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Elevate Your Gym With the Dior x TechnoGym “Dior Vibe” Line

Luxury brand Dior collaborates with TechnoGym for a limited-edition range of fitness products geared to motivate and make people happy. Calling it the “Dior Vibe,” the line consists of a treadmill, a multifunctional weight bench, and a wellness ball.

If you’ve got money to burn, then you may want to add the line to your home gym. It comes with a “stylish, compact, and quiet” treadmill that comes with state-of-the-art electronic features from TechnoGym, one of the world’s leading providers of high-end sports equipment and digital technologies. You can easily connect it to your tablet for an interactive workout. 

Meanwhile, the weight bench comes with accessories for muscle and strength building including dumbbells in various weights and resistance bands. It also has knuckles that are compatible with over 200 exercises on the app. Then the Technogym Ball is more than just a wellness ball as it looks comfy enough to sit on. 

The “Dior Vibe” line would not be complete without the Italian brand’s signature white design centered around the Dior star. It has the five horizontal blue stripes motif and the iconic “Christian Dior” logo.

“This shared goal of excellence gives life to a limited series of innovative Technogym products interpreted with the Maison Dior’s unique allure. Created to inspire the concept of wellness with new generations, it also offers people the opportunity to live a unique and irresistible experience,” Nerio Alessandri, Founder of Technogym and Wellness Designer said of the upcoming line available exclusively in Dior boutiques worldwide starting January 2022. 

The “Dior Vibe” line certainly adds a touch of luxury to any home gym setup. It makes any couch potato get up and start working up a sweat.

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Beat the Hangover With the ZBiotics Probiotic Drink

Nobody likes the hangover or the groggy feeling after a night or so of hard alcohol drinking. Practice, science, and tradition can dictate how you can combat these aftereffects. But what you really need is to calm the acetaldehyde, the toxic byproduct of alcohol. You can do so with a special probiotic drink called the ZBiotics. 

After three years of scientific research, you get the first product in the world that can successfully break down acetaldehyde. It is a genetically engineered probiotic that helps you feel and do your best after drinking beer, wine, whiskey, and other alcoholic drinks. It works best taken before consuming any alcohol to prepare your gut from producing the same enzymes that break down acetaldehyde. Simply put, this drink replicates your liver’s natural process where it matters most: your gut.

Fair warning though, the ZBiotics Probiotics is not a miracle drink that gets rid of or reduces intoxication. You should still be a responsible drinker and consume only want you can. The tendency is, you will still feel the hangover if you have too much to drink. Take it from the Spice Girls who said that “too much of something is bad enough.” if

It is still advisable to drink lots of H20 as alcohol can dehydrate you. Then, of course, get plenty of sleep and fill up your stomach before and after drinking. These help you replenish those good bacteria in the gut that were otherwise lost to the alcohol.

The ZBiotics Probiotics comes in 3, 6, and 12 packs in a special box perfect for on-the-go carry so you’re prep for a night of drinking with friends or colleagues. 

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The Hyperice X Is the Recovery Tech You Need For That Knee Pain

Forget the cords, the ice, the tub, the basin, and all other prep needed to get your joints back in tip-top shape after a game. The Hyperice X does away with all these with a simple push of a button. It provides electric contrast therapy treatment on-demand, anywhere and anytime. 

This wearable tech helps you tackle inflammation and pain with programmable temperatures. It uses the power of hot and cold therapy to soothe those tired muscles or joints on your knees without the need for ice or wires to plug in the massager. Instead, it is digitally connected via the Hyperice App so you can start the therapy in seconds. 

The Hyperice X is customizable or programmable according to your choice of treatment. You can go for cold therapy for as long as you want or turn up the heat to reduce aches and tension on your knees. You can use both in one setting too. It provides long-lasting, sustained relief without any change in temperature.

Thus, it is unlike traditional heating pads and icing that could go tepid in seconds. Instead, it provides hot or cold therapy in seconds. This recovery tech even works even while you’re on the go so the treatment never stops until you decide so. It comes in three comfortable straps for the ideal fit. This way you can adjust the size and hold it in place even as you move.

Meanwhile, a guiding white ring helps you place the device properly on your knee cap. Not to forget, the Hyperice X has an adaptive fit too. So you can still get back on the game with it on for long-lasting or on-the-go relief. 

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Fitbit Adds Even More Upgrades To The Charge 5 To Encouarge Overall Wellness

With Apple still leading the pack and Samsung revisiting Google’s Wear OS, the smartwatch market shaking up this 2021. Meanwhile, Fitbit trudges along and remains the go-to option for those who lead an active lifestyle. If you’re eager to check out why, the Charge 5 seems like a good start.

