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Keep It Bubbly With The Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System

The Christmas season is upon us and this means it’s time to stock up the bar with your favorite spirits. When it comes to wine, it can be tricky to keep them tasting fresh for longer. It can quickly taste flat once you pop the top. Sparkling wine, especially, can easily lose its crisp flavor. Thankfully, modern technology has paved the invention of practical and efficient means to keep them flavorful for weeks just like the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System. 

Preserve the taste of Champagne and other sparkling drinks with this ingenious tech that preserves the bubbles for up to four weeks. This way you can still enjoy the effervescent taste and consume the bottle until the last drop. There are two elements that make this happen. There’s the Sparkling Stopper which acts as a lid with a locking handle on the opened bottle and the Coravin Pure Sparkling CO2 Capsule which preserves the bubbles. 

The Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System uses pure capsule-stored CO2 to create pressure on the remaining liquid allowing it to retain the flavor. Each capsule preserves up to seven standard 750ml bottles of wine. Moreover, the patent-pending Sparkling Stopper is versatile. It is adjustable so it can fit and lock securely to any standard or magnum-sized bottle. 

So how will you know if your bottle of Champagne or other sparkling wine for that matter is preserved? Coravin makes it easy to determine the presence of oxygen using color indicators.

The Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System has a Pressure Indicator that glows green when a Coravin Pure Sparkling CO2 Capsule is installed. A Charger placed on top of the stopper glows red to show that the Pressure Indicator is ready to charge. When the color glows green, then it means there is oxygen in the bottle and is ready for storage.

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Images courtesy of Coravin

The Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station Is Designed To Easily Handle A Party Of 20

Depending on the size and model of your gas grill, some might have replaceable grates. We know many of you agree that there’s nothing better than charred grill marks on your burgers or steaks. However, there are ingredients that just cook better on a flat surface. If you need one, Blackstone happens to have the Griddle Cooking Station.

With a side burner, a large skillet can produce the same results, but it’s not enough to feed a bigger crowd. The Griddle Cooking Station is a freestanding model you can hook up with a propane tank. It measures 66 inches high, 62.50 inches across, and 22 inches deep so you have an idea of the space it will take up.

It roughly weighs about 120 lbs but should be easy enough to move around with the industrial-grade casters below. Take note that the two can be locked to improve stability while in use. There are four 15,000-BTU burners with independent control knobs for heat management.

No need to plug in or use a lighter as the battery-operated ignition makes it easy to start. The Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station is constructed out of powder-coated steel, while the griddle top is made from rolled carbon 7-gauge steel.

Meanwhile, meal preparation is made even easier with the side shelves. The one on the right features a cutting board, garbage bag hanger, and a paper towel holder. Cleanup is likewise convenient with Blackstone’s patented rear grease management system. 

Furthermore, propane tank fasteners are located at the bottom-left, while the bottom shelf can hold even more gear. The Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station makes a wonderful addition to your collection of outdoor cooking equipment.

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Images courtesy of Blackstone

Pour Your Favorite Brew In the Stanley Stay Chill Beer Pint So It Stays Frosty Longer

Spot check! What EDC gear do you have right now? For sure most of us prefer to take along multi-tools, pocket knives, flashlights, and other items that fit the bill for everyday carry bill. There is no clear-cut template as to what items should or should not be with you at all times, which is why we choose the Stay Chill Beer Pint from Stanley.

Most of you know the brand for their heavy-duty hand tools, but they also have a selection of EDC products. It’s immediately obvious, but the reason behind why we consider the Stay Chill Beer Pint is the bottle opener that ships with the package. Stanley cleverly makes it look like a part of the lid, it slides out when you need it.

Don’t let the name throw you off, because you can pretty much dump anything inside aside from the amber brew. Come to think of it, the design makes it discreet enough to sneak some in even when the venue prohibits the drink. Hey! It’s perfectly acceptable if you can hold your alcohol so don’t give us that look!

The Stay Chill Beer Pint can hold up to 16 ounces of whatever you want. The double-wall insulation means drinks stay cold longer. Plus, Stanley says the exterior will stay condensation-free to give you a secure grip. It’s also a perfect vessel to store coffee, tea, and other beverages you want to keep hot for up to an hour.

