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Ian Callum Eames Lounge Chair

It apparently wasn’t enough for legendary automotive designer Ian Callum to pen such icons as the Ford RS200, Aston Martin’s DB7, DB9, and Vanquish, and the Jaguar F-Type, he’s moved on to reinterpret the icons…

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Love Hultén MTC 2041 Storage Cabinet

There hasn’t been a single thing that has come out Love Hultén’s Gothenburg, Sweden studio in the past five years that we haven’t wanted to own. From the Battleship Arcade to the Arcade Coffee Table, the…

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This Modular Bike Storage Furniture Has Enough Space for All Your Gear

If you ride your bicycle even a couple days a week, you need a place to store it that’s accessible, display worthy and built for all your gear. That’s where Riders Gonna Ride and their…

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The IKEA FÄLTMAL Pillow Transforms Into a Wearable Quilt

At this point, there’s no denying the fact that Swedish-based furniture brand IKEA is on the cutting edge of all things furniture, style and even affordability these days. They’ve worked with insanely popular influencers, huge…

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IKEA Art Event Collection 2021

IKEA has long been the stalwart brand when it comes to accessible style meets affordable design–particularly when it comes to furniture and home goods–but that hasn’t stopped the Swedish flatpack favorite from delving into the…

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IKEA e-Sports Furniture Collection

While the Swedish furniture and housewares titan will continue to make incredibly frustrating DIY-assembly pieces, they’ve now moved into an area we can totally get behind: gaming furniture. Yes, IKEA just released its first line…

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Tenho Design Saana Levykaappi Vinyl Record Holder Cabinet

Despite the popularity of online streaming services and the digital home assistants that can play enormous collections of music you don’t own with a few spoken words, there’s no denying the fact that records are,…

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Love Hultén Mid Century Modern Arcade Coffee Table

There are few things we love more than a new gaming-inspired piece from Love Hultén. After tackling the ‘Game of Life,’ briefcase video game consoles, and a Battleship-inspired console system, the legend himself has turned his…

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Is the Standing Desk You Want

Alternating between standing and sitting while you’re working has been shown to be effective at boosting your mood, increasing your productivity and improving your health. But while standing desks are great, they’re also pricey. That’s…

Star Wars Furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue

With a new installment in the franchise looming on the horizon, our love for Star Wars never really dies. Despite some snags with certain movies, the fan base is still going strong like the Force. Merchandise tie-ins show no signs of slowing down as consumers gobble down almost everything that hits retailers. Take your pick from toys, apparel, videogames, LEGO kits, gadgets, and now furniture. That’s right, it appears that we’re finally getting Star Wars furniture from Kenneth Cobonpue.

For those unfamiliar, Kenneth is a world-renowned industrial designer from the Philippines. A signature approach when it comes to his work is the generous use of natural materials. Furthermore, the intricate woven patterns on most of the products he offers are a sight to behold. The Star Wars collection is no different when it comes to the quality and production process. For now, there are five awesome items on display and all of it are spectacular.

Our personal favorite is the VADER that forms a silhouette of the former Jedi Knight. It features an open-weave canopy, a foldable swivel table, and a badass appearance. Additionally, look closely and you can make out detailed stitching of the helmet’s features.

The next one we like is the IMPERIAL WINGS model that seems to put you on the pilot’s seat of a TIE fighter. For the big bosses out there, what you’re going to want is the SIDIOUS that casts an intimidating aura of style. The first three are all easy armchairs, while the CHEWIE is a plush rocking stool complete with the beloved Wookie’s bandolier. Wrapping things up is the LITTLE JEDI hanging lamp that is equally as cool as the rest of the Star Wars furniture.

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Images courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue

Sobro Coffee Table Refrigerator

Kickstarter once brought us the darling little Coolest Cooler, which ended up being one of the fastest-funded campaigns at the time it was gathering some cash. The sobro Coffee Table is sort of like its distant cousin. That is, its more elegant, sophisticated, and refined cousin.

