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Scrambler by Juiced Bikes

There are so many e-bikes out right now and the market is so competitive that in order for a bike to stand out from the crowd it needs to have something that makes it that extra bit special. This is what Juiced have tried to do with their latest offering, the electric Scrambler.

This e-bike has been designed to offer the ease of use many people look for in electric bikes for their day to day commute. However Juiced have also given the Electric Scrambler a little extra so that it can also be used for some off-road fun when you are not speeding off to your 9-5.

With a top speed of 25 mph and a range of 35 miles on a single charge, this has enough juice, so to speak, to all you to ride in style to wherever you need to go. There are also disc brakes on both the rear and front wheels, and nice fat tires for a comfortable ride whether you are roaring around town or along bumpy trails.

Completing this very modern e-bike with modern spec are the LED lights, 9-gear Shimano cassette and the choice of 2 engine options: either 52 volts and 750 Watts or 1,100 Watts. It is a more fun and exciting way to get from a to b.


Onyx Electric Motorbike

Mopeds were always a curious and intriguing breed of vehicle. Offering a bit more than a pedal-powered bicycle, but less weighty and less powerful than a proper motorcycle; they were stylish back in the 60s and 70s. In actual fact, they are still stylish nowadays and can be completely environmentally-friendly.

That is if you invest in one of these great new e-bikes from Onyx Motorcycles in San Francisco, which owe a huge debt of gratitude to the classic look and feel of those mopeds of old. With two options to choose from, both powered by efficient and effective batteries and that, therefore, require no ozone-unfriendly gas of any kind, you can get from a to be with class on the main road or explore other terrains on the very capable off-road bike.

While the CTY road version is capable of achieving 30 mph and will run on a single charge for 25 to 40 miles; the CRC model is capable of 60 mph and distances of 45 to 70 miles.

As you’d expect from a forward thinking company like Onyx, there is a range of different alterations and customizations you can make to get the e-bike experience you are looking for. You can even upgrade the battery of each model to handle a greater distance.

With space for other backers on their Indigogo campaign and the project fully funded, don’t miss out on the chance to ride one of these beauties when they roll out in early 2019!

Onyx Electric Motorcycles

2019 HPC Revolution All-Terrain Bike

Los Angeles-based Hi-Power Cycles have outfitted their already impressive freeride electric bicycle with 4.8” Maxxis Minion tires. The resulting 2-wheeler is the 2019 HPC Revolution AT Bike, or what they tout as “the ultimate backcountry exploration bike in a class that has never existed until now; Downhill Fatbike.”

The fat tires on this bad boy make for excellent floatation and traction in even the softest terrain, without altering the suspension travel. A 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub ensures powerful torque, while a mid-drive motor with a power of up to 3000W offers a whopping 100-mile range and blistering speeds of over 45 mph.

Other details include a total weight of 76 lb, all aluminum 6061-T6 body, fully CNC’d swingarm, custom DVO factory-tuned FAT suspension (9 inches of progressive rate frame travel), and 12” of ground clearance so that you can confidently tackle any terrain that comes your way.

Buy From Hi-Power Cycles $13,000