All the metal in the construction here – including the bottle opener – are crafted out of stainless steel. Meanwhile, the composite parts are all BPA-free and food-safe materials. Need to clean the Stanley Stay Chill Beer Pint in a jiffy? Throw it in the dishwasher! Its durability claim is even backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Images courtesy of Stanley

Kalamazoo’s New Shokunin Kamado Grill Boasts Luxe Craftsmanship and Versatility

As autumn is already peeking around the corner, some folks are already wrapping up their gear for summer. With the weather gradually getting colder, some of us will be enjoying the creature comforts of indoor heating. Nevertheless, we don’t want outdoor barbecues to end just yet. If you do too, check out this Shokunin Kamado grill from Kalamazoo.

Most of us probably own gas grills, which is perhaps the most convenient among other types. However, even with the help of burner shields, it’s difficult to replicate the flavor and aroma of wood or charcoal. Even with the help of smokers, you can’t beat the real thing.

According to the manufacturer, “Shokunin” means artisanal in Japanese, and it fits the bill right here. This freestanding grill stands 48 inches on top of a durable ipe wood frame. The body and lid are crafted out of stainless steel with two inches of glass fiber insulation in between the structure.

This gives the Shokunin Kamado superior heat retention that would last longer than most of its kind. Flip-up grill grates make it easy to add charcoal or wood. Meanwhile, the three-level fire grates give it even more versatility. The adjustable height gives you access to various cooking styles: low for smoking, mid for roasting, and high for direct heat grilling.

To give you more control, there are four air shutters. If that’s not enough, Kalamazoo throws in two charcoal fences for offset fire management. This technique is used by professionals to quickly sear steaks and burgers on one side and then slowly cook on the other. Lastly, the integrated thermometer on the Shokunin Kamado’s lid makes it easy to manage the temperature.

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Images courtesy of Kalamazoo

Balumda Introduces ‘The Brew’ Drip Coffeemaker

Designed to make the ultimate cup, 16 ounces at a time, Balmuda’s debut drip coffeemaker, The Brew, serves it up hot & proper with the press of a button. The simplicity of manual controls and the aroma of open drip extraction elevate the morning ritual, while getting the job done in as quick as 4 minutes. Available in Japan, but hopefully traveling to the USA soon like its toaster.

Grill Any Way You Want With The Seiki Design Studio BBQ & Co.

For those planning to host a killer backyard barbecue, we might just have the equipment you need. A good recipe and quality ingredients can give you the best results, but the grill also matters. All the way from Japan, Seiki Design Studio gives us the BBQ & Co. – a minimalist choice for any home.

While a modern freestanding or built-in gas grill can get the job done faster, what the Kyoto-based company offers is more traditional. Just make sure to set expectations before you invite people over for some burgers or steaks. You’ll need a little more prep time to get the fire going since it uses wood.

While waiting for the coals to come down the metal chimney, the large surface gives you more room to prepare whatever needs to be grilled. The BBQ & Co. allows you to cook longer as your favorite wood gradually burns. Seiki Design Studio says it’s perfect for various types of grilled goodies.

We count steak, rotisseries chicken, and South American churrasco meats. Of course, you can practically throw anything you want on the cooking grates. Hey! Your grill, your rules, right? We only wish that the manufacture gives us more information about its specifications.

Judging by the photos, the BBQ & Co. is shipping with an additional food preparation table. There’s even a shelf down below to store your tools and seasonings. The grill features two legs with casters so it’s easy to move around when you need to. So far, Seiki Design Studio only has it in black.

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Images courtesy of Seiki Design Studio

LĒVO II: Switch from store-bought to homemade infused oil, butter, honey and more

Dabbling in the kitchen has taught us some certain methods to bring the best flavors out of your food. It all starts with meal preparation and the ingredients that go into the mix. Add some cutting-edge culinary tech and what we get is a gadget called the LĒVO II. It may look like a fancy coffee machine, but this is something else.

What it does is make the process of infusion convenient. No more fiddling around with jars, measuring spoons, oils, and herbs which leaves you with a lot to tidy up afterwards. Using the LĒVO II may be a straightforward affair, but it to have some basic know-how on what spices pair nicely with what you plan to infuse.

As detailed by the manufacturer, you can fill the ceramic-coated reservoir with oil, butter, milk, honey, or glycerine. With the LĒVO II, you can practically say goodbye to store-bought products and switch to homemade goodness. This all-in-one device lets you dry, activate, and infuse with a push of a button.

