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BMW R nineT Moksha

By now, most of us are already exposed to various products that resulted from collaborations. There are instances wherein the collective ideas of both parties result in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, but sadly in some occasions, the end product comes out odd or unlikeable. So what do an English custom motorcycle shop, a Dutch watchmaker, and a leading European automotive brand have in common? Well, technically quite little to none, but the correct answer, for now, is the Moksha.

This attention-grabbing beauty is a special custom build handled by Sinroja Motorcycles, BMW UK, and TW Steel. Although the first two are somewhat in related fields, the latter appears to be the odd man out. Yet the accompaniment piece that it contributes to the equation is a stunner. The Moksha bike started out as a BMW R nineT that was taken apart and retrofitted with alternative aluminum bodywork. Gone are the smooth curves of the base model replaced by a more sinister angular frame.

To cap it off (literally), the fuel cap is crafted to look like the dial of the TW Steel Moksha watch, which was simultaneously built alongside the bike. Both the custom ride and timepiece look absolutely great together. Therefore, don’t leave home without either one in tow.

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Photos courtesy of Son Of Time

Harley-Davidson Sportster XX Tracker

When Harley-Davidson recently unveiled the new models that are part of their upcoming lineup, fans eagerly awaited to see if some of their favorites are on the list. Several of the bikes that were included in the announcement noticeably sparked excitement. It also firmly established that the company seriously wanted to offer an eco-friendly option with the Livewire, which surprisingly made it out of the concept phase and is on its way to production soon.

Sadly enough, there was nothing that hinted about a new Sportster being possibly planned for the near future. This left everyone with two choices: wait for the manufacturer to eventually release an official entry or take matters into their own hands. Lucky for us, a group of gearheads from the land down under opted to do the latter.

Gasoline Motor Company managed to customize a special one that will be coveted by many. The project started off with a 2000 Sportster that was modified to shave off anything that it could do without to keep weight to a minimum. What followed after were modifications such as a new fiberglass tank, 11-1130 Progressive Suspension springs up front, Nitron shocks for the rear, and everything sits on black powder-coated 19-inch wheels paired with Maxxis dirt track tires.

The resulting build is a good-looking piece of machinery that’s both at home on the dirt track and the open road.

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Photos courtesy of Gasoline Motor Company