If it’s a full-size wearable they’re talking about, the brand is also catering to this category. As for the Charge 5, it’s part of Fitbit’s lineup of fitness trackers. Most devices that are sold as such, normally pack basic functionalities that tell users their step count, heart rate, sleep quality, and more.

The Charge 5 may look like an entry-level offering, but its spec sheet says otherwise. These days, amid the ongoing COViD-19 pandemic, blood oxygen is crucial. Moreover, the manufacture is going even further by enabling ECG functionality. This gives wearers a readout of their heart health.

Receive alerts when your heart rate falls below or goes beyond thresholds. Users can check the data Alongside other metrics to get an overview of their overall wellness. Fitbit throws in a 6-month Premium membership for the most comprehensive fitness experience.

For people who prefer outdoor workouts, the built-in GPS on the Charge 5 provides real-time pace and distance. No need to rely on your smartphone for location tracking on your runs, hikes, or rides. Furthermore, never miss your notifications such as emails, text, calendar, calls, and more.

The always-on AMOLED display remains legible even under bright sunlight. The body is crafted out of stainless steel for durability and comes with interchangeable straps. A full charge should last up to seven days. Finally, the Fitbit Charge 5 is available in three colors: Lunar White/Gold, Steel Blue/Platinum, and Black/Graphite.

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Erazor: A Sleek Electric Shaver With Ceramic Blades And A 60-Day Battery Life

Personal grooming is as important as the outfit we wear. As such, always keep your basic hygiene practices in check. These include bathing, brushing your teeth, getting a haircut, and shaving your facial hair. Unless you’re intentionally growing out your moustache, beard, or both, a safety razor should be in your kit. If you prefer convenience, how about the Erazor?

Electric shavers are nothing new, but it’s the innovation that sets each one apart. Although others would argue that these cannot match what a straight razor or even a safety razor can do, there are advantages. You can get the job done faster, shave anywhere, and avoid nicks from the blades.

This fully-funded crowdfunding project addresses a common issue with regular electric shavers. Over time, the metal on the blades and foil will need replacement. Among the two, it’s usually the latter that gets swapped out regularly. What the Erazor brings to the table is the use of ceramic blades.

With proper care and use, these will stay as sharp as the day you got them. Moreover, the material does not rust and is resistant to other types of corrosion. It sits under a 0.05-mm thin stainless steel mesh so you get the closest shave every time.

The Erazor is also IPX7 waterproof so you can use it on wet skin. The cylindrical ABS/aluminum body gives you an ergonomic grip with each use. It measures 2.2” x 1.5” and weighs only 68 grams, which is as portable as you can get. Its 800-mAh battery fully charges in two hours and lasts up to 60 days.

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Three Spirit The Collection: Tasty Alcohol-Free Beverages To Give Your Liver A Break

People have their own ways to relax after a hard day and studies encourage us to do so. Some hop online to play games with their buddies. Others choose to work out at the gym or at home. Then there are those who prefer to knock back a few drinks to get that buzz. If alcohol is not your thing, The Collection from Three Spirit might help you loosen up.

A few beers or maybe a glass or two of your favorite spirits is not bad, but sometimes things can get out of control. Going beyond your limit usually leads to a bad hangover the next day, which is very unpleasant situation for all those involved. Therefore, The Collection might help you kick the habit the natural way.

The bundle features a trio of signature blends from Three Spirit. They call it botanical alchemy as it says on the bottle’s label. You can’t really say for sure if there’s any magic in the mix but we’ll take their word for it for now. The Collection includes the Nightcap, Livener, and Social Elixir.

Now your pals who prefer not to imbibe won’t feel left out. Serve it straight or as a mixer in a virgin cocktail and enjoy. As the brand points out, each beverage formulation has specific benefits. For the Livener, it packs ingredients to invigorate.

Next is the Social Elixir, which includes active ingredients to elevate your mood. Finally, the Nightcap helps you unwind and get ready to hit the sack. There’s a brew for everyone with the Three Spirit The Collection. So give your liver a break and give your taste buds a kick with exotic flavors.

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Get Fun and Engaging Workouts With The LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer

The COVID-19 pandemic has people either turning to food to relieve anxiety or pounding the floor to get fit and healthy. If you fall on the latter then you might want to add the LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer to your home gym

This exercise machine gives you a total body workout via punching and cycling. That’s a combo of cardio and strength training to help you trim fat, build lean muscles, and improve endurance. It even has an accompanying mobile app where you can see set up fun and engaging workout sessions, view stats, and more.

