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Icebound: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World

This astonishing true survival tale chronicles a 16th-century Dutch ocean expedition led by captain William Barents and his crew of sixteen, who ventured farther north than any Europeans before and, on their third polar exploration, lost their ship off the frozen coast of Nova Zembla to unforgiving ice. The men would spend the next year fighting off ravenous polar bears, gnawing hunger, and endless winter. Artfully merging a gripping tale of survival with a sweeping history of the great Age of Exploration, it is a timeless story of the strength of the human spirit.

The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race

Bestselling biographer Walter Isaacson, who penned Leonardo da Vinci & Steve Jobs, is back with a gripping tale of how Nobel laureate Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues launched a revolution that will allow us to cure diseases, fend off viruses, and have healthier babies. As the lead developer of CRSPR gene-splicing & DNA editing tools, her team’s breakthrough is considered the most important biological advance since the discovery of the structure of DNA. Isaacson, tells an incredible tale & puts the science into context.

Point6 Base Glove: The Merino Makes It

Constructed from a quick-dry blend of nylon & natural merino wool, the Base Glove from Point6 runs double-duty as both a warm & functional tech winter glove on its own or as a liner for over-mitts on truly freezing days. Seamless 3D construction improves fit & a touchscreen-enabled index finger adds function.

Other People’s Pinot Can Now Be Yours

Founded in the early aughts by sommelier André Hueston Mack, Maison Noir Wines incorporate Oregon grapes and a trademark attitude deeply rooted in wine subculture. Their 2019 Other People’s Pinot is classic Oregon Pinot from the Willamette Valley and available everywhere by delivery. Look for earthy, spicy, floral, herb-framed flavors of cherry with gingery wood spice tones.

Fast & Versatile: The Wheel Driver Multi-Tool

Designed for firm grip in the palm of your hand, the Wheel Driver is a multi-function EDC ratchet-driver that looks like a tire. Equipped with a central magnetic driver, it holds a range of tips that include Phillips, slot, Torx, & hex heads in various sizes. 16 bits in all-that are stored inside the Wheel. A funded Kickstarter.

KG: A to Z: An Uncensored Encyclopedia of Life, Basketball, and Everything in Between

Soon-to-be NBA Hall Of Famer and undisputed king of on-court trash talk, Kevin Garnett, aka The Big Ticket, spent 21 illustrious years in the league—racking up a championship with the Celtics and playing alongside legends like Bryant, Jordan, & James. From his groundbreaking leap out of high school, straight into the NBA to his decades on the court, KG tells the whole tale in his own candid words.

Ready Player Two: A Novel

The story that inspired Spielberg’s 2018 near-future sci-fi film Ready Player One, now has a sequel. The follow-up to the world-wide bestseller about a twisted VR future, is Ready Player Two, taking readers right where they left off in 2045 & going deeper into the dark virtual world of OASIS.

Spark It Up with Exotac’s nanoStriker XL

The nanoStriker XL from Exotac is a heavy-duty waterproof ferro-rod with a compact, collapsible design. CNC machined from 6061 anodized American aluminum, the body of the nano uses replaceable rods & a sharp tungsten striker for a strong, reliable spark. An integrated lanyard loop keeps it handy in your EDC arsenal.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A Memoir of Friendship, Loyalty, and War

Soon to be a major motion picture written & directed by Peter Farrelly, who won two Oscars for Green BookThe Greatest Beer Run takes readers on a wildly entertaining, feel-good memoir of an Irish-American New Yorker and former U.S. marine who embarked on a courageous, hare-brained scheme to deliver beer to his pals serving in Vietnam in the late 1960s. One night they were in the bar drinking & talking about their deployed pals & a day later, the story’s stars were on a cargo ship headed to Vietnam with a backpack full of booze.

Take Your Smarts Outside With Kasa’s Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug

With a Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug, you can turn outdoor stuff like holiday decorations or patio lighting—into smart devices you control from your phone. Connected to your wi-fi, it networks with other smart home devices and also offers voice support for Alexa & Google. The plug enables two devices simultaneously & is fully programmable through the Kasa app.

The Nolan Variations: The Movies, Mysteries, and Marvels of Christopher Nolan

The Nolan Variations is a look deep inside the mind of a man considered to be the most profound and commercially successful director at work today; a Hollywood heavyweight who built his name creating comic book superhero blockbusters. Author Tom Shone has been a friend of Nolan’s for more than two decades, and gets the enigmatic auteur to open up about his personal life and his life’s work.