To begin, grab your favorite selection of herbs and place everything in the included Power Pod and cover. Open the lid of the infuser and set position container inside as indicated on the machine. Set the cycle according to the recipe and wait. Once ready, attach the magnetic stirrer, pour in the liquid, and follow the prompts.

When it finishes, you can directly dispense the contents into a jar or bowl and enjoy. The LĒVO II can infuse up to 16 ounces of liquid without any unhealthy additives. It also comes in several colors to match your other kitchen appliances. Choose between Licorice Black, Honey Cream, Garden Green, Pacific Blue, Robin Blue, Meyer Yellow, Jet Black, Alpine White, Cayenne Red, and Paprika Red

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Images courtesy of LĒVO

Enjoy homemade ice cream and other icy treats this summer with Ninja’s CREAMi

The summer heat calls for action and we’re to help you find awesome ways to do so. Many of us love to crack open a cold one or maybe mix up some cocktails. Ninja has been helping prepare the latter with its powerful blenders. For those who prefer to indulge in frozen treats, the CREAMi is the gadget you need to get.

Everyone else seems to think so too as the first batches are flying off shelves. As of this writing, Ninja’s online store is listing it as unavailable and will be restocking soon. Don’t worry, because while you’re waiting, we’ll be highlighting what the CREAMi is capable of.

Let’s start with the dimensions. This countertop kitchen appliance measures 6.52” x 12.07” x 15.9” (LxWxH). You can get it in a Cloud Silver color scheme only. Ninja claims the CREAMi can “turn almost anything into ice cream, sorbet, milkshakes, and more.”

This is not a compressor ice cream maker, so you need to manually freeze the ingredients in your fridge first. Ninja ships it with three 16-ounce CREAMi Pints each with its own storage lid. Now you can prepare several flavors beforehand.

Once everything is ready, just attach the containers to the base and let the Creamify technology handle the rest. Choose between seven one-touch presets to get the consistency you want. The combination of its dual drive motors and Creamerizer paddle produces delectable desserts every time.

Cleanup is easy as the pints, lids, and blade are all dishwasher safe (top rack only). With the CREAMi in your kitchen, say goodbye to store-bought ice cream and say hello to fresh homemade ones anytime. We hope Ninja releases a new version with a built-in compressor later on.

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Images courtesy of Ninja

Maiullari’s Cooking Box designed by Giovanni Pesce is an all-in-one kitchen solution

Living in smaller homes is quickly catching on with people embracing minimalist lifestyles. As long as all the basic amenities are in place, it should be good enough. If you want to optimize the available space, many types of modular furniture are a clever alternative. Maybe something like the Cooking Box from Maiullari is the type of versatility your residence needs.

Normally, convertible fixtures require custom work. These days, even big-name manufacturers are getting in on the fun. Even with the growing demand, most of the available models focus on the living and sleeping areas of the house. Perhaps Maiullari knows it and opts to focus somewhere else.

The Cooking Box lives up to its namesake as it looks exactly like one, albeit more stylish, when not in use. Designed by Giovanni Pesce, the monobloc body measures 38.2 inches deep when close. When opened, the main section is thicker at 25.4 inches, while the other half is at 12.8 inches.

Other dimensions of the Cooking Box were not available as of this writing. One side is fixed to your kitchen wall as it needs to be hooked up to your plumbing and power outlet. Here you can find a sink, hob, oven, dishwasher, and fridge. Meanwhile, the lid smoothly swings open with the help of wheels and functions as the pantry.

There are shelves to hold bottles, condiments, and other meal preparation necessities. We can also see some drawers for even more storage. Maiullari points out that a folding table is included as well. The outer surface looks like concrete, but we’re guessing it’s also wooden like the interior. The Cooking Box may seem innovative, but it caters to a niche market.

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Images courtesy of Maiullari 

Preorders for Heatworks’ cutting-edge Tetra countertop dishwasher are now available

If it weren’t for technology, we would still be cleaning stuff the traditional way. Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and dishwashers are taking the effort out of the equation. These days we’re seeing compact versions of the latter two becoming available. To automate your cleanup after a meal, Heatworks presents the Tetra countertop dishwasher.

Most homes normally have their dishwashers installed beside the kitchen sink. These bulky machines normally need access to your plumbing. Although you can hook these up with the help of the user guide, others choose to have professionals handle the job instead.

