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Driving the McLaren GT, Audi S7 and Vintage Electric Cafe bicycle | Autoblog Podcast #639

In this week’s Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is joined by West Coast Editor James Riswick and Road Test Editor Zac Palmer. This week, they’ve been having some fun in the McLaren GT and the Toyota 86 GT. James has spent some time with the very lovely Vintage Electric Cafe e-bike. They’ve also been driving the Ford Ranger and Audi S7. In the news, Ford gets new leadership, and Micro Machines are back, baby!

Autoblog Podcast #639

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RMK E2: Meet Your New Favorite E-Bike

We were a little bowled over we have to admit when we saw the inspired design of Finnish e-bike start-up RMK’s first release- the rather awesome E2 electric motorbike. Fans of e-bikes have had a lot to be happy about in recent years with so many cool machines being released, and this E2 is no different.

In a dramatic and bold move forward for the e-bike industry, the company have taken a stripped back and very slick approach. Gone is the tiresome chain-drive, replaced instead with an electric motor mounted to the hub of the rear wheel, with just a monoshock and single-sided swingarm providing suspension.

RMK is aiming to hit around 124 to 186 miles per charge with this bike, and a charge time of around 2 to 3 hours for a battery that is completely empty.

Look out for the RMK E2 at the MP19 Motorcycle Show where it will make its debut in Helsinki, Finland next February, with customers starting to receive theirs shortly after. We feel this is a great example of just what a good e-bike should look like – slick lines, futuristic and dripping with cool! As well as, of course, highly efficient, but even if it’s out of your price range, you can dream.

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Hummingbird Electric: World’s Lightest E-Bike

Hummingbird really pushed the boundaries of what compact, folding bikes could be when they released what was the lightest model in the world. The model weighed just 6.9 Kg. They are set to do the same thing again in the world of folding e-bikes with the Hummingbird Electric.

Working in partnership with Prodrive, their entry into the folding e-bike market weighs just 10.3 Kg, making it the lightest-in-class at the moment.

Don’t let the compact and lightweight nature of this bike fool you though, because it has a 250 watt motor with a higher power to weight ratio than any other bike on the market. It is capable of achieving a comfortable 25 kph on its 160 lithium-ion battery which enables you to ride for a maximum of 30 km.

Another huge selling point of this e-bike is the fact that charging the battery only takes 2.5 hours. This negates the need for an additional battery to be carried around by a rider.

With the motor, battery and everything else that powers the bike hidden in the hub of the rear wheel, it has a slick and slim-line look.

They are currently taking orders at the moment, so if you have a cool 4 and a half grand to spend, and want a more eco-friendly way to get to and from work, check the Hummingbird Electric out!