The Sobro Coffee Table comes brimmed with a handful of gadget-y additions like dual speakers off to the sides, plus tabletop touch controls. But those are mere sideshows compared to the main event, its central refrigerator. Yes, this coffee table doubles as an all-around cooler and refrigerator — how awesome is that?

It’s got a cooler drawer that keeps both food and drinks chilly and within reach. And instead of bags of use, this one uses a compressor to ensure continuous, even, cooling of your favorite beverages. There are a number of temperature settings to match your preferences.

You can pair the table’s sound system with a TV to play its audio. Or you can simply use the built-in Bluetooth dongle. For flair, the Sobro coffee table features LED under lighting to create ambiance. That way it doesn’t sit there dead and dreary as you party with friends.

Then that party ends up being longer than you had initially planned. You’ve burned through a 50-track playlist, your phone is close to no juice. No worries. You can use the table’s set of charging ports to refill. A pair of 110v outlets are on the side of table, and there are even two storage drawers to place your devices in.


Photos courtesy of Sobro

Inflatable Chairs By Mojow

Here’s something you don’t really see everyday: inflatable chairs. The clever folks at Mojow have figured how to make inflatable couches look stylish in a way that doesn’t erode their utility.

Thing is, inflatable anything isn’t so appealing aesthetics-wise. They’re pretty cool on paper, sure, but as decorative fixtures, they’re kind of a hit and miss. Which is why Mojow’s approach is notable. By making some of the inflatable sheets transparent, the company added flair to otherwise plain-looking and dull furniture.

They come in different colors: pink, blue green. They also come in various iterations, including a single-seater, an elongated couch, and even a sleek ottoman. The base are flat-pack seats. The cushions are either opaque or transparent, depending on what works better for you.

Surprisingly, these cushions are pretty robust, able to support, depending on the configuration, about 265 to 529 pounds.

The best thing about them is their customizability, As great as they look already, interior designers at heart can go to own and add all sorts of things on top. Throw on a touch of leather, for starters. Or maybe a plaid fabric or a coloured fur to give them a bit more oomph. The world is your oyster.

The blending of metallic frameworks and inflatable components isn’t a novelty, to be clear. But Mojow has injected the concept with its unique and potent sense of style, practicality, and utilitarianism. Without going overboard, most notably. The result? Chic-looking living room fixtures that are useful, durable, and with easy upkeep.


Photos courtesy of Mojow

Up Your Shelving Game With The Tylko Type02

Shelves. One of the most essential pieces of furniture any person must have in their arsenal, and yet one of the hardest indoor fixtures to pull off.

There are so many kinds of shelves, from regal to urban to downright eccentric. Stripped down to its core, though, a shelf is all about making room for stuff in the most efficient way possible.

If you’ve simply run out of shelving ideas, consider looking at the Tylko Type02 shelves. These aren’t just your typical shelves, for one. Tylko actually lets customers adjust and personalize Type02 shelves down to their centimeter, the style, the finish, and all sorts of other tweaks. You can literally spruce it up with fine-grained details to get the perfect shelf in your mind.

You can even use Tylko’s augmented reality app to check whether a style will work in your living spaces.

Tylko did a lot of research for its latest shelf collection. The company sought to improve not just the look, but also the functionality of these storage savers. Tylko created new combinations to choose from, and refined the doors and handles to be more ergonomic. Adjustable legs were developed to ensure there would be no uneven shelves, even on spaces with weird floors. There’s also a much wider gamut of color options available.

Assembling them is also much easier now. Customers don’t even need to bring out special tools to fix up these shelves. They’re even easier to build than your typical flat-packed furniture with color-coding, factory-installed connectors.

Type02 shelves are excellent, well-crafted, stylish, and idiot-proof. What more could you want from shelves, really?


