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2016 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme

Remember our article on the amazing looking 2017 Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR we posted a while ago, one of only 100 GTS-R Final Edition ACR units that came with a mere 840 miles on the counter being listed for auction? The bidding on that rare car went up to $230,000, but you might get a second chance of owning one of these amazing Dodge Viper ACR models … well kind of.

Currently listed at the same BringATrailer auction site, we found a 2016 Dodge Viper ACR that comes with the Extreme Aero Package, granted, it’s not a 2017 Final Edition, but it’s close, and the best part, the bidding sits at $100,000 with just 3 more days to go, so you might be able to scoop this one up for considerably less than $230,000 … it does come with 10,000 miles on the counter however.

Chassis 1C3BDECZ4GV100303 is finished in the classic Viper White, but it boast some impressive striping, a massive black stripe is accompanied by a thinner red stripe running from the front to the back, all the way up to that massive, towering rear wing, while we get a very low splitter at the front, complete with stabilizing struts and those ‘air-cutting’ canards on the side of the front bumper.

Power comes from the famous 8.4-Liter V10 engine going to the wide rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox with limited slip differential, this specific Viper does come with a few upgrades, like a a Belanger Headers exhaust system and a TeamTech six-point harness fitted to the driver seat.

The stunning, gloss black cross-spoke wheels come in 11×19 inch size at the front, and even wider 13×19 inch at the rear, fitted with Kumho Ecsta V720 ACR tires, 295/25 and 355/30 respectively, covering 15.4 inch carbon-ceramic disk brakes with six-piston calipers for the front, and 14.2 inch disks with four-piston calipers  for the rear, naturally an adjustable suspension is standard on the Dodge Viper ACR.

The steering wheel inside this Dodge Viper ACR comes in Alcantara, a material also used for the center part of the seats, contrasting red stitching and smooth black leather complete the cockpit of this supercar with its 645 hp V10 brute up front, keep in mind the Extreme Aero Package back in 2016 was a $6,900 option on this $140,140 beauty, so head over to BringATrailer and put in your bid now if you would like to add this special Dodge Viper ACR Extreme to your garage.

2017 Dodge Viper GTS-R

I have a special interest in the Dodge Viper, initially created in an era when my all-time favorite car brand, Lamborghini, was owned by General Motors, the V10 engine from the Dodge Viper has been developed with the help from engineers in Sant’Agata, it’s a car intended for a totally different segment in the car market, but I am also a big fan of the classic Cobra … and as the Viper has been seen as a modern-day interpretation of the famous Cobra, and it has ties with Lamborghini … what’s not to love?

Now I know this 2017 Dodge Viper GTS-R is several steps away from the original, bright red topless model from the Nineties, but it’s still related, so when I saw this white one listed for sale, with only 840 miles on the counter, I just had to keep reading about it, more so as this is a special Dodge Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR.

2017 was the final year of production for the Viper, during which a total of 100 GTS-R Final Edition ACR units were built, this bright white with blue racing stripes unit listed here is number 80, finished a paint scheme to commemorate the 1997 FIA GT2 championship-winning factory Viper race cars.

Chassis 1C3BDEDZ9HV500261 has covered only 840 miles since new and is powered by the famous 8.4-liter V10, coupled to a six-speed manual with a limited-slip differential, among the additional equipment are GTS-R badging, a 10-way manually adjustable suspension, a front splitter, a rear diffuser, a rear wing, dive planes, Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, and 19″ ACR wheels with ACR-spec Kumho Ecsta V720 tires measuring 295/25 at the front and 355/30 at the rear, just in case, this car comes with a spare front splitter.

As we are talking about a Viper GTS-R edition, the leather and Alcantara seats on the interior are only manually adjustable, seat belts are bright red while Viper door sills are fitted … this being a limited edition version, there is a special plaque on the passenger side of the dashboard showing the #80/100 in the 2017 GTS-R Final Edition.

Still, there are some creature comforts to be found on this track-derived supercar, you get help from a five-mode electronic stability control, you can stay cool with the automatic climate control, a keyless entry is always nice to have, while an 8.4 Uconnect touchscreen display with navigation, a rearview camera, and SRT Performance Pages makes sure you don’t get lost … either on the open road or on the race track.

At the time of writing, the bidding stands at $204,000 with only one day remaining, so if you are interested in adding this rare Dodge Viper with very low miles to your collection, you better act quickly and check out the BringATrailer website to put in your bid.

Here’s the last Dodge Viper

The last Dodge Viper has rolled off the line.

Ralph Gilles, FCA’s Head of Design since April 2015, posted a photo gallery on Instagram with the caption “So long… #Viper.” The gallery includes multiple photos of the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, where the Dodge Viper has been built since 1995. In the gallery, we see a yellow unit with black stripes coming down the line, and Gilles is posing in front of it with Dodge/SRT Head of Design Mark Trostle. The yellow Viper is followed by a red car, with nothing else behind it on the line. That red Viper is “the ultimate last one,” according to Gilles, adding that the automaker will be holding onto that unit for the company’s heritage collection.

You can click through the gallery here:

When asked in the comments if the Viper was discontinued because of low sales, Gilles replied, “Not really as it sold well over the last couple of years at a great mix of mostly ACRs in the last 15 months. It has more to do with a new ejection mitigation regulation airbag that simply won’t fit in our package.”

Despite the solemnity of the post, Gilles is upbeat about the Viper in general, saying “The Gen5 had a great 5 model year run and the Viper platform which has not changed that much over the years had a great 25 year run!” He says he has great memories with the car, and that “they are relatively robust so they will be around making memories for generations to come!”

Still, we hope to see something that lives up to the Viper’s wild, raw spirit come from FCA in the near future.

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Viper fans are at the Nurburgring to reclaim production-car speed record

With the outgoing generation of the Viper, Dodge missed a fabulous opportunity to set another Nürburgring lap record. The company did it, twice, with the previous-generation Viper ACR, but never went back with the latest ACR, and it definitely won’t now that the car is being discontinued. This is why a group of Viper fans began fundraising back in January to take ACRs to the ‘Ring for one more shot at glory. And, right now, that group is in Germany preparing for the attempt.

The team made it thanks to support from GoFundMe donors, and sponsorship from Kumho Tires and Prefix, a design and prototype company based in Michigan. They’re using two Viper ACR GTS-R commemorative-edition cars, which are appropriate for competing track cars since they have the same white-with-blue-stripes color scheme as Dodge’s old Viper GTS-R racecars. The cars are supplied from ViperExchange and BJ Motors and equipped with Kumho Ecsta V720 tires.

According to the group’s Facebook page, the team has been practicing since Wednesday, July 19. A video posted today highlighted that the only mechanical issue so far has been an overheating problem that was solved with a new thermostat. Each car is running a different suspension setup for practice – one soft, the other hard – and they’ll adjust them as needed. The plan is that both cars will use the same setup on the record attempt. To claim the record without any argument will require beating the 6:45.9 time set by the Nio EP9 electric car. Right behind it is the Radical SR8LM, which is technically street-legal, but not really a street car. It set a time of 6:48. As for true street cars with gasoline engines, the target the Viper team will really want to beat is the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, which pulled off a time of 6:52. You can track the team’s progress at its Facebook page.

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