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Special Report: Living The BRABUS Lifestyle via Land & Sea

BRABUS is a brand that commands respect, whether or not ‘BRABUSizing’ anything from a Smart Car to a Mercedes-AMG 6×6 is to your liking or not, you cannot argue with the reputation or success of the Bottrop based tuner. To demonstrate the breadth of ability of the company, BRABUS invited GTspirit to Dusseldorf to experience a slice of the BRABUS lifestyle for ourselves, and boy, we were in for a treat.

Arriving at the harbour side Hyatt, we could not help but notice the BRABUS x Panerai branding on everything from the shuttles to the flip-flops we were given. Why flip-flops? We had an appointment on a house boat where the alliance with the iconic Swiss watchmaker would be explained. This is the first time the two brands formed a partnership, to mark the beginning of the collaboration, Panerai debuted its first-ever skeletonized automatic movement in daring, high-end watches inspired by the design of the BRABUS “Shadow Black Ops” series of boats.

Available in a limited run of only 100 pieces, the Panerai Submersible S BRABUS Black Ops Edition (PAM01240) is the product of 3 years of development, which resulted in features like a patented polarized date display, allowing a view of the date indication only through the opening at 3 o’clock, without covering the mechanics of the skeletonized movement. Wait a minute, did you say it is inspired by the design of a BRABUS boat?

Get your snorkel on and meet the BRABUS Shadow 900. 900? Yes, 900 horsepower in a boat! We don’t know much about boats, but the Shadow 900 range benefits from Mercury Marine’s latest dual 450R Verado XL 4.6 litre V8 FourStroke engines with Joystick Piloting for easy docking and manoeuvring, and that sounds spectacular. The forces and sensations on the water are mind blowing, with unbelievable agility and crazy cornering speeds on the derestricted waters of Dusseldorf.

900 is a number that is not just special to BRABUS boats, it’s not uncommon to see that number on a badge of a BRABUS ROCKET… and there’s a new one, a crazy one. Meet the fastest SUV in the world, the BRABUS 900 ROCKET EDITION, based on the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S COUPÉ 4MATIC. Just 25 of these maniacal machines will be built, each hitting 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds and onto a top speed of 330 km/h (!).

How? Well, the displacement has been stroked out to 4.5 litres and now produces 900 horsepower and a bonkers 1250 Nm which has to be electronically restrained to 1050 Nm. Visually, the iconic BRABUS treatment has been applied with a punchy new bodykit and spectacular 24-inch wheels with carbon-fibre aero-discs. This car is as sensational as the numbers would suggest. On the Autobahn you hit the pedal and feel the front end rise as it rides the torque and power before blasting towards the horizon with relentless brutality. Accompanied by a raucous exhaust bark, this ROCKET EDITION feels like a BRABUS, it is wild, over the top and is set on obliterating anything you could come across on the highway. If you see this in the mirrors, move aside unless you’re in anything less powerful than a Bugatti Veyron.

BRABUS demonstrated the power of its branding and quality on a fun filled day which highlighted how diverse and accomplished the company has become. There is a coherent, consistent feel and image that is applied to every project they work on. It is impressive, we look forward to see what the future has in store for BRABUS.

The new BRABUS 800 GLE Coupé

Personally, I still think the BRABUS B63S 6×6 is the most impressive ‘car’ this German tuner ever made, agreed, it’s ‘only’ 700 hp, but just look at this one for a second … it’s a six-wheeled, extremely tall Mercedes based beast with portal axles, what more could you ask for? Perhaps a little smaller and possibly less expensive? In that case, a BRABUS 800 based on the Mercedes G-Wagon might be an option, 800 hp in somewhat the same body style (not a pickup mind you), but lower than the 6×6, with regular axles, so less intimidating.

If you want to most extreme SUV possible you’ll be set with the BRABUS 900 ROCKET EDITION, their latest conversion based on the G63 model, limited to only 25 units worldwide at nearly $700,000, this is the one if you really want to have the comfort of a massive off-road vehicle, but still want to reach 100 km/h from a standstill in 3.7 seconds and have a car that doesn’t run out of breath until she reaches 280 km/h … in a car that’s styled like a brick house!

But for argument’s sake, let’s say you’re not a fan of the box-style found on the Mercedes G-Class vehicles … in that case, BRABUS now has an alternative for you, based on the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 SMatic+ Coupé (try fitting that on the rear fascia in chrome lettering), called the BRABUS 800 SUV Coupe, and you’ve guessed it, this coupe-styled SUV comes with 800 hp from the big V8 engine at the front.

This one comes with a much rounder, more contemporary design compared to the big G-Wagon, and because it’s called an SUV Coupe, there is a sloping rear window, much like on a two-door car, now keep in mind that could mean a little less headroom for the rear seat occupants, but it does look cool nonetheless, something we’ve also seen on the BMW X6 model for instance, but back to the BRABUS 800 SUV Coupe now, which on these presentation photos is finished in black, the trademark color from BRABUS.

When you receive your Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 SMatic+ Coupé from the factory, there will be a 4-Liter V8 twin-turbo engine fitted with 612 hp and 450 kW of torque under your right foot pedal, which isn’t bad already … but it’s nothing compared to what BRABUS will give you after a visit to their workshop in Bottrop, Germany. A power increase to 800 hp (588 kW) and no less than 1,000 Nm of torque … and while this isn’t the 900 hp from the ROCKET G-Wagon version, this SUV Coupe takes only 3.4 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h (3 seconds less than the 900 ROCKET) and has it’s top speed electronically limited at 280 km/h (174 mph), so this black beauty will outrun the G-Class ROCKET by 10 km/h.

A lot of this power increase is thanks to the modifications to the base engine, BRABUS has over four decades of experience in this field, adding 188 hp or 138 kW to a modern engine might be more difficult than you imagine, and let’s not forget the base GLE 63 S comes with an integrated mild-hybrid starter generator, so any engine tuning has to take that into consideration too.

To get to a power output of 588 kW (800 hp) at 5,900 rpm and reach a peak torque of 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft) at a low 3,500 rpm, custom turbos with larger compressor unit, modified core assembly, and reinforced axial bearings are required, these new units can produce a maximum boost pressure of 1.6 bar, add the BRABUS PowerXtra auxiliary control unit and the engine is remapped in terms of injection, boost pressure, and ignition. More importantly, BRABUS engine tuning comes with a 3-year/100,000 km (62,000 miles) warranty.