On the outside, the LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer may look menacing. But it is easy to operate and engaging too. It has an interactive screen where you choose your workouts and see readouts for distance, calories, speed, and accuracy. It even comes with a chest strap to track heart rate and beats per minute. Likewise, the punch pad makes boxing entertaining with flashing color targets that let you score points for every target met. 

This gym equipment also caters to your comfort while you work out. As such, the exercise bike has an adjustable punch pad and seat, where you can adjust the fore and aft position of the seat. The gloves also leave your thumbs free to access your phone or water bottle, while toe cages and adjustable straps keep your feet secured on the pedals. 

The LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer has a max weight capacity of 300lbs. and comes with two front-mounted wheels for easy transport. It’s in a robust, durable all-steel construction with a solid base to keep you balanced for whatever move you make on the bike or on the punching mat.

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The Nest Brush Is A Self-Dispensing UV-C Toothbrush

Body grooming and oral health care are both parts of good hygiene and whether we like it or not, it is important to also take care of our pearly whites to avoid certain diseases. But when it can be time-consuming and worse, a great contributor to plastic wastes. What with the toothpaste tube and disposed toothbrushes ending up in landfills. Thankfully, the Nest Brush solves that problem.

This ingenious oral care kit consists of several items that make brushing not just fun but also sustainable. It has a minimalistic silicon toothbrush that operates manually but has the power of an electric one. The handle has a built-in toothpaste refillable container, which means no more packing those tubes during travels. It can store 30 ml of paste which is good for a month of brushing. 

A press of the button on the handle pushes out a sufficient amount of toothpaste through internal channels into the silicon brush head. The silicone valve prevents the paste from drying and leaking while its ergonomic design makes it easy to clean the container from the inside.

Moreover, the Nest Brush comes with replaceable heads and a magnetic brush stand equipped with a UV sterilizer. It only takes less than a minute to sterilize the toothbrush using two powerful UV-C LED lights. The head of the stand also protects your toothbrush from dirty water splashes. 

Of course, when it comes to travel, this one also has a travel case with a UV sterilizer. Simply put the brush inside and the sterilizing process starts immediately. It is battery controlled which is good for two months. Best of all, the Nest Brush uses soft food-grade hypoallergenic silicone bristles to make brushing painless. 

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The DrySee Waterproof Bandage Has A Wetness Indicator

When it comes to wound care, bandages help prevent re-infection and helps speed up the healing process. But it can be a hassle to change them often in a day especially when it gets splashed or even slightly wet with sweat. The tendency is, they start to slip off, at times without you knowing. This then leaves your wound vulnerable to dirt, germs, and other contaminants.  But with DrySee Waterproof Bandage, worrying about wet plasters becomes an afterthought.

This ingenious first aid kit uses patented Liquid Intrusion technology to prevent any form of liquid or moisture from entering your wound. It provides a secure, waterproof covering, especially for low exudate wounds. This is then ideal for post-surgery in which doctors often tell their patients to avoid bathing to keep the operated area dry. 

But with the DrySee Waterproof Bandage, said patients can take a shower without worrying about the wound. It seals off the water using a clear, flexible, non-latex adhesive and non-stick absorbent pad. The pad is made with nonwoven gauze with 100 percent USP cotton cleaned sans the use of chlorine. 

However, if ever moisture or water does seep in, then you would know when this happens. That’s because the gauze comes equipped with a light indicator that alerts of you this situation. The barrier around the perimeter turns from light blue to dark blue if wet. It also changes color when water passes through the second adhesive ring and reaches the site of the wound. 

The internal gauze pad also changes color when the wound seeps fluid. Then you would know it’s time for a bandage change. But all in all, the DrySee Waterproof Bandage lessens the number of times you change plasters in a day as it can last up to three days. Simply stash it in your bag as part of your survival kit.   

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The IKEA Starkvind Air Purifier Is An Elegant Addition to Any Room Setup

Air purifiers have taken on new meaning since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, with homes and establishments always in the market for the most sustainable and reliable option. But seldom you can find one that comes in an esthetically pleasing design, such as the IKEA Starkvind Air Purifier. 

The Swedish brand takes a humble bedside table to great heights by incorporating digital upgrades. An entry into its IKEA Home smart category, this indoor device is ideal for rooms up to 215 square feet. It can be used on its own but when connected to the TRÅDFRI gateway, it turns into a wireless home cleaning device. You can control and schedule air cleaning via the IKEA Home smart app.

Moreover, the IKEA Starkvind Air Purifier gives you five different fan speeds and an auto-mode function. In auto, the fan speed adjusts accordingly to the amount of  PM2.5 in the air. It also has a built-in quality sensor that tells you the current indoor air quality through the app. 