HyperJuice Stackable GaN Chargers Pile On the Power

Simple, streamlined function is so satisfying. Which is why the Stackable GaN Charger from HYPER rules. These tiny yet powerful 65W & 100W Gallium Nitride fast-chargers feature a pass thru design to the AC outlet so you can stack them up to become a 1600W charger, all from a single wall outlet. The 65W model features 3 charging ports: 2 x USB-C and 1 x USB-A. The 100W model offers 4 ports: 3 x USB-C and 1 x USB-A. Foldable pins keep it close to the wall. A funded Kickstarter.

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Tom Seaver: A Terrific Life

Tom “Terrific” Seaver was one of the most talented and popular players in the history of baseball. The iconic Mets pitcher was a twelve-time All Star, three-time Cy Young Award winner & one of only two pitchers with 300 wins & 3,000 strikeouts. Hall Of Fame numbers. In this authoritative new biography, sports journalist and friend of Seaver, Bill Madden offers a deeply personal portrait of one of the greatest and most admired players of all time.

Be Water, My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee

In this new book by the martial arts icon’s daughter, Be Water shares the concepts at the core of Bruce Lee’s philosophies, showing how they can serve as tools of personal growth and self-actualization. With previously untold stories, each chapter brings a lesson from Lee’s teachings, expanding on his “be water” philosophy. Ideas that can bring us closer to our essential flowing nature and our ability to be powerful, self-expressed, and free.

Spin Your Way Through That Next Zoom with Paradox

The Paradox is a top. You simply spin it & watch it whirl. Part toy, part Zen tool, they are made with pure, high-grade materials: glass & brass, stainless, aluminum, and copper, milled to precision for flawless fitment in its perfectly balanced ring and axis design. The copper variant spins longest, clocking in at 4:40 before stopping. A funded Kickstarter.

Paul Thomas Anderson: Masterworks

Writer and director Paul Thomas Anderson has been described as “one of American film’s modern masters,” and with 25 Academy Award nominations to his credit, his legacy is unrivaled. Masterworks spans his entire career so far—Boogie Nights (’97), Magnolia (’99), Punch Drunk Love (’02), There Will Be Blood (07), The Master (’12), Inherent Vice (’14) and more, exploring his influences, his style, and the recurring themes in his movies.

Your Travel Shaver is Not This Small

Evo is the world’s smallest electric travel shaver, designed for lightweight portability & a clean shave. Roughly the size of a sunscreen stick, its motor spins a beard-whizzing, self-sharpening blade at 60,000 rpms. An ultrafine metal mesh protects your skin while cutting hair down to .07mm. That’s clean. It charges via USB-C and you’ll get 50 shaves per charge. A funded Indiegogo.

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You Ought to Do a Story About Me: Addiction, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Endless Quest for Redemption

In 1990, while covering a story about homelessness for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, author & then photographer Ted Jackson encountered a drug addict sleeping under a bridge. Turns out that addict was 2-time Super Bowl cornerback Jackie Wallace. So begins an unlikely story that is both tragic and redemptive: the friendship binding the fallen-from-grace NFL player and a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist. It offers a rare glimpse into the precarious world of homelessness and our incredible capacity for hope.

Look At It Closely: Multiplanes Dioramas

WUNDERSMACK showcases intricate laser cut art set in immersive multilayer dioramas. Each one features multiple layers that are packed with stunning detail and embellishments. They quickly and easily assemble in just minutes by simply dropping each frame into the numbered slots, then attach spacers and lock to secure the finished piece. Designed and hand-assembled in California by artist Jacob Morales. Choose from travel, film, and Disney-inspired designs.

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Is This Anything? By Jerry Seinfeld

Billionaire & comedic genius Jerry Seinfeld is also a pack rat. Throughout a career that now spans 45 years, the stand-up legend has saved “everything that might be something”—ideas, bits, conversations, jokes—anything he may one day use as material for his act. Seinfeld plowed through thousands of saved pages from yellow legal pads, all kept in a giant file. He selected his favorite material for this book, organized decade by decade. With the original material paired with brilliantly crafted observations, readers see the evolution of one of the great comedians of our time. Due out: August 6.