If you are not ready to go for the full BRABUS 800 package on your Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 SUV, there is also the BRABUS PowerXtra B40 option, this plug-and-play control unit will add 88 hp (64.7 kW) to the base engine effectively creating a BRABUS 700 model in that case, which is still not bad, but that 800 does sound a lot more impressive in the end.

BRABUS engine tuning can be requested on its own, but you really should add their stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system to your order too, if you do something, do it right from the start, with actively controlled flaps in the pipes, and a quartet of massive 90mm (3.5 in) titanium/carbon fiber exhaust tips, I’m sure you’ll have the ‘Sport’ mode set all the time … except when you have to leave early in the morning or arrive late at night … and you are still on speaking terms with your neighbors… in that case, the ‘Comfort’ mode might be a good idea so you don’t wake them up.

Now you have the power and the sound to match … so what’s next? The looks of course, and we wouldn’t be talking about this BRABUS 800 SUV Coupe if they didn’t have a nice aerodynamic package available too, available in either glossy or satin-finished, clear carbon fiber. For the front, you can get a lower spoiler that fits onto the factory original bumper, the BRABUS spoiler comes with vertical stabilizers on either side for that aggressive look, add the custom BRABUS front grille, with their touch of red on two spokes, and you’ve completely transformed the looks of your GLE as seen by your fellow drivers in their rearview mirror.

Air intakes for the front bumper made from carbon fiber are another option from BRABUS, as are the integrated intakes in the grille, on the driver’s side there is even a crosspiece with the famous BRABUS logo, complete with lights that are activated by pulling a door handle or when you approach the super SUV with the key card in its vicinity.

If you did opt for the BRABUS exhaust system, you might want to consider the custom rear diffuser too, made from visible carbon fiber, it is integrated perfectly into the factory original rear bumper, but more importantly, it comes with the perfect openings to fit those 90 mm exhaust tips from the BRABUS sport exhaust system. Beautiful carbon fiber side air vents for the rear bumper are another must-have, especially if you also fit the BRABUS exposed carbon fiber wheel arch extensions and the rear spoiler, which is a three-piece unit for this GLE 63 based BRABUS conversion.

A BRABUS car wouldn’t be complete without a new set of shoes either, so you can choose between Monoblock alloys in different designs and sizes that go from 22 up to 24 inches, the show car on these photos rolls on a set of BRABUS Monoblock Y “BLACK PLATINUM” hi-tech forged wheels, 10×23 inch at the front and an even wider 12×23 on the rear axle, shed with 295/35 R 23 and 335/30 R 23 respectively so those wheel arches are nicely filled, especially with the BRABUS control module for the standard AIRMATIC air suspension that results in a 25 mm (1 in) lowered ride height.

The BRABUS 800 SUV Coupe can be bought as a complete BRABUS vehicle but you can also ship your GLE 62 S to them for conversion, both options are available, as is a complete interior overhaul with the finest leathers and custom stitching patterns, prefer Alcantara, no problem. Aluminum pedals, carbon fiber interior parts, tv screens for the rear … BRABUS can accomplish just about any request a client might have … and if you bring in your existing Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S you can ask to convert it in stages, so you can save up for the invoice inbetween.


Just think about these figures for a second … acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, an electronically limited top speed of 280 km/h, powered by a 4.5-Liter Biturbo V8 engine with 900 PS (662 kW) and a massive 1,250 Nm of torque at an RPM of only 2,900 … did that settle in yet? You might be thinking we’re talking about some low-riding, harsh, uncomfortable but stunningly beautiful and aerodynamic supercar … right?

Nope, wrong … this is the brand new BRABUS 900 ROCKET EDITION, and since it’s based on the Mercedes G63 SUV, we are talking about a car with as much aerodynamic styling as a brick house … well, that might be a bit harsh, but you get the idea, this is a 2,560 kgs (5,644 lbs) heavy SUV, and she’s wide and tall too, 204 cm (80.3 in) wide and 462 cm (182 in) long, riding on massive 24-inch wheels, 10-inch wide at the front and a girthy 12-inch wide at the rear.

The new BRABUS 900 ROCKET EDITION comes with a serious price tag attached to her, €571,270 ($677,750) including German VAT (which is 19%), but BRABUS will only build 25 units for the entire world, 10 of which will be ready for delivery later this year while the remaining 15 units will join their customers by the end of 2022 … and while BRABUS always unveils their new cars in black or grey, the client can choose from an almost infinite palette of colors for his, or her Super SUV … both on the outside, and on the inside.

So what does BRABUS offer to justify adding about half a million US$ to the MSRP of a top-of-the-line G63 AMG model, which is about $160,000 before adding options, also note our previous article on a BRABUS SUV was about their 800 Black & Gold Edition, which comes in at about €200,000 less than this new 900 ROCKET EDITION … then the latter should really be something utterly amazing and special … right?

Just for this new model, BRABUS created the ROCKET widebody aerodynamic kit that includes some amazing carbon fiber parts, also a new set of Monoblock Z wheels in a massive 24-inch size was developed for the ROCKET EDITION which come with fashionable ‘aero discs’ and the rear wheels are fitted with massively wide 355/25 R 24 tires … that’s Lamborghini tire sizes on a large SUV!

The two demo cars BRABUS prepared to showcase this new 900 ROCKET EDITION are finished in their famous “Signature Black” and “Stealth Grey”, and while the exterior is already extremely impressive (more on that later), it is on the inside where BRABUS fitted their MASTERPIECE interior in the best black leather and individual seats for the rear with a central console that houses a table for comfort, on the dashboard, doors and central console you’ll find a lot of breathtaking carbon fiber being fitted.

But first, back to what makes the BRABUS 900 ROCKET EDITION tick, the highly modified engine, if you know the statistics, the base G63 comes with a 3,982 cm³ displacement V8 engine, BRABUS takes that engine apart and bores out the cylinders to 84 mm and mills a new crankshaft from a solid rod of aluminum … the result is a displacement of 4,407 cm³, but that alone isn’t enough to get a power increase of 315 PS, so BRABUS replaced the factory original turbochargers with a pair of their own, in-house units that are capable of a 1.4 bar boost, a ram-air intake made from carbon fiber makes sure these turbos can draw enough cold air, and just for looks, the engine is covered with a stunningly beautiful, red infused carbon fiber cover.