This house humidifier also has a 3-filter system. The pre-filter captures big particles such as hair and dust. It also filters out 99.5% of smaller airborne particles such as pollens and other allergens. Then it also has gas cleaning which absorbs various gaseous pollutants, including formaldehyde, smoke from cigarettes or cooking, and other VOCs. 

The IKEA Starkvind Air Purifier is available in two versions: as a stand-alone model or as a bedside table model. It will be available in the market starting October 2021 in IKEA retail channels. 

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Jab & Slab: Hawke’s Brewing Co. urges folks to get vaccinated in exchange for free beer

Even with years of research and results showing that vaccines are effective against certain diseases, many are still hesitant. Governments and their healthcare officials are having a hard time convincing folks about getting their shots for COVID-19. Meanwhile, Hawke’s Brewing Co. is encouraging our friend Down Under with it Jab & Slab campaign.

Kudos to the brewer for coming up with a clever tactic for inoculation against the 2019 novel conronavirus. As the pandemic shows no signs of a slowdown anytime soon, medical professionals urge people not to fear the vaccine. Perhaps a box of Hawke’s Brewing Co. beer is the push everybody needs.

This cool initiative is unfortunately exclusive to residents of Greater Sydney. To be eligible for the Jab & Slab giveaway, you need to get your first COVID-10 vaccine dose and take a photo of the band-aid stamped are of the arm. Upload it on Instagram and tag @hawkesbrewingco with a #jabandslab hashtag.

Founders of the brewery based in Marrickville, New South Wales, David Gibson and Nathan Lennon count late Prime Minister Bob Hawke was one of their backers. “We should have been breaking vaccination records months ago. But apparently it wasn’t a race and now half the country has been impacted by lockdown again,” according to Gibson.

Perhaps other breweries in the United States would catch on and offer something similar to the Jab & Slab. COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise as people continue to reject vaccinations despite the benefits it brings to the table. Hawke’s Brewing Co. notes that only 250 slots are available.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Resistance Bands With The TRX Bandit

This pandemic certainly has people filling up their time with a new hobby or staying fit and healthy while indoors. While there is a great selection of  home gym equipment in the market, there are those who’d rather stick to the basics or simple ones. Those who cannot afford the whole gym setup can turn to resistance bands for a great workout too. Pair them with the TRX Bandit and you’re off to a smooth routine without your sweaty palms disrupting your groove.

What it does is basically slip around the resistance bands as a protective sheath. They are removable handles that snap in place to prevent bands from getting slippery because of moist grips. They provide a comfortable, secure grip, thus giving you increased control over strength bands and aim for effective workouts. This way you can focus on form during your exercises and not get distracted by the uncomfortable grip.

The TRX Bandit is compact and slips easily into any gym bag so you can bring them to trips to the gym or anywhere else. It is also comfortable in the hands with its ergonomic design and ThermoPlastic Rubber construction. They are universally designed so they can fit into any resistance band. Even when attached, you can simply slide them over during handle-free routines.

This portable, lightweight fitness solution comes in two handles: two blue TRX Strenght Bands (5 – 15 lbs.) and two green TRX Strength Bands (15 – 30 lbs.). In a nutshell, the TRX Bandit turns any resistance bands into a full-body workout and stretching machine.

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Achieve Clarity, Balance, and Relief With DankeSuper

CBD products like the tinctures from DankeSuper are one of the fastest and most affordable ways to improve your daily life. Three flavor profiles provide three distinct experiences. Balance is the 40mg unflavored option that…

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Basic Running Gear That Improves Performance 

Whether you are an expert at running or have just taken up the sport, having the right running gear can make a difference when it comes to your comfort, motivation levels, and how you perform in your daily run. Let’s look at some basic running gear that improves performance.

1) Running shoes

As you may expect, the kind of shoes you wear significantly impact your performance levels. Casual runners may be tempted to go for low-cost shoes and end up changing them every two-three months. Not only does this have a major impact on your performance, but you may also end up spending more in the long term.

There are many options for you to consider when selecting a great running shoe, with parameters such as style, comfort, and grip to keep in mind. Spend some extra money and opt for an excellent running shoe that will make your daily run more comfortable and help prevent injuries.

2) Running hats

If you are a serious running enthusiast, you wouldn’t want uncomfortable weather to put you off your daily run. But, it is crucial to protect yourself if you run in hot weather as high amounts of sweat may cause dehydration. Dehydration may lead to heat cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

All of which can be pretty serious without immediate attention and care. In such a scenario, running hats are a must-have accessory in summers.  Running hats are lightweight, made up of moisture-wicking fabric and breathable side panels which help you stay cool in the heat.