The Tetra is offering a convenient solution without all the hassle. What makes it appealing is the compact physical footprint and self-contained configuration. As Heatworks points out, it does not need a direct connection to your pipes.

Basically, it boasts a plug-and-use convenience perfect for small families, dorm rooms, renters, and RVs. Not only that, the dishwasher sports an eye-catching profile with the unique shape of its lid and sleek main body. The Tetra measures 17.3 x 17 x 15.75 inches and weighs 25 lbs.

Heatworks ships it with a standard dish rack, a silverware basket, a spatula to help remove food, and a detergent cartridge. To use, just lift the lid, pour three liters of water, load it, and choose a cleaning cycle. Once complete, all that’s left to do is empty the graywater tank and that’s it.

According to the manufacturer, it uses 40% less water than your average dishwasher. The proprietary cleaning system is good for more than 20 wash cycles. Heatworks says the cartridges are recyclable and cost about the same as any premium dishwashing detergent. Moreover, the Tetra will notify you when there are approximately five washes left.

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Images courtesy of Heatworks

This Countertop Dishwasher Does It Without Plumbing

With this dishwasher you won’t need a plumber or a scrubby sponge. Heatworks’ Tetra countertop dishwasher is all electric, requiring no plumbing hook-up. It simply sits on the counter, plugs and cleans up efficiently using 3 liters of water & Ohmic Array Technology that sends a current through the water to clean without scrubbing. The company claims it cleans “50% more dishes using 40% less water in 55% of the time than the leading dishwasher brand.”

This Cast Iron Skillet is Lightweight & Rustproof

As the cast iron renaissance continues, cookware constructed from this stuff just keeps getting better. Vermicular’s 10.2” Frying Pan is a case in point. Designed by Japanese cookware artisans, the enamel-coated rustproof cast iron pan is lightweight, requires no “seasoning”, and enhances liquid evaporation. A glass lid locks in flavor & stands upright on its cool-touch cast iron handle.

Let the Nespresso Vertuo Next craft your next cup of coffee

Before capsule/pod coffee machines became ubiquitous fixtures in every modern home, we had to prepare everything by hand. Depending on how you take your java, these kitchen gadgets will craft a perfect cup of joe for you each time. There are limitations, however, which Nespresso addresses with the Vertuo Next and its Aeroccino3 add-on.

This new model is noticeable bigger than its predecessors, but it still sports a stylish design. You can barely see any sharp edges as Nespresso goes for curves all around. To give you an idea of how much space it will take up, the Vertuo Next measures 5.5 x 16.8 x 12.4 inches (WxDxH).

The Vertuo Next weighs 8.8 lbs with its 37-ounce removable water tank empty. Nespresso claims the housing uses 54% recycled plastic, which is a welcome bonus. You can brew in five serving sizes: Espresso, Doppio Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug, and Alto.

Choose from over 25 blends or just stick with what your taste buds love the most. Meanwhile, the Aeroccino3 is a must-have when the recipe calls for creamy milk foam. Just bust it out when you need it for iced coffee or cappuccino.

Just like how you have a generous selection of coffee pods available, Nespresso does the same for the colors. In total, there are 9 shades, which should be enough to match your home’s decorative theme

Owners can even remotely operate the Vertuo Next via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, since you will be loading the pods, pressing the button should be no problem at all. Overall, Nespresso really knows how to cater to coffee drinkers around the world.

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Images courtesy of Nespresso

Best 12 Egg Boilers

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Enjoy Chilled Drinks With The Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set

There’s nothing like perfectly chilled spirits to unwind with after a long day at work or during get-togethers with friends. Using ice is normally the way to go. But for those who prefer their drink smooth and undiluted, then chilling stones work wonders like those offered from the Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set.

The set uses rock-solid granite for both coasters and stones, which come in pairs, and two glass tumblers. The 4″ square coasters have thick cork liners to contain condensation and fitted with soft bottoms to prevent table scratches. They have perfectly bored holes with deep recesses to fit each 8oz glass tumbler securely in place. This ensures no tips thus no spills while the drink is on the table or while serving spirits as the glasses fit precisely inside the holes.

Moreover, no two coasters are the same as each granite color varies naturally. This allows you to easily identify your drink from the other. Both coasters and granite chilling stones from the Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set keep spirits at the optimal sipping temperature.