Photos courtesy of Tylko

Porsche 911 Writing Desk

Designed by 3 GJB 17, the 911 Porsche Writing Desk is a table made from authentic Porsche body parts. It’s got an Arctic Silver automotive paint, plus custom-made American Walnut attachments. It also takes the iconic car’s rear end and converts the boot hood into a writing area. Plus, thanks to the boot hood’s spring-loaded hinge, you can also use it as a cabinet for storing your pens in or other stuff.

RM Sotheby’s has put it up for auction on its site, so it’s anyone’s guess how much it’ll end up going for. But it’s safe to say Porsche loyalists are already drooling for this piece of highly original furniture. However, we have to admit that the design might seem a little too on-the-nose the longer you look at it. Even still, it’s not a terrible caricature job. There’s still plenty to love about this table, right down to where it got the inspiration from and the fact that the materials sourced for to make it are topnotch.

At the end of the day, there’s no reason why you should bid for the Porsche Writing Desk. Any alternative you can get from mainstream shops like IKEA should still serve you well. Moreover, they’re going to be a lot less expensive than this masterpiece. Then again, it’s not always about utility. It’s also one of the prime examples on how automotive and furniture design can mesh together ingeniously. Imagine having this in your bedroom or study — you’ll be one of the few, if not the only, owners in the entire world.


Photos courtesy of 3 GJB 17

The Sway Chair

Remember when designer Weronika Zytko showed off the Ovini Balance Stool sometime last year? Well, the Sway Chair is sort of similar in concept but bigger and with a matching backrest.

It’s designed to be a lounging chair that fuses the rigidity of well-built chairs plus the flexibility and comfort of your everyday bean bag — that’s an unusual pairing that furniture company KI manages to pull off quite excellently.

The Sway Chair comes with a number of interesting structural elements, but one of them is particularly notable. specifically, it’s the hemispherical base that rests on a freely rotating and swiveling base that has four legs. The seating area rests on the base via contact points, and the base hides ball bearings that allow for liberal movement. You can lean forwards, backwards, sideways, or whoever position is most comfortable for you.

In that regard, this Sway Chair is one of the most startling pieces of furniture we’ve ever seen. It betrays your perception of structure. You think it’s a rigid, robust chair but when you sit on it you’ll find that it’s the one of the most flexible pieces of living room staples you’ve ever come across. This effectively makes the chair also one of the most versatile, seeing as you can turn it into a work chair if need be, then put your feet up and relax when you lean back and use it as a lounge. This is a simple, yet genius design, and we can’t wait to see more from KI.


Photos courtesy of KI

The Impressive Herston Self Balancing Desk Lamp Serves You Well For All Purposes

Kickstarter is a treasure trove of interesting design ideas that you don’t always see in commercial retail. Okay, Kickstarter isn’t exactly the best place to invest things on. The degree by which makers successfully deliver their promised products varies greatly. While some problems are present in various potential products, that is not the case for the Herston people.

But we think the Herston Desk Lamp sounds impressive regardless. So impressive, that at the time of writing, 104 backers have already pledged nearly $36,000 to bring this product to life. That’s against its original goal of $13,073.

One look at the lamp and you’ll see why people are clamoring for this uber-stylish fixture. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also features a so-called counterbalance system delicately engineered to allow smooth and effortless adjustment to any position.

Herston Self-Balancing Desk Lamp
[Image courtesy of Herston]

Need to bring the lamp closer to the paper you’re working on? Just yank it over and it’ll stay in place. Light too close to you? Just push this Herston lamp back in one smooth action. You don’t have to tighten any screws or make complicated adjustments. Just move it and it stays. The base features a 360-degree rotation with unseen ball bearings so you can spin it smoothly.

It also uses carefully concealed conducting elements and hand-crafted wood to create an uninterrupted, sculptural form, which means you won’t have unsightly cables bothering you as you study on your desk. Herston packed the lamp with the latest LED technology that can be used either as a bright dimmable light. It can even be used as a more understated mood light too. This is one of the most flexible and well-crafted lamp designs we’ve seen thus far.


[Featued Image courtesy of Herston]