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StudioDock Turns Your iPad into a Desktop Do-It-All

Designed to make your iPad even more versatile, the elegant StudioDock from Kensington allows you to magnetically connect your USB-C iPad Pro 11”, iPad Air or iPad Pro 12.9” tablet in either portrait or landscape mode on your desktop. Yes, it’s got the ports: four USB ports (1 USB-C port that supports 5V/3A & 9V/2A charging, and 3 USB-A ports at 5V/0.9A) plus one audio jack and a Gb Ethernet jack.

OmniCase is a Slim, Travel-Ready Docking Station

The OmniCase is a compact docking station that’s got all the ports you need plus all the connectors, stashed in a slim, pocketable form factor. 7 ports include 2X USB-A 3.0, 1x 100W USB-C PD charging, a 4K HDMI OUT, SD/TF card readers, & RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet. A magnetic cover reveals tailored slots for storage of small-sized SIM card, Type-C cable, card ejector tool, and adapters. A funded Kickstarter.

Power Up All 5 Devices at Once with Satechi’s Dock5

Satechi’s Dock5 charging station delivers neat, compact & comprehensive charging capabilities for up to 5 devices at a time, including wireless. It’s equipped with two USB-C PD ports, two USB-A, & a 10W Qi charger. The base is covered in soft silicone to keep devices in place and protected. Compatible with most phones, tablets, headphones, & Qi-enabled accessories.

Gaming Tech with a Twist: CubiOs WOWCube

Flagged for a 2021 CES Innovation Award, CubiOs’ WOWCube merges handheld digital gaming with a Rubik’s cube style design for a variety of games and puzzles played like never before. The cube features 24 four-color IPS screens—four per side—and 8 microprocessors. The screens rotate, twist and re-align in endless combinations. The Android/iOS app gives players access to a variety of engaging tactile games.

Fully Makes Desktop Ports & Power Easier Than Ever

The Clamp-Mounted Surge Protector from Fully is a smart, convenient power strip & surge protector that mounts with an integrated C-clamp to virtually any desktop surface. The sleek design offers effortless access to 3 outlets plus one USB-A port & one PD 45W USB-C port. Compatible with the Apple Brick power adapter & available in black or white.

Logitech Smart Doorbell Designed for Your Apple Life

As the first consumer smart doorbell to support Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video, Logitech’s Circle View Wired Doorbell integrates seamlessly into your iOS ecosystem. Offering a 160º wide-angle view, it has a 5-megapixel sensor that captures 1200 x 1600 video in HDR. Connectivity to Apple Home app provides users with alerts and notifications. Uses iCloud for storage, sharing & managing content.

Plug It All Into the 600 Watt SuperBase

At less than half the size of similar power sources, the SuperBase is a 600W dual-AC output power station designed to perform in high-demand, off-grid and emergency applications. At a very capable 518Wh capacity, it offers 9 outputs, including a 60W USB-C PD. Features a solar input and recharges to full in 3.5 hours. Not only is it safe for indoor & outdoor use—unlike a gas generator—its compact size makes it handy for everyday use. A funded Kickstarter.

Small & Powerful: HyperJuice 66W GaN Charger

Hyper’s new Juice charger is the world’s smallest 66W GaN charger. Powered by Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, it is half the size of standard chargers and faster too. It features 2 x USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 (Max 66W) ports and 1 x USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 (Max 36W) port. Foldable wall-pug arms and no messy cables optimize portability. Choose black or white.

Analogue Duo System Revives Classic TurboGrafx Games

Analogue has built its reputation on reviving outdated Nintendo formats, repackaging them & hyping up hardcore gamers in the process. Their latest creation, the Duo, will run a pretty impressive range of old/obsolete technologies: TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, SuperGrafx, TurboGrafx CD, PC Engine CD-ROM, and Super Arcade CD-ROM—even HuCards aka Turbo Chips. It features a classic cartridge slot, controller ports, and a CD drive, giving today’s gamers access to a treasure trove of past titles.

Take Your Smarts Outside With Kasa’s Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug

With a Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug, you can turn outdoor stuff like holiday decorations or patio lighting—into smart devices you control from your phone. Connected to your wi-fi, it networks with other smart home devices and also offers voice support for Alexa & Google. The plug enables two devices simultaneously & is fully programmable through the Kasa app.

This Desktop Docking Station Does It all

Corsair makes sweet gear for the gamers; their new TBT100 is a Thunderbolt 3 docking station with all the ports you need for a custom expandable system. Its sleek, low profile form factor keeps your desktop tidy while offering two HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB 3.2 Type-C ports, two USB 3.1 Type-A, A Gigabit Ethernet port & a 3.5mm jack for headphone out and microphone in. There’s also an SDXC card reader.

HyperJuice Stackable GaN Chargers Pile On the Power

Simple, streamlined function is so satisfying. Which is why the Stackable GaN Charger from HYPER rules. These tiny yet powerful 65W & 100W Gallium Nitride fast-chargers feature a pass thru design to the AC outlet so you can stack them up to become a 1600W charger, all from a single wall outlet. The 65W model features 3 charging ports: 2 x USB-C and 1 x USB-A. The 100W model offers 4 ports: 3 x USB-C and 1 x USB-A. Foldable pins keep it close to the wall. A funded Kickstarter.

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Logitech’s MX Anywhere 3 Mouse Hands You 1-Click Zoom Control

Designed for seamless Zoom control, Logitech’s portable MX Anywhere 3 mouse is optimized for video conferencing, with integrated side-buttons that allow users to toggle both microphone & video camera with 1 convenient click. Its software also allows you to program the buttons for app-specific control using apps like Google Chrome, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Final Cut Pro.

Oculus Introduces Quest 2 VR Headset

The Oculus Quest VR headset just got even better. The all-new Quest 2 is a serious upgrade from the original & that’s impressive. First, the 2 boasts twice the resolution of its predecessor, now with 2K per eye for life-like visuals. There’s a new faster processor that’s also 10% lighter, and this model is considerably less expensive. Choose from a 64GB or 256GB model. Drops Oct. 13.

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Switch It Up with 8BitDo’s Wireless Arcade Stick

Designed for Nintendo Switch and PC gaming, 8BitDo’s wireless Arcade Stick offers classic analog feel with modern function. Boasting 40-hour battery life, you can swap between platforms with the flip of a switch, program profiles for games, and map button controls. It also features an XInput for compatibility with XBox games. Pre-order now.

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HyperDrive’s New Hub is Twice as Nice

Twice as fast, twice as powerful. That’s legit. The HyperDrive GEN2 6-in-1 USB-C Hub delivers 2X the speed and power of the brand’s 1st generation hub. In a compact, streamlined form factor, it boasts 2X video refresh rate, 2X USB speed, memory card transfer speeds of 300MB/s & 100W power delivery. There’s even a 3.5mm audio jack for your headphones.

Philips Hue Play Adds Cinematic Color To Your Content

Designed to make your viewing experience more dramatic & cinematic, the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box creates colorful synchronized light-shows that make your viewing experience more vivid. The compact device, links via HDMI with your TV, Apple TV, or game console & it matches up with other Philips Hue products to bring the full range of effects beyond your viewing screen.