3) Running Socks

Good running socks are another essential part of your running gear, and there are a few things to keep in mind while choosing running socks. You should get seamless running socks that can wick away sweat and moisture from your feet. These help in reducing friction while running and help prevent blister formation. You should be on the lookout for socks that have padding in specific areas to help the cushioning effect of your running shoes. 

4) Running shorts

The chances are that you’ll be doing most of your runs in warm weather unless you live somewhere with extremely long winters. Hence it would be best to have several pairs of running shorts to keep you comfortable during your daily runs.

Running shorts are generally designed to meet specific running needs and help in improving your performance. For example, good running shorts should be lightweight, use fabrics that let your skin breathe, and have many pockets to keep your knickknacks handy.

5) Running tops

Running tops make a considerable difference when it comes to your performance levels. It is not a good idea to run in ordinary cotton tops that absorb rain or sweat. Loose cotton tops may chafe you under your arms and cause you discomfort during your runs. Good performance running tops allow air to circulate throughout the fabric and help wick away the sweat that will enable you to stay cooler.

A good running top should not be figure-hugging or flap around while you run wearing them. If you prefer running in a long sleeve running top, you need to get one that comes with cuffed sleeves. If a long sleeve running top doesn’t have cuffs, the sleeves may ride up and down your arms while running, which can irritate and distract you from your run.

In Summary

Buying some specialist running gear doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll break the bank in doing so. Good quality running gear lasts longer, is a good investment, and can help enhance your performance. With running gear appropriate for different weather conditions, you will be all geared up to enjoy your running sessions that much more.

Athletic Shoulder Replacement Surgery and Return to Sport

The first thing an athlete with a serious shoulder injury wants to know is “how long is recovery from shoulder replacement surgery going to take?” In the past, doctors often relied on generalized timelines to determine when to give an athlete the green light to return to sport. But today’s technological tools have changed all that. We now have the methods and the means to precisely measure the degree of healing, to ensure that individual athletes are not sent back to play before they’re ready.

Sports with High Incidence of Shoulder Injuries

Premature return to sport after shoulder surgery often leads to re-injury that can be career-ending for a competitive athlete. Athletes who are the most prone to shoulder injuries include:

  • Swimmers
  • Baseball players
  • Volleyball players
  • Golfers
  • Tennis players
  • Soccer players
  • American football players

Because athletes, in general, have a relatively small window of time to reach their competitive peak and play at the top of their game, post-surgery rehabilitation is crucial, and time is of the essence.

Factors Affecting Successful Return to Sport after Shoulder Surgery

Every athlete is unique, and a successful shoulder rehab program must be personalized and sport-specific. In addition, rehabilitation after injury and surgery requires neuromotor training that restores optimal communication between the brain and muscles.

Factors that influence the speed and success of return to sport include:

  • The athlete’s adherence to rehab training protocols
  • The skill and experience of the sports rehab team
  • Access to technological tools for measuring progress
  • Availability of advanced equipment for training and feedback
  • Personalized one-on-one training designed specifically for the athlete
  • The athlete’s level of motivation

It is critical to find a sports medicine physical therapist with experience in athletic shoulder injuries. Generalized cookie-cutter training protocols based on timelines that are not tailored to the individual athlete are insufficient to prepare an athlete to return to sport.

Common Types of Athletic Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery can range from minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures to full-blown total shoulder replacement. The most common types of shoulder surgery include:

  • Bankart lesion repair. This procedure is done to mend a tear in the anterior glenoid labrum that rims the shoulder socket. Bankart lesions are often the cause of shoulder instability and frequent dislocations.
  • Superior labrum anterior and posterior (SLAP) repair. SLAP surgery is done to reattach torn labral tissues at the top of the shoulder socket. Symptoms of SLAP tears are popping sounds or sensations, shoulder pain and reduced arm mobility.
  • Rotator cuff repair. Minor rotator cuff tears will self-repair over time, but major ruptures can require surgery to reattach torn tendons to the bone of the upper arm. Rotator cuff ruptures are a common type of overuse injury.
  • Complete Shoulder Replacement. Shoulder replacement surgery is sometimes necessary after a serious fracture or in cases of advanced arthritis. In this lengthy procedure, the shoulder ball and socket are replaced with artificial parts.
What Research Says About Shoulder Surgery Recovery Time and Return to Sport

According to recent research, the majority of athletes who play sports on a regular basis were able to return to play after shoulder surgery.

