. The SVO version was powered by the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 taken from the SVAutobiography Dynamic trim, making 557 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. This particular Adventum uses the slightly less angry supercharged V8 from the Autobiography trim, with 518 hp and 443 lb-ft. .

Dutch coachbuilder Bas van Roomen handles the actual construction, the aluminum D7 architecture strengthened to retain its stiffness and integrity, each body panel worked up in hand-beaten aluminum. The Arctic White exterior pairs with an interior covered in yards of red and black Nappa leather and the sheen of black piano lacquer. This being a coachbuilt design, the minimalist exterior is contrasted by the finely detailed interior. The new door cards get red leather pockets and different door pulls for front and rear passengers. Those rear-seaters get powered captain’s chairs. The floor, from the front footrests to the cargo area, is hand-finished teak with white caulking to match the exterior. A red leather pull handle lifts the cargo area floor, and two matching red and black umbrellas sit in branded Adventum closures on the cargo wall.

Van Roij will build just 100 examples of the Adventum Coupe, each one starting at €270,000 ($299,835 U.S.); choosing a different Range Rover platform to build on could change the price. It takes a €50,000 deposit ($55,525 U.S.) to secure one, the build needing “at least six months.” Our only question about buying the Adventum Coupe, aimed at anyone who’d paid to reserve an SVO-sourced Range Rover SV Coupe, is: Why would you not?

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2020 Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover’s 2020 Range Rover Evoque is its second-generation compact SUV, the model itself a massive hit for the automaker. It sold over 772,000 of these bad boys worldwide, and hopes to keep those numbers aflame with this new entry.

For this generation, the new Range Rover Evoque gets a design revamp plus Land Rover’s latest tech. Let’s talk about the former. When you see it, you’ll still recognize that it’s unmistakably an Evoque. But instead of a dramatic redesign, Land rover chose to take a new design language that launched with the Velar and refine it. You’ll see it in the burnished copper details, and the 21-inch wheels. And also the sharper and slimmer headlight and rear light housings. Velar’s flush door handles re-apppear here as well. The result is a clean, streamlined almost nondescript look.

Inside is where it gets more interesting. This new Evoque features a larger interior space compared to the last model thanks to a brand-new architecture.

As for the tech, InControl Touch Pro Duo comes standard, as does Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The InControl system features two 10-inch HD displays and a 12.3-inch screen on the dashboard. Flecks of artificial intelligence also make an appearance, care of “Smart Settings.” In this, the car uses AI to learn about your preferences overtime. Like your preferred seat position, music choices, temperature, and more. And let’s not forget about ClearSight Ground View, which will let you see right through the hood for easier navigation in tough terrains.

The 2020 Range Rover Evoque will come with two 2-liter four-cylinder Ingenium engine options with 246 or 296 horsepower. The latter option gets a 48-volt mild hybrid powertrain for maximum energy efficiency. The car is now available in six trims.


Photos courtesy of Land Rover

Land Rover Defender Series I By Land Serwis

Land Rover ended production of its Land Rover Defender series on January 2016, and the umbrage has not stopped since. Consider Land Serwis one of the many umbrage-takers, but one who’s actually doing something about it.

Land Serwis’ first official showcase is a fully rebuilt and restored 2019 Defender Heritage Limited Edition crew cab pickup. The company says it’s one of only four to have original tooling and plans for parts and spares.

Still, it wants to make a variant better than the original. Which is why it uses laser-cut frame members that are from one to six millimeters thicker than the steel Land Rover originally used. And instead of lacquering the frames as Land Rover did, Land Serwis uses hot galvanization. That should make the frame “virtually eternal,” according to Land Serwis head Piotr Kowal.

The clearest advantage to having a car’s original plans is being able to customize it the way a person wants. If they want a different engine, Land Serwis can make modifications before laser-cutting. The same goes for “changes into chassis construction, reinforcements, handles, etc.,” says Kowal. This is possible with the 90, 110, and 130 wheelbases. THose who bring him their identification and a set of Defender license plates can even ask Land Serwis to recreate their truck from scratch.

As for the interior, you get brown eco-leather seating, custom carpeting and headliner, and mild bedliner-wrapped metal parts. Land Serwis also threw in Dynamat Xtreme and acoustic matting, which should make for quieter rides. The car also features powered windows. Heating comes from a Webasto Air Top 200 ST. Hit the link below to find out more.


Photos courtesy of Land Serwis

1993 Land Rover Defender 130

Rumor has it that this 1993 Land Rover Defender 130 was kept in the Canary Islands until November last year when the current seller imported it in the United States. Now up for auction, this comes with a ton of aftermarket upgrades. New fender flares and Sawtooth wheels are just two from its impressive roster of finishes.

To be honest, finding a notable Land Rover Defender is quite difficult. That’s no slight against the iconic vehicle at all, though. It’s just that there have been so many custom projects with the Land Rover Defender at its core, and some of them are misses. While some manage to strike the perfect balance between flir and power, other lesser examples fail to hit the nail on the head. Fortunately, this belongs to the former.

Dubbed the Alpine White 1993 Land Rover Defender 130 200Tdi, this left-hand drive boasts a 2.5-liter turbo diesel inline-four engine. That drives all four wheels through a 5-speed manual gearbox, to add. As we previously mentioned, it comes with revamped fender flares and a front bumper with an A-bar and 10k-lb, to boot. You also get a winch, a roof rack, a snorkel, auxiliary lights, and custom upholstery. The vehicle sits on beastly powder coated 18-inch wheels with 37-inch tires.

This Land Rover Defender 130 also comes with a canvas bed cover, period documentation, and a stamped maintenance book. Plus all sorts of bells and whistles you wouldn’t expect on a Defender. Hit the link below for more information and photos of the car in question.


Photos courtesy of Bring A Trailer

1971 Land Rover Series IIA

You might be surprised to know this firetruck red off-roading beast is actually a Land Rover Series IIA. Absolutely stunning from bumper to back fender, this one’s up for grabs for just $59,900.

We could write a thousand words alone to describe how stunning this bad boy looks. Which is especially surprising given how you’d expect its vibrant Poppy Red colorway to be ridiculous. Well, it’s anything but. Here, gloss and matte come together to weave the perfect off-roader.

And if you don’t like red that much, you’ll forgive its sheen for what’s underneath. We’re talking a rebuilt 2.5 engine underneath, which powers the entire rugged beast. New water and fuel pumps make sure this thing runs smoothly, too. And there’s also a new alternator plus a new radiator, to boot.

The ride went through a complete frame-off restoration to get it working again. Suffice it to so say that you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to performance. It’s also got updated wiring, restored gauges on the dash, plus an entirely new suspension.

The Land Rover Series Series IIA has plenty of other goodies to please the off-road enthusiast, like a full-length roof rack and an off-road jack. As for the interior, you’re looking at all-new black seat coverings. Also black are the frame and steel wheels, perfectly matching the vivid red paint job. If you ask us, that $59,900 price tag is absolutely bonkers for what you’re getting. Hit up Classic Car Studio if you want one in your garage.


Photos courtesy of Classic Car Studio