Best of all, the handmade set comes at a compact size so it takes minimal space in your freezer and table. Easily store coasters and chilling stones in the freezer so you have them ready to chill your Johnnie Walker or any whiskey, gin, scotch, and other spirits both on the rocks. The Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set is handmade in New Hampshire and made from reclaimed granite and the tumblers from recycled glass.

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Images courtesy of Sea Stones

This Airfryer Toaster Oven from Cuisinart is large enough for 3 lbs of chicken wings

The unfortunate situation we are in since early in 2020 has taught us to adapt. As such most of us are no longer commuting to the office and working from home. It may be a dream come true for many, but it also brings forth some unhealthy caveats. For those who love to snack on fried food, perhaps this Airfryer Toaster Oven from Cuisinart can make things a little healthier.

Although the idea that less or no oil can be beneficial is still up for debate among health experts, this all-in-one kitchen appliance seems to be quite convenient. Reducing our intake of grease might be the key to lose some of the pandemic weight we have gained.

Although there are smart-enabled digital models out there, Cuisinart is going with an analog configuration. At least we can burn some calories to cook our tasty treats before we binge-watch our favorite shows and movies. The Airfryer Toaster Oven measures 15.50 x 16 x 14 inches and weighs around 21 lbs.

As such, it would be easy to find a spot on your countertop and move it around. Cuisinart says it’s large enough to air fry up to 3 lbs of chicken wings or toast 6 slices of bread. Choose from seven functions: Toast, Warm, Convection Broil, Convection Bake, Bake, Broil, and AirFry.

Moreover, you can bake a 4-lbs chicken and 12-inch pizza. Just note that the pizza stone is an optional purchase. The standard package includes the air fryer basket, oven rack, and baking pan. With a non-stick interior coat, cleanup of the Airfryer Toaster Oven should be easy after use. You can get it in stainless steel, white/stainless steel, or black/stainless steel.

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Images courtesy of Cuisinart

Instead Of Pots & Pans, Cook It All on the Flat Top

The Flat Top instantly converts your range stove into a flat top griddle. By eliminating the need for pots, pans, & skillets, it makes meal prep easier than ever. Whether you’ve got a gas, electric, glass-top or ceramic-top range, there’s a Flat Top that fits perfectly. Made in Kansas with heavy duty 3/16” American steel, they can handle temps up to 600º, offering a large 27” x 20” cook surface.

Grow an Edible Garden Indoors with the Click & Grow 25

The Click & Grow 25 allows you to grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs right at home. As the most space and energy-efficient indoor garden on the market, it provides a continuous harvest with minimal effort. Using biodegradable Smart Soil plant pods which contain seeds, perfectly calibrated nutrients and optimal levels of pH to ensure the perfect conditions for growth, it takes up 3.2 sq. ft & yet you’re able to grow 25 plants simultaneously. A funded Kickstarter.

Turn your leftover food scraps into plant fertilizer with the Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50

As much as we prefer the traditional configuration for our rides, the impact of combustion engines urges us to take action. Every effort no matter how irrelevant it may seem will contribute to the recovery of mother nature. Therefore, we try to push ourselves and encourage others to be more mindful of our actions. To help us along the way, Vitamix introduces the FoodCycler FC-50.

If you call the kitchen a place of refuge in your home, then it’s likely that you’ve heard of the brand. In fact, most of us recognize it as the manufacturer of high-performance blenders and other meal preparation equipment. As for the FoodCycler FC-50, it will help households turn food scraps into something beneficial.

Instead of just throwing leftovers from cooking and eating, Vitamix helps you convert that into another type of nutrition. It might not be for human consumption, but it will make the plants in your garden quite happy. Since we practically depend on our verdant friends to live, it’s the least we can do.

This compact and nature-friendly gadget virtually eliminates the need for store-bought fertilizers. Instead, it puts whatever is left behind from your meals to good use. Taking up only a cubic foot of space, there will be no problem finding a spot for the FoodCycler FC-50 in your kitchen.

No worries about foul odors lingering thanks to the carbon filter lid of the FoodCycler FC-50. Vitamix says that its silent operation makes it the ideal food waste disposal alternative. Once the contents are empty, just put the removable waste bucket in the dishwasher and it’s ready for action once the cycle is complete.

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Images courtesy of Vitamix