One meta analysis reported the following data for return to various sports after shoulder arthroplasty surgery:

  • The mean rate of return to play for all sports studied was 80.7%
  • The return rate for golfers was 79.2%
  • Swimmers returned at a rate of 75.6%
  • Tennis players returned at a rate of 63.5%
  • Athletes who underwent reverse shoulder arthroplasty had the lowest overall rate of return to sport at 76.5%
  • Other types of arthroplasty had a collective rate of 80.7%

Another systematic review zeroed in on recreational athletes who had reverse shoulder arthroplasty, and reported the following rates of return-to-play:

  • The overall rate for all sports was 79.1%
  • The rate for golfers was 66.7%
  • Swimmers returned at a rate of 74.3%
  • Tennis players had a return rate of only 50%
  • Of all subjects studied, 71.4% returned to their pre-surgery level of play
  • The average time to return to play was 3.4 months

A third review and analysis that also focused on reverse shoulder arthroplasty reported that the mean rate of return to sport ranged between 60% to 93%, with a mean time frame of 5.3 months to return to play.

What to Expect During Shoulder Surgery Recovery

Depending on the severity of your injury and the type of surgery performed, the earliest you can expect to return to play is 4-6 months. Rehabilitation after shoulder surgery requires a combination of rest, sport-specific physical therapy, and a progressive protocol that gradually moves you toward optimal performance.

The rehab process can be broken down into 6 phases:

  1. Early recovery. In the initial stage of recovery after shoulder surgery, your shoulder will be immobilized with a sling for about a week to give it time to begin the healing process before you begin physical therapy.
  2. Begin physical therapy. Once your stitches and bandages are removed, you will report to your physical therapist to begin gentle range of motion and low-key strengthening exercises. You may need to continue to wear a sling as a protective measure against unintended movement.
  3. Resume activities of daily living. About 6-7 weeks in, you may be able to do basic non-sports activities, but your muscles will still be weak and your shoulder will still be vulnerable, so don’t overdo it.
  4. Build strength, stability and mobility. After about 12 weeks, your therapist will progressively increase your training load to restore muscle strength and optimal joint function. They may introduce some basic sports movements, but you won’t be ready to resume your regular training regimen. This is likely to be the lengthiest phase of shoulder surgery recovery.
  5. Prepare to return to play. Your therapist will continually test and document your progress, and decide when you’re ready to resume regular training. One commonly used marker is when your repaired shoulder regains about 90% of the strength of your uninjured joint. However, if your sport places greater demands on your dominant arm, attaining 90% strength of your non-dominant arm has less significance. Skills retraining and restoring optimal neuromuscular pathways is a critical component of this phase, prior to returning to play.
  6. Return-to-sport. Your therapist will work closely with your coach and trainer to determine when you’re fully ready to return to the playing field with minimal risk of re-injury.
Getting the Best Shoulder Surgery Rehab

Thorough and effective rehabilitation is key if you want to return to competition after a total shoulder replacement. There is no set timeline for shoulder replacement recovery for sports — it all depends on the condition and compliance of the individual athlete, the knowledge and expertise of the rehab team, and the attention paid to restoring neuromotor pathways, to optimize performance and prevent re-injury.

Look for a sports physical therapist who has experience working with shoulder injuries and post-surgical rehab. In addition, ask about which advanced treatment methods they use, and which markers they rely on to determine when you are ready to return to play.

You want to find a PT who offers one-on-one personalized rehab and uses quantitative data derived from advanced technologies to measure your progress. If the therapist bases your release solely on old-school timelines, look elsewhere.

This information is provided by New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, the premier clinic for sports injury rehab in NYC. Follow this link to learn more about athletic rehabilitation and return to sport after a shoulder injury in NYC.

Why Men Should Consider Growing a Beard

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that beards are like beasts – they seem to have a mind of their own. You will have to learn to tame the beast, but it is going to take some effort. They all grow differently – they grow with luster during the peak of summer in response to seasonal hormonal changes to be at their most gloriously hairy. And, if you have ever stood in front of the mirror and wondered where that decided ginger streak comes from when you are not red-headed, scientists have discovered a partially mutated gene you can inherit to account for those stray red hairs guys find in their beard.

You can carry your beard in more ways you may know. It goes well with most of your outfits, and you can opt for a right type of hat to add charisma to your personality. You can follow the footsteps of different celebrities – you too can be a scruffy Brad Pitt, who rocked the bucket hat trend.

While your beard does make you look he-man hipster, it offers so many health benefits as well. If you’re not already thinking of going that route, the following benefits may help you make a better decision.

Benefits of beard

Protection against Environmental Effects

A beard protects your face from the harsh effects of the environment and climate and serves as a natural shield. The hair on the lower part of your face is proven to block up to 95 percent of hazardous ultraviolet rays from entering your body. A heavy beard works as the natural protector against harsh beams of sun saving your body from its intense effects. Besides blocking UV rays, a healthy beard also seriously inhibits the reach of bugs and insects on your face protecting your chin and neck from mosquito bites.

