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Curtiss Zeus Radial V8 Electric Motorbike

When motorcycle companies make the shift from traditional builds to electric platforms, the design tends to shift toward a more futuristic aesthetic. This is understandable since the technology is still relatively new. On the other hand, the Curtiss Zeus Radial V8 takes a different path and goes for something remarkable. This electric motorcycle flaunts a skeletonized body that arranges the components stylishly to resemble on the familiar side.

The name obviously holds a clue. The way the designers are arranging the battery packs is in the shape of an internal combustion engine. To be more specific, a V8 setup with four cylinders on each row. Since these are sitting out on the open, cooling won’t be a problem for this all-electric two-wheeler. The 16.8 kWh battery powers a Yasa P400 R series motor and promises a peak output of 217 horsepower with 147 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, it comes with a Cascadia Motion PM100 propulsion inverter to manage its electric powertrain.

Another cool aspect of the Curtiss Zeus Radial V8 is the location of the electric motor. We believe it’s very clever of them to mount it on the swingarm pivot because it looks seamless. Both the front and rear suspension use a fully-adjustable RaceTech monoshock with a 6-inch travel Meanwhile, the chassis is mostly made of 6061 aluminum with a dash of titanium and chromoly. Curtiss is hinting that this battery-powered ride will launch in 2020. Ownership does not come cheap at $75,000, but it’s not every day that you get a chance to own a bike from the future.

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Images courtesy of Curtiss Motorcycle Company

NXT Rage

We’ve featured many a car here at Men’s Gear, which is why despite the new entries we try to cover as much as possible, it’s starting to feel a bit dull and stale. But trust us, you’ll want to stick around for the NXT Rage. It’s a beastly electric motorcycle dripping with attitude. And even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of electric types, there’s plenty of delights here to gawk at.

Let’s start with the design. The all-black profile supremely complements its supple profile, making it as badass as a Marvel villain but seemingly as graceful as a ballerina. This dichotomy is immediate at first glance — just look at the slim slines snaking around its slender body.

Fresh off the Netherlands, this ride is a formidably nimble package, complete with a roadster aesthetic and a blacked-out coat job. If you aren’t a fan of matte, this isn’t for you. However, if gloss has become too treacly for your taste, this is a refreshing inverse. It boasts a carbon fiber monocoque frame. There’s also a 7-inch display that serves as the interface for the rider. Not too many bikes have that, so that’s a nice plus.

Unfortunately, all we can really do at this moment is gaze at this beauty. The folks who made this exceptional ride hasn’t released a full specs sheet yet. But we’re inclined to believe it’s got innards to match its sleek outer shell. Make sure to check back with Men’s Gear as we learn more about this bad boy.


Ethec Electric Motorcycle

We’ve seen our fair share of upcoming electric motorcycles and marveled at each one’s minimalistic design language. Half-expecting to witness a similar form and appearance, we were blown away by the avant-garde presence exuded by the one from Ethec. The unconventional form of its chassis just demands to be appreciated. Moreover, the team behind this advanced eco-friendly transport teases us with groundbreaking tech hidden within its massive but stylish frame.

As the technology used in electric motorcycles become more commonplace, we can observe a trend among manufacturers wherein aesthetics come first. On the other hand, the Zurich-based group of experts chose to redirect their focus to both the cosmetics and performance.

According to Ethec, its trump card lies on the battery technology used by its machine. A massive power source occupies most of the chassis and is made up of 1260 Lithium-ion cells surrounded by a direct-cooling stream of oil. Temperature management is handled by a complex assembly of fans, pumps, an expansion tank, and thermoelectric elements. Additionally, cooling fins built around the module enhances the heat dissipation. Everything is then controlled by a proprietary battery management system.

Research shows that energy is unnecessarily wasted when we hit the brakes. Therefore, through a special hub-motor installed on its front wheels, the bike can recover most of it via the regenerative braking system. Now that you’ve seen the technical details, it doesn’t hurt that the combination of the black and silver scheme of its design is striking.

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Photos courtesy of Ethec