Some more help to reach that 900 PS output comes from the amazing stainless steel exhaust system fitted by BRABUS, complete with 76 mm downpipes and sport catalysts, and naturally a valved high-performance exhaust, so you can adjust the soundtrack of this impressive V8 depending on your surroundings, most neighbors don’t like you starting this beast at 5 in the morning with the exhaust in ‘Sport’ mode … naturally, the dual, carbon fiber exhaust tips are fitted underneath this supercar and exit fumes just in front of the rear wheels, and to top it all off, BRABUS integrated their ROCKET ambient light into them, just for fun.

We’ve all seen the BRABUS WIDESTAR kit before, used on many Mercedes G-Wagon conversions from this Bottrop based manufacturer, but for their ultimate, limited edition version of the G63 they created a new version of their famous aerodynamic kit, using more visible carbon fiber on the outside than before, adding vertical stabilization fins to the front bumper, but also a new front grille with ROCKET logo and the required ram-air intakes for the turbochargers behind it.

We also note the ROCKET Startup Glow and illuminated ROCKET logo, but you just can’t miss those massively wide wheel arch extensions from BRABUS, made from carbon fiber for both the front fenders and the rear axle, they add 10 cm of width to the base G63 model, and they flow perfectly from the new front and rear bumper into a pair of side sills that are LED lighted in the dark, naturally a stylish roof spoiler and an aggressive-looking rear diffuser are also part of the ROCKET EDITION kit.

At the rear, the spare tire is removed from the door and BRABUS puts a carbon fiber cover over the attachment, also at the front, the original engine cover gets an add-on from BRABUS that completely changes the front, the ROCKET EDITION is extremely aggressively styled, from every angle, but it also comes with creature comforts like LED mounted underneath the side sill that illuminates the floor when you want to step out of the car at night.

A wider body requires a special set of wheels, and these come in the form of the new BRABUS Monoblock Z “Platinum Edition” units, 10×24 inch for the front, 12×24 inch for the rear, fitted with 295/30 ZR24 and 355/25 ZR 24 respectively, either from Continental, Pirelli, or Yokohama, whichever the client prefers, or can source locally when it’s time to replace them, and trust me, with this much power in such a heavy car, these tires will wear quickly, even without the occasional burnout or donut.

And that concludes only the exterior and engine … now comes probably the best part, the interior, which is completely customized by BRABUS saddlery, yes, they have their own, in-house saddlery to create some of the most beautiful and bespoke interiors, in whatever color the customer wants, and that not only includes the leather hides, but also the Alcantara, the stitching, the perforation and even a tint of the carbon fiber used … at BRABUS the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a bespoke interior … but it seems they do like black at BRABUS nonetheless.

A total of 206 parts will get the BRABUS touch if you go all the way on the interior, and this includes some amazing shell-shaped quilting on the leather seats and door panels, but you’ll also find leather carpets inside this beauty, contrast stitching to match the exterior color or bright red for even more difference is always possible, BRABUS can even install ambient light inside the air vents if you like.

A lot of magnificent carbon fiber can be found inside the BRABUS 900 ROCKET EDITION too, as are aluminum pedals and door sills, with the BRABUS logo that lights up naturally, and since this limited edition packs a lot more power than the original G63 base car, the tachometer has been increased to 300 km/h (186 mph) so you can see just how fast this 2.5 tons SUV really goes down the road.

On their 900 ROCKET EDITION, BRABUS replaces the rear bench seat with two individual seats and a central console in between them that holds a fold-out table, so you can work in a laptop or tablet while being seated in the rear, both seats are not only heated, but also cooled, and even the cup holders are cooled and heated.

There is even a 4.3″ touchscreen installed at the rear that controls the rear seat adjustments and grants access to the factory original ‘COMAND’ system of the G-Wagon … you can control the sound system with it, turn on the reading lights in the rear. And if that’s too much bother, there is the option of connecting a smartphone via the USB cable and control the COMAND that way, while your phone or tablet gets charged at the same time. BRABUS added a few displays in the headliner so passengers can check the outside temperature, see how fast the driver is going, and find out what time it is, all while the ‘fridge’ in the central console keeps your drinks cooled.

I guess the BRABUS 900 ROCKET EDITION isn’t to everyone’s taste, but seeing how many of these WIDESTAR versions from BRABUS are around, and the fact they create a limited edition model with only 25 units at nearly $700,000 each, there must be a viable market out there for totally insane SUV like this, I for one can’t wait to see one of these behemoths in real life, and possibly experience it, even if it’s only for a short while.

Brabus Rocket 900: A $600k G63 AMG Limited to 25 Cars Worldwide

Brabus has officially unveiled a new Brabus 900 Rocket Edition this time based on the 2021 Mercedes-AMG G63 – the first G-wagon based Brabus Rocket.

The Brabus 900 Rocket edition is powered by a V8 twin-turbo engine that produces 300hp than the stock engine thanks to a myriad of changes that include increased engine displacement. The new powerplant was enlarged from 4.0 liters to 4.5 liters, the V8 twin-turbo now produces 900hp at a low 6,200rpm and 1,250 Nm at a low 2,900 rpm. In the Brabus 900 Rocket Edition, the peak torque is electronically limited to 1,050 Nm.

Additionally, the new Brabus 900 Rocket Edition weighs more than 2.5 tons but the acceleration from 0-100km/h is easily achieved in just 3.7 seconds while the top speed is limited to 280km/h to protect the tires from wearing out. The speedometer scale of the vehicle is 300km/h.

Additionally, the new turbocharging system also increases the power of the engine, the special turbochargers with large compressor unit and core assembly with reinforced axial bearings deliver a maximum boost pressure of 1.4 bar. When lifting off the throttle, the two Brabus BoostXtra valves produce a blow-off noise.

The vehicle has been equipped with a RAM-AIR intake system integrated into the exposed carbon radiator grille to ensure sufficient air is distributed into the engine. The fuel supply has also been adapted with special high-pressure pumps. The Brabus engine cover has been finished in red carbon fibre.

In addition, the new Brabus 900 Rocket Edition also features larger downpipes and metal catalysts, high-performance exhaust system with actively controlled exhaust valves for changing the exhaust note and two side pipes at the front of the rear wheels on each side of the car for a sporty appearance.

A Brabus Widestar widebody version has been developed exclusively for the Brabus 900 Rocket Edition, the version adds sporty highlights with additional exposed carbon elements that include; a front spoiler with side flaps on both side, a radiator grille with RAM-AIR intakes, Rocket Startup Glow and an illuminated Rocket logo. Furthermore, the carbon fibre trim elements for the Widestart widebody, the fender flares on the front and rear axle, the sporty rear wing and the Brabus diffuser on the rear fascia are also new.