Helps in Skin Care

Beards seem to play an amazing role in protecting and caring for your facial skin. Due to the regular use of razors, your facial skin is more likely to develop issues ranging from mild to the intense. Using razors regularly damages the epidermis leaving it hard and dark in color. Razor burn encourages the growth of acne and folliculitis. Infection and ingrown hair in the small cuts due to blunt razors are quite normal and painful too. Growing a beard gives your skin relief from constant micro scratches and saves you from facial issues.

Builds an Aura of Confidence and Supremacy

Beard man carries an aura of confidence and supremacy around him. He seems to be wiser and influential and people often assume he’s more powerful and confident. This aura makes him stand out in the crowd and earn respect from the people around them. A beard marks maturity and higher standards than that of the masses. It can transform your personality and make you look extremely stylish, especially when you also opt for those expensive aviator sunglasses.

Keeps your Skin Youthful and Fresh

A beard protects your facial skin from discoloration and from getting hard and thus keeps it young and fresh for a longer time. The beauty and softness of youthful skin do not diminish with growing age if you protect your skin from the harsh impacts of razors. As growing a beard keeps your skin free from cuts and infections, hinders bacterial growth and blocks ultraviolet rays, your skin remains youthful and fresh.

Keeps Your Body Warm

Beards are a natural thermal for your body in cold weather. It keeps your body warm and resists a cold wind. As a natural barrier, a beard maintains skin moisture to prevent facial skin from getting dried and chapped in winter due to direct exposure to cold in harsh climatic conditions. Just don’t forget your windproof jacket, as your beard is only going to offer a small help when the weather outside is freezing cold.

Protection against Allergies and Bacteria

Your beard and mustache work as a natural filter for your body. The air we breathe in is full of hazardous elements and most of them are not visible to the naked eye. A beard blocks the way for many microscopic bacteria and other allergens present in the air and stops them getting inside your nose and mouth. It also protects your body from many viruses and saves it from developing various allergies.  But, this calls for regular cleansing and caring of facial hair. You should follow strict hygiene routine regarding your beard and mustache to inhibit the growth of these captured antigens.

Protection and Cure against Throat and Lung Diseases

As a natural filter, your beard gives maximum protection against the development of throat infections. It helps keep the nasal path clean with filtered air, which does not foster the development of infections and diseases.

If worn permanently, mustaches and beards filtered air to keep the upper respiratory tract clean and free from blockages and particulates to protect against some lung diseases. A full beard is a blessing for guys living or working in dusty places or in harsh climatic conditions.

Protects Against Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are caused by a number of factors including a poor hygiene routine and external attacking elements. Beard and mustaches provide protection against the external factors protecting your gums in much the same way as it protects your upper respiratory tract. So, you can easily save your gums from almost all common gum diseases by maintaining an oral hygiene regime and growing a beard.

Saves Time and Money

Growing a beard saves you lots of time and money. An average man spends almost 3350 hours of his life on daily shaving. Imagine what you could do with the time saved just by getting rid of your shaving regime. Your beard also saves you from spending your precious money on buying shaving creams and other shaving accessories.

Maintaining Your Beard the Right Way

You might have gathered that a beard is much more than a cool facial accessory, but to enjoy the amazing benefits, you need to pay attention to maintaining it properly. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Find the right style and ensure your beard matches the shape of your face. You will have to grow your beard for a month before you can try some variations and choose your final style that complements your face.
  • Ensure you wash your beard regularly. While it is important at every stage of growing a beard, you should never ignore it during the early stages of growth, as this is the time trapped skin cells and even food particles can exacerbate itchiness. Use a specialized cleanser to scrub your beard at least once a week.  A tip to remember is to gently pat your beard dry after each wash to avoid ending up with split ends because of an overzealous toweling.
  • Be sure to invest in a beard balm. It is basically a shaping and styling aid, but it also serves as a leave-in beard conditioner. It means that a good beard balm not only keeps your facial hair moisturized but also makes your beard look thicker. Put your money on a beard balm that contains natural sealants, such as beeswax, shea butter, and lanolin.
  • Trim your beard every few weeks. Your aim should be to snip off any uneven patches as well as loose hair and split ends. While trimming, pay special attention to the natural contour of your face. Use a small beard comb while trimming to know the right hairs to trim.
  • Buy a trimmer. You may be thinking you can ditch a trimmer because you’re actually growing a beard, but you will need it to trim your neckline. Trimming bi-weekly is a good idea, but try not to follow your natural jawline when trimming or you might end up making your beard look weird.

The fact of the matter is that growing a beard does more than just making you look masculine and attracting testosterone chasers. Not only does it help protect you from skin-related diseases, but it also improves confidence, increases body temperature, and does so many other wonderful things. But, if you’re considering the idea of dropping the razor, be sure to maintain your beard properly. Investing in the right type of beard balm is certainly a big step in the right direction. Keep it clean and take the right care of it to make yourself a proud owner of a gloriously hairy beard.

POC reveals that its Kortal Race MIPS helment packs NFC technology for emergencies

Among the activities that saw a remarkable surge amid the pandemic is cycling. People wanted to travel and also find new means of working out. Thus, you, a bicycle, some buddies, and the open road or trails equal to exciting times. To cater to the booming market for cycling-related gear, POC introduces the Kortal Race MIPS helmet. Trust us, you better not skimp out on quality and performance when it comes to protection.

Accidents happen on the road and trail. Even if you have all the experience and skills to be good on a bicycle, wipeouts, crashes, and other unwanted situations can still happen. As such, A good cyclist always checks their ride, equipment, emergency kit, and protective gear.

Founded in 2004, Swedish brand POC Sports understands what snowboarders, skiers, and cyclists want and need. Their Kortal Race MIPS packs all the features one needs to enjoy their rides. Striving to always be on top of innovation, its new helmet is NFC-ready.

Dubbed the twICEme NFC Medical ID, it lets users store their important medical information as well as emergency contacts. This will allow first responders to quickly access the crucial details in the event of a serious accident.

The product page reads: “Complete protection for trail and enduro, the Kortal helmet provides lightweight, extended protection and a seamless fit with goggles.” POC also highlights that the Kortal Race MIPS is certified for use with e-bikes.

If you were wondering, MIPS is short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. Just like how our body protects our brain, it reduces rotational forces during impact. The Koral Race MIPS also has strategic vents that keep you cool but does not compromise the helmet’s durability.

Buy – $250

Images courtesy of POC Sports

Unlock Better Health with Precision Nutrition

Rootine leverages best-in-class AI and considers individual DNA, blood, and lifestyle test results to create the most accurate nutrient formula for your body. Delivered through precision dosing, this custom cellular nutrition takes your daily performance…

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Say goodbye to poor posture and pain with the help of the ERGO Posture Pro

Working for long periods on our computers make it difficult to keep tabs on our postures. That is why a lot of us complain about pain in our necks, backs, and hips. If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor, they’ll tell you to either use a height-adjustable desk or invest in a fancy chair. Perfectcore Corp, on the other hand, suggests that you try their ERGO Posture Pro.

This gadget is an upgraded take on posture correctors that promises to be more comfortable and effective. Unlike regular ones on the market, Perfectcore corp this wearable piece of gear can attach to your backpacks. In fact, in any configuration, the ERGO Posture Pro can apparently lift “up to 70 lbs of pressure off your back.”

It does this via a three-fold system that starts with the Posture Pivot Point. This patented mid-back support keeps your upper spine in the proper alignment. Next up are the chest expansion points that gently hold it in place. Finally, there are the shoulder abductor points which does exactly as the name implies.

Aside from keeping your upper body in the ideal position, it also uses elastic resistance training to develop muscle mass and tone. The ERGO Posture Pro should improve your flexibility, balance, and gait. Think of it as a low-impact alternative to workouts that enhance core strength.

The set includes everything we need to get started along with a mesh carrying case for worry-free transport. You can even perform any of the stretching sequences to relieve pain and target specific joints and muscle groups. The ERGO Posture Pro is currently in the crowdfunding phase and has already met its goal.

Purchase – $179

Images courtesy of Perfectcore Corp

Let Philips help you stop the noise with the Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band

While most folks prefer to spend their leisure time with various hobbies and more, others like to sleep. Given the chance, some would sneak in a quick nap or two which can energize our bodies and keep our mind alert. However, snoring can be a nightmare for those who share a room with you. Thankfully, gadgets like the Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band exist to help us out.

The problem with snoring is that the person who does so is not usually aware that they do. In fact, there are individuals who refuse to believe their friends or loved ones who tell them about it.

Philips is a leading brand when it comes to devices that can promote a good night’s sleep. Thus, they are presenting the Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band to help chronically snore.

The packing includes the sensor, a chest strap, and a charging cable/charger. The chest strap features a slot where you slip in the snoring relief sensor. After adjusting the fit for comfort, the user can then try to fall asleep on their side.

The sensors Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band will then detect if they move to lie on their back. Because the culprits here are our throat, soft palate, and tongue. As these muscles relax, it can cause an obstruction of the airways. Lying on our back makes it even more likely to happen.

Thus, the Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band gently nudges users to switch to their sides This often solves the problem, but its best to always check with your healthcare provider to rule out obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Buy – $199.95

Images courtesy of Philips