The widebody conversion makes the vehicle appear massive and increases the size by 10cm wider compared to the production car. The air intakes, the outlets on the rear of all flares, the top piece of the hood and the trim panels on the rear panels are all made from carbon fibre elements and have been finished in a glossy coating. A high-tech compound has also been used on the side mirror housing, the trim strips and the door handle. The interior also features a Brabus Light carpet on both sides of the vehicle to illuminate the ground for safe entry and exit when its dark.

The vehicle has been fitted with a set of 24 inch Monoblock Z ‘Platinum Edition’ alloy wheels combined with high-tech street tires. The front axle consists of 10Jx24 wheels with 295/30 ZR 24 tires whereas the rear axle uses 12Jx24 with 355/25 ZR 24 tires.

The interior features an overhead console with time, temperature and speed to keep the rear passengers informed, the two bucket seats in the rear feature various comfort functions including adjustments, memory, seat ventilation and heating to replace the bench seating. The center console at the rear is finished in leather to match the interior and also features a refrigerator compartment, two cup holders for warming or cooling the drinks and also serves as a comfortable armrest.

In addition, the interior of the Brabus 900 Rocket Edition features a black leather design finish, crest-shaped quilting on the seats, trim elements and footwells in leather and top stitchings finished in red yarns. The cockpit features 206 elements and all of them feature ‘Rocket Red’ glazing. Ambient lighting for the air vents is also an available option offered by Brabus.

The Brabus 900 Rocket edition is limited to just 25 units, the first 10 units are to be delivered before the end of year and the price starts at 480, 059 euros.

Brabus Reveals Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S with 800hp

Brabus has released their second SUV this week, this time focusing on the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S. The new package is available for both the coupe and SUV versions.

The engineers have programmed the mapping of the electronic engine control so as to recalibrate the electronic boost pressure control as well as optimize the power delivery without risking the durability of the vehicle. Brabus has done extensive tests both on the racetracks and public roads to ensure safety and performance.

The GLE 63 S is powered by a 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine producing upto 612 hp and 850 nm of torque. The Brabus PowerXtra B40-S-800 conversion has increased the power of the vehicle by 188hp and further boosted the torque by 150 Nm of torque. As a result, the maximum power output of the vehicle is 800hp at 5,900 rpm and 1000 Nm at a low 3,500rpm and the acceleration from 0-100km/h is achieved in 3.4 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 280km/h.

The gears of the vehicle can be shifted either automatically or manually via the ergonomic Brabus Race paddle shifters on the steering wheel. In addition, a Brabus Memory System that can permanently deactivate the standard automatic start-stop setup is available as optional. Brabus also offers a 3 year warranty or 100,000km tuning warranty for all units.

The company has also fitted the GLE 63 S with a high-performance stainless steel sports exhaust system with actively controlled flaps that optimises the engine performance as well as control the sound depending on the drive mode selected by the driver.

The exterior of the vehicle features a front spoiler that minimises front-axle lift at high speeds and gives the vehicle a sporty look, a touch of racing flair to refine the side view and a Brabus diffuser insert that was designed for the the rear fascia to showcase the titanium/carbon tailpipes. The front spoiler also improves the stability of the vehicle when driving at high speed.

The interior features Alcantara and Brabus Mastic breathable leather on the seats, dashboard door panels and headliners. In addition, the interior also consists of aluminium door lock pins, aluminium pedals, stainless-steel cuffs with a backlit Brabus logo that changes color and carbon fibre elements with high-gloss finish sealer.

The GLE 63 S has been fitted with a set of Brabus alloy wheels which are available in different designs and diameters of 21, 22, 23 or 24 inches. The wheels have been combined with a Brabus choice of low profile tires of size 295/30 R 24 for the vehicle. An exclusive Brabus Monoblock Z ‘Platinum Edition’ hi-tech forged wheels in 10Jx24 king-sized format is also available as an option.

A control module for the Airmatic air suspension system is also available. The air suspension lowers the ride height of the vehicle by 25mm and improves the stance and driving dynamics of the vehicle due to the low centre of gravity.

Brabus 800 GLS 63 AMG is the Epitome of Luxury and Power

Brabus has officially released the performance details of the exclusive high-performance Brabus 800 SUV based on the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC+.

The Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4MATIC+ is powered by a 4.0 litre V8 twin-turbo engine. To ensure a maximum boost pressure of 1.6 bar is produced, the vehicle has been fitted with two special Brabus turbochargers with large compressor units and a modified core assembly with reinforced axial bearings.

In addition, new mapping for the injection and and ignition has been programmed throughout extensive test bench and long test drives. The vehicle also features a modified software that is introduced into the control unit of the engine via the plug-and-play Brabus PowerXtra module.

Brabus has fitted the SUV with a Brabus PowerXtra B40S-800 performance upgrade module. The performance upgrade conversion increases the power output of the vehicle by adding 188hp and 150 Nm of torque at driver’s command. The upgrade ensures an increase in power delivery as well as durability and is offered together with a 3-year warranty or 100,000km Tuning warranty.

The maximum output power of the vehicle after the conversion is 800hp at 5,900rpm and 1000Nm peak torque at a low 3,500rpm. The acceleration from 0-100km/h is achieved in 3.8 seconds while top speed is limited to 280km/h.

The Brabus 800 GLS 63 is fitted with a quad stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with actively controlled exhaust flaps. This system enables the driver to switch between Sport mode and Coming Home mode. Sport mode is loud whereas Coming Home mode is silent and subtle.

In addition, the Brabus front spoiler mounted on the lower part of the fascia gives the SUV a sporty appearance, the shape of the spoiler prevents the front axle from lifting when the vehicle is at a high speed as well as improve the handling & stability. The air deflectors are tailor-made to improve the air intake, these components are made from carbon fibre with a choice of matt sealing or high gloss.

The GLS 800 is further fitted with a set of Monoblock M 24 inch Platinum Edition hi-tech forged wheels and high-performance tires. The wheels are of size 10Jx24 whereas the tires are in size 295/35 ZR 24 mounted on the front and rear axle.

The Brabus Airmatic air suspension features a special control module that further optimizes driving dynamics as well as lowering the ride height by 25mm.

The interior of the SUV features breathable black leather with grey contrasting stitchings to match the black paint finish. The seat surfaces and the door panels are designed in Arrow Wave design with precision and perforated equally. The perforated parts are adorned with red fabric to match the highlights on the bodywork and the engine cover.

Brabus Tuning: 2021 Mercedes-AMG E63 is Now an 800hp Monster

A new Brabus 800 based on the 2021 Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4MATIC+ has been unveiled. The E63 AMG sedan has been enhanced both visually and in terms of driving dynamics. The vehicle has been equipped with custom naked-carbon aerodynamic enhancement parts and a set of hi-tech 21-inch forged wheels.

The E63 S 4MATIC+ sedan is powered by a 4.0litre V8 twin-turbo engine that generates a standard output of 450kW\ 612hp and 850Nm of torque. The new and tested Brabus B40S-800 performance kit increases the power output of the vehicle by adding 138kW/ 188hp and an extra 150Nm of torque, all this comes with a 3 year or 100,000km mile tuning warranty.

The performance upgrade equipped by Brabus enables the E63 S 4MATIC+ to produce a maximum output of 588kW/ 800hp at 6,600rpm, 1000Nm peak torque at a low 3,600rpm and achieve the acceleration from 0-100km/h in just 3.0 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 300km/h. The Brabus 800 tops the charts as one of the most powerful sedans and station wagons in the world.

Specially configured high-performance turbochargers which features a larger compressor unit and an enhanced core assembly with reinforced axial bearings that produce 1.6 bar maximum boost pressure has been developed for the vehicle to live up to the Brabus 800 design.

In addition, a Brabus plug-and-play PowerXtra module is also available and has been connected to the engine management system. This auxiliary control unit enables a special mapping for injection, ignition and boost pressure control. The vehicle has also been equipped with special carbon air intakes developed and merged on the right and left side of the radiator grille to ensure the engine is supplied with sufficient air.

The driving performance has been improved by the combination of the high-performance Brabus engine, the nine-speed automatic transmission and the 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive system. The nine-speed automatic transmission can be shifted either manually or automatically via Brabus Race aluminium paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

A Brabus Start-Stop memory system is available for customers who prefer to deactivate the automatic standard start-stop system permanently at a touch of a button.

Brabus has equipped the E63 S 4MATIC+ with a high-performance stainless-steel exhaust system with four steel/ carbon tailpipes that reduces the exhaust backpressure to ensure an optimized power supply. The exhaust flaps can control the exhaust sound, for instance, ‘coming home’ mode is discreet and quiet whereas ‘Sport mode’ is loud and powerful.

The sporty appearance of the vehicle is as a result of the enhanced naked carbon aerodynamic component on the radiator grille and front spoiler which are available in either gloss or matte finish. The rear spoiler on the trunk lid is shaped and designed to generate downforce on the rear axle and ensure optimal balance. The carbon diffuser inserts for the rear fascia also contributes to the sporty appearance by perfectly framing the tailpipes of the sport exhaust system.

The E63 S 4MATIC+ has been fitted with a set of 21 inch custom alloy wheels, the vehicle pictured features Brabus Monoblock ‘Platinum Edition’ Z forged wheels in the same contrasting color to match the radiator grille. The wheels have been developed in a hi-tech forging process and also combine low weight to with maximum strength.

The front axle features 9Jx21 wheels with 255/30 ZR21 tires whereas the rear axle is mounted with 10.5Jx21 wheels with 295/25 ZR21 tires. In addition, the standard air suspension lowers the ride height by 10mm or 20mm depending on either Sport, comfort or Sport+ modes.

A Brabus Stainless-steel scuff plate with backlit Brabus logo that changes color to match the interior ambient is available as an exclusive specialty interior refinement from Brabus. The cockpit also features aluminium door pins, and pedals.

The Brabus upholstery shop produces custom Brabus fine leather including Alcantara available in a variety of colors, genuine carbon inlays and precious wood which can be tailor-made and finished in different colors and design.

The Brabus 800 can be ordered as a sedan or wagon

BRABUS 800 based on the E-Class

The Mercedes E-class is what we might consider a mid-class sedan, a nice four-door, four or five-seater luxury car that’s not the massive size of the bigger S-Class, but still larger and more comfortable than the C-Class, it’s a car that doesn’t shout for attention and most of the time isn’t even noticed when you drive it, in Germany we see many E-Class being used as a taxi in fact … but none of those are the powerful E 63 S 4MATIC+ version, most of the taxis are diesel-powered, some are switching to hybrid and electric in the near future.

When you opt for the most powerful version of the 2021 model year Mercedes E 63 S 4MATIC+, you will end up with a 4.0-liter eight-cylinder engine that delivers 612 hp straight from the factory, which isn’t bad to haul you and your family around on the Autobahn at speed, but we wouldn’t be talking about BRABUS if this company from Bottrop, Germany didn’t tweak it a little further … well more than a little.

With over 40 years of experience in pulling more power from standard Mercedes engines, BRABUS has shoehorned their performance upgrade into the Mercedes E 63 S 4MATIC+, which doesn’t void the warranty mind you, the BRABUS 800 is fully TÜV-tested and comes with a 3-year, 100,000 km (62,000 Mile) BRABUS Tuning Warranty … which is usually not seen for this kind of tuning anywhere else, but BRABUS offers it nonetheless.

They don’t call this the BRABUS 800 without a reason, and that’s because they add 188 hp to the base from Mercedes, at 6,600 rpm you effectively have 800 hp available, and 1,000 Nm of torque at as low as 3,600 rpm, and as you can order a Mercedes E 63 S 4MATIC+ in either sedan or station wagon, this BRABUS 800 is one of the most powerful sedans/station wagons in the world today.

To achieve this massive 188 hp power increase, BRABUS developed their own high-performance turbochargers, with a bigger compressor unit, modified core assembly, and reinforced axial bearings, boost pressure sits at a maximum pressure of 1.6 bar, naturally, there is a custom engine management system called PowerXtra from BRABUS, and with this much power going on, the large engine needs more cooling, so BRABUS created bespoke, carbon-fiber air intakes to be integrated into the grille.

Being based on the E 63 S 4MATIC+, this BRABUS 800 is an all-wheel-drive car, the nine-speed automatic gearbox will hurdle this sedan to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3 seconds from standing still while if you opt for the station wagon this figure is 3.1 seconds, top speed for both body styles has been electronically limited to 300 Km/h (186 mph), which is probably more than enough … usually.

An engine like this BRABUS 800 unit needs to breathe, hence you can install an amazing stainless-steel high-performance exhaust that comes with four stainless steel/carbon tailpipes, not only for looks but also with an amazing sound thanks to integrated flaps into the exhaust system … a ‘silent’ mode when you drive up to your house and you don’t want to wake the neighbors… or a ‘Sport’ position if you just don’t care about those neighbors anymore.

You could go for the more subtle look and just have the BRABUS 800 engine tuning installed while you keep the rest of the Mercedes E 62 S 4MATIC+ factory standard … or you go all-out and fit the entire BRABUS aerodynamic package to your car, the new front spoiler does create more downforce at speed, as does the really nice looking rear spoiler on the sedan while a clear carbon fiber insert can be fitted to the rear diffuser on both the sedan and the station wagon … just so it looks the part with that BRABUS exhaust.

With engine tuning and aerodynamic from BRABUS, you’ll just have to go the extra mile and get a set of BRABUS alloy wheels, up to 21 inches in diameter is available, pictured here are the famous BRABUS Monoblock “PLATINUM EDITION” Z forged wheels, painted to match the rest of this black BRABUS 800, 9×21 wheels with 255/30 ZR 21 tires for the front, and even wider 10.5×21 rims with 295/25 ZR 21 tires for the rear, tires are either Continental, Pirelli, or YOKOHAMA as advice by BRABUS themselves.

New wheels just scream for a lowered suspension too, and because the Mercedes E 63 S 4MATIC+ comes with air suspension, BRABUS offers their Sports Unit that allows the car to be lowered by 10 or 20 mm (0.4 or 0.8 in) depending on the selection of the available Comfort, Sport or Sport+ modes.

If a client wants something really special for his, or her bespoke BRABUS 800 E-Class, they can go for a complete interior overhaul, BRABUS offers the best selection of leather, Alcantara or cloth, in whichever combination or shade the customer can think of, add custom veneers or carbon fiber inlays, again in a multitude of colors, and you can create a truly unique car for yourself, or as a gift for someone else.

The BRABUS 800 Black & Gold Edition

There was a time when the Mercedes G-Wagon was built as a spartan utility vehicle, mainly used by fire departments and the military in Europe, it became an off-road vehicle for farmers too when it was built as a two-door model, and a longer, five-door model, but more recently the massive, angular styled Mercedes G-Wagon become somewhat of a status symbol among the rich and famous, and while the current model still boasts amazing off-road capabilities, not too many see muddy fields these days anymore, especially not the top of the line G63 AMG model, which comes with an MSRP of nearly $160,000 before adding options.

And while many would be over the moon being able to own a factory original Mercedes G63 AMG, that just won’t do for some of the wealthy customers that get in touch with German-based BRABUS, to get more power from this massive SUV, and make it look stand out from the factory original model even further … and that is exactly what the customer can expect from this new BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD Edition.

As you would expect, this limited edition of the BRABUS 800 will be finished in black paint with several gold-painted details, and from the name, you also should gather we’re talking about 800 hp (588 kW) from the 4.0-Liter supercharged V8 engine, a monumental 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft) of torque can propel this off-roader to 100 km/h from standing still in only 4.1 seconds … right up to an electronically limited top speed of 240 km/h (150 mph).

The looks of the G63 AMG base are enhanced by the famous BRABUS WIDESTAR body kit, which effectively widens the factory car by a full 10 cm (4 inches) with massive fender flares, but also comes with new front and rear bumpers to further distinguish the BRABUS from the standard Mercedes version, on this BLACK & GOLD edition we even find air vents behind the front wheels, and if you look closely at the front grille, you’ll notice two of the vertical bars get a touch of gold paint. An even more aggressive-looking engine cover completes the looks of this BRABUS 800.

Such an impressive aerodynamic modification also requires a matching set of wheels and these gold-painted 23-inch BRABUS Monoblock Y “Platinum Edition” hi-tech forged wheels with Yokohama tires are just what this car needs to make a statement as if the actively controlled exhaust flaps inside the BRABUS stainless sport exhaust system wouldn’t be enough to draw attention with their two black chromed side pipes on each side, offering a choice between a discreet “Coming Home” mode or a markedly sporty V8 sound.

And the fun continues on the inside, being a BRABUS limited edition model, I don’t think they’ve left anything on the interior of the base Mercedes G63 AMG untouched to create this BLACK & GOLD edition, everywhere you look, you’ll notice the best fine-grain leather available, naturally in black, but with touches of gold paint everywhere on the dashboard, doors, central console, and even the steering wheel.

While we all know stitching patterns and quilted seats, BRABUS goes beyond that with their shell-shaped quilting on the seat surfaces and on parts of the door panels. In addition, all these leather-trimmed areas are perforated with pinpoint precision and additionally fascinate with the golden fabric that shimmers through the perforations and thereby brings the BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD EDITION motto to life.

But what really sets the new BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD EDITION apart from the more ‘normal’ BRABUS 800 G-models can be found in the rear … no more bench seat like in the base G63 AMG, instead a pair of bucket seats take its place, complete with a central console in between them housing the 4.3-inch BRABUS Touch Control Panel which in ‘standby mode’ shows a clock with BRABUS 800 illustration while ‘in use’ you can control various seat functions in the rear, or move the front passenger seat to get more legroom. This panel also provides access to the standard COMAND system of the G-Class. For example, it allows turning the sound system up or down or even muting it from the rear in addition to controlling the reading lights and the starry sky in the headliner can also be controlled with it.

Just in case you might be wondering, the BRABUS 800 BLACK & GOLD EDITION starts at 380,672 euros MSRP (export price excluding VAT in Germany!).

New S-Class Has a Brabus Package Already – S500 Now Produces 500hp

Brabus has refined and upgraded the new Mercedes Benz S-Class, giving both the S500 4Matic and S400d a twist of exclusiveness.

The first step of the upgrade was installing the plug-and-play Brabus B50- 500 PowerXtra performance module on the S 500 4MATIC gasoline engine, the module pumps up the powerplant by 65hp and increases the torque by adding 70Nm of torque.

After the modification, the official output of the new Mercedes S-Class has been increased from 435hp to 500hp horsepower, torque has been improved from 520Nm to 590Nm and is available from 1,800rpm and 5,800rpm. The acceleration from 0-100km/h is now achieved in 4.7 seconds. The top speed remains electronically limited to 250km/h.

Brabus S-Class Full Black

A Brabus PowerXtra D40 performance kit module will also be available for the Mercedes S 400 D 4MATIC and it will boost the output of the diesel engine by 40hp and increase the torque by 50Nm. After installing the module, the engine of the car will have an output of 370hp and 750Nm peak torque at a low 2,500 rpm. Top speed will be 250km/h and the acceleration from 0-100km/h will be achieved in just 5.2 seconds.

The exterior of the vehicle features a Brabus front spoiler that reduces front axle lift to boot, side air intakes with surrounds, integrated LED side markers and a sporting styled insert at the rear bumper. A naked carbon rear spoiler lip will also be available soon.

The interior of the new S-Class includes a range of options from an eight-piece scuff plate set with Brabus logos which can light up in white or change color to match the ambient lighting. There is a two-tone soft and breathable Brabus fine leather on the dashboard and center console, carbon elements on the dashboard and center console and exclusive Brabus signature carbon trim sets specifically designed and developed for the S-Class.

The S 500 4MATIC can be fitted with Brabus signature Monoblock alloy wheels with diameters of 19, 20 and 21 inches all designed for the S-Class. A ‘Platinum Edition’ Forged Brabus alloys will also be available as exclusive wheel/tire combination and in various designs.

The S-Class pictured is fitted with the Platinum Edition wheels in size 9Jx21 on the front axle and 10.5Jx21 on the rear axle. The wheels are manufactured through high-tech forging technology and have been combined with large optimal tires in size 265/35 ZR 21 at the front and 305/30 ZR21 at the rear.

The sporty Brabus suspension improves the agility and handling of the vehicle as well as lowering the ride height by 25 millimeters depending on the drive mode selected.

The new BRABUS 500

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class isn’t a bad looking four-door luxury sedan, especially when you opt for the S500 model that comes with a 435 hp engine, but that doesn’t keep world-renowned BRABUS from tinkering with it to get more power and add some aerodynamic parts to this flagship model from Germany, keeping in mind BRABUS was actually voted the best and most popular tuning brand by the readers of Germany’s leading motorsport magazine: Auto Motor und Sport … for the 15th time in a row!

And while they build stunning, high-power supercars like their BRABUS ROCKET 900, not every owner is interested in the fastest, harshest riding Mercedes possible, some just want to add a touch of personality to their factory-fresh car, and that is exactly what BRABUS now offers for the S500 with their plug-and-play BRABUS B50 – 500 PowerXtra module, just integrate it into the factory electronics and you’ll get an additional 65 hp and 70 Nm of torque, the result is a total power output of 500hp.

The BRABUS B50 – 500 PowerXtra module makes the large Mercedes S500 reach 100 km/h from standstill in only 4.7 seconds, the top speed is however still limited to 250 km/h (155 mph), and there is even an option for the diesel-powered S400d, aptly called the BRABUS PowerXtra D40 performance kit, bringing the power output for this six-cylinder compression-ignition engine to a healthy 365 hp with 750 Nm of torque at as low as 2,500 rpm … this diesel takes only 5.2 seconds to reach 100 km/h.

And this is just the beginning, I’m sure BRABUS is already working on 750, 800, or even 900 hp versions for the new Mercedes S-Class range, but power and speed are really nice, but BRABUS is also known for their amazingly well designed aerodynamic add-on parts and elegantly designed custom wheels, and part of those are already available as you read this.

A newly designed BRABUS front spoiler not only looks good, but it also reduces front-axle lift while the surrounds on the side air intakes make this car look even more aggressive, add the LED side markers and we’ve got a winner, while we haven’t even discussed the new rear bumper inset yet, complete with absolutely stunning looking, black chromed tailpipes in that typical BRABUS design. A carbon-fiber rear wing is under development at the moment but will be available soon.

Forged BRABUS “PLATINUM EDITION” wheels have been custom made for the new Mercedes S-Class, these monoblock wheels are available in either 19, 20, or massive 21-inch version, the car on these photos comes with the BRABUS Monoblock M “PLATINUM EDITION” wheels, 9×21 on the front axle and size 10.5J21 at the rear with 265/35 ZR 21 and 305/30 ZR 21 tires respectively, sourced from either Continental, Pirelli, or YOKOHAMA. To get the stance just right on this large S-Class, the BRABUS Airmatic Sport Unit will lower the factory car by 25mm (1 inch) to offer both a sportier look and even more agile handling without compromising the outstanding ride comfort we all come to love from the big Mercedes model.

And the fun continues on the inside, while the factory does an amazing job on the interior of these S-Class, BRABUS lifts it to another level altogether, like a two-tone BRABUS fine leather interior created from soft and breathable leather in the contrasting colors porcelain and black. The leather treatment continues onto the dashboard and the center console. Attention to detail is shown on the pinpoint precision perforated seats and showing a stitching pattern to mimic the cube design of the center sections on the door panels. They even go as far as offering a BRABUS Signature Carbon, which was developed exclusively for the new S-Class.


If you really want to make a statement, this new, limited edition, BRABUS 92R might just be the right car to add to your collection, they claim it is the new Urban Supercar anyway, also known as The electrically powered “pocket rocket!”.

The BRABUS 92R is an exclusive edition of only 50 units of a convertible city sports car, 92 hp and 180 Nm of torque while being fully electric, with a top speed of 130 km/h and a range of up to 125 kilometers (78 miles), depending on the driving style, while an almost silent acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes 10.9 seconds in “Sport +” mode, but I guess that will considerably limit the range you’ll be able to reach on a single charge, but that is not what this Urban Supercar is intended for.

There is a “driving fun switch” for the driver to select one of four modes. The production level from the base vehicle, the Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio is the Basic level 1, when switching to “Eco’ you get more energy recovery when braking, ‘Sport’ is the third mode, with improved accelerator pedal response, and reduced energy recovery rate to the production level, the fourth mode is ‘Sport+”.

We wouldn’t be talking about a real BRABUS if this little 92R didn’t come with bespoke aero parts, like the new front bumper with large air intakes, a red detail is added to the center front, and to the side sills, while an athletic-looking rear diffuser sets the BRABUS 92R apart from the Smart she’s based on, carbon fiber design door mirror covers add the final touch.

Naturally, this BRABUS 92R comes with bespoke Monoblock wheels, in this case, the IX alloys showing eight double spokes mounted in  6Jx16 at the front with size 185/50 R 16, and 7Jx17 rims at the rear with size 205/40 R Yokohama tires, a one-inch lowering suspension is also fitted.

On the inside, the finest red BRABUS leather is used in a stunning ‘Ultimate Ellipse’ design quilted stitching pattern, black topstitching is used while the BRABUS logos in both backrests are an amazing touch,  to complete the custom look of the BRABUS 92R, the convertible’s electric soft-top comes in a similar bright red.

The BRABUS 92R starts at €46,284, being a fully electric vehicle you might want to check your local subsidy plan, usually, you can get part of your investment back from the government when you register an electric car … in a world full of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, and Rolls Royce, this little ‘pocket rocket’ might draw more attention for being so … different.

The BRABUS Invicto

When you are a high-net-worth individual, life is different compared to other people, you’ll probably live inside a large mansion with security guards and camera surveillance, and when you leave this compound, you’ll be driven around inside an armored vehicle, most likely even with one or more additional cars around you.


You can opt for one of the Mercedes-Benz Guard versions, the world’s widest ex-factory range of special protection vehicles … or you can turn to Brabus for one of their Invicto models, a series made up of three different versions to cater to the customer’s wishes, discreet, rugged, or luxuries …

All three versions come with the ‘Invicto Shelter Cell’, a self-contained, self-supporting and bolted-down protective cell. In addition, there are further protective elements that are in part produced using a special 3D printing process and, of course, all-around extremely tough bulletproof glass.

Based on the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the Invicto can resist 7.62×39 caliber bullets, used in the AK-47 for instance, but also being hit with hand grenades, and even 12.5-kilogram PETN explosive charges, this certifies the Invicto per the VPAM BRV 2009 and VPAM ERV 2010 standards, all while remaining discreet, and nearly invisible from the outside.

The BRABUS INVICTO bulletproof glass

Sometimes this kind of car requires making a fast getaway when faced with intrusion, therefore the BRABUS Invicto comes with a special suspension and high-performance braking system to cope with the additional weight of the armoring, but the 20-inch Invicto wheels come with special run-flat tires.

Because of the required performance, BRABUS advises using either a Mercedes G500 or the G63 as a base for their €345,600 Invicto protection package, but it can be ordered with other gasoline engines from the G-Class model range.

The armor meets the VR6 Plus ERV standard, the same standard that protects many limousines of heads of state, to meet the requirements the doors and hatch are now fitted with new protective elements, all the glass is replaced with extra tough bulletproof material, which required an innovative structure for the frames to be developed by BRABUS.


The Invicto Shelter Cell is unlike other vehicles where the armor is retrofitted, this BRABUS system is a self-contained, self-supporting, and bolted-down unit. This design makes it possible to put it into the body shell of the G-Class part by part and then assemble and fasten it. To this end, the company manufactures precise-fit, hot-rolled steel armor plates and additional protective elements made from materials such as carefully selected fabric and fiber structures as well as from ceramic and metal composite materials.

Among the many special constructive features of the “INVICTO Shelter Cell” is the fact that there is no narrowing of the door openings whatsoever. Getting in and out of the vehicle comfortably is crucial for many owners of a G-Class. In addition, the protective cell has a zero-gap design. This means that the individual components of the armor are installed without any gaps between them, which is of elementary importance for providing maximum security under small arms fire or an explosive attack. This is achieved by means of material overlaps and the so-called labyrinths.


Surprisingly enough, the entire BRABUS Invicto protective armor only adds about 1,000 kg on top of the base Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, but it still required both the front and rear suspension to be completely modified by the BRABUS engineers, even the frame of the G-Wagon needed to be reinforced at key points to support the additional weight, but still be agile enough for maximum security and durability.

A high-performance braking system with vented 402-millimeter discs and six-piston brake calipers at the front as well as 380-millimeter rotors and four-piston brake calipers on the rear axle is another major factor in the outstanding active safety of the INVICTO.

BRABUS fits Invicto 9.5×20 inch wheels specifically developed for the higher wheel load rating, large 275/50 R 20 W113 high load rating tires are fitted, BRABUS even developed a new run-flat system for their Invicto, even with completely destroyed tires, this car can continue for another 50km at a speed of 50 km/h.



This model has been created by BRABUS for those customers that need protection, but don’t want to stand out in traffic, the Invicto Pure looks exactly like a factory original Mercedes-Benz G-class … this is protection in her purest form, both the exterior and the interior of the Invicto Pure are visually unchanged.


The only visible changes are the new Invicto wheels in 20-inch, required to fit the BRABUS run-flat system, but other than that, this version is “undercover” as much as possible.



The Invicto Mission edition is not intended to have the high-net-worth individual in the rear seats, this version is made for the security guard companies that accompany that person, possibly even armed forces, or police and emergency services. Based on the Mercedes G500 or G63, the Invicto Mission includes not only the 20-inch off-road tires with the run-flat capability and a winch at the front this edition also comes with a powerful LED headlamp assembly at the front of the roof rack, flashing beacons behind the windshield, remote-controlled rotating searchlights at the rear, and even an armored escape hatch on the roof.


The original seats have been replaced by four custom bucket seats, designed in such a manner they allow the security detachment to wear protective vests inside the vehicle, five-point seatbelts keep them in place, even during high-speed, spirited driving.


But the Invicto Mission doesn’t stop there, it comes complete with a fresh air system with NBC filter for the interior, or how about an infrared package complete with night-vision together with an elaborate monitoring and navigation system, even the doors and backrests are fitted with the MOLLE system (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) to secure equipment.

The BRABUS INVICTO MISSION fresh air system



This is the most exclusive version in the Invicto series, based on either Mercedes G 500 or the Mercedes-AMG G 63 with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo eight-cylinder engine and 430kW / 585hp, this model offers 850 Nm of torque to offer impressive active safety, the 20-inch run-flat tires do require a limitation of the top speed to 210 Km/h.


The Invicto Luxury also stands out, this is not the model for the owner that wants to travel unseen, incognito … BRABUS fits the WIDESTAR body on this model, optionally even with clear carbon fiber components, remember the Invicto Shelter Cell sits on the inside, which gets refined with a BRABUS interior made from the finest leather and Alcantara to suit the owner’s personal color and design preferences.

If the owner wants to have some more power to get out of any dangerous spots, he or she can opt for the BRABUS 800 engine, with an output of 588 kW / 800 hp at 6,600 rpm and a peak torque of 1,000 Nm at a low 3,600 rpm.


It is clear BRABUS isn’t focusing on their usual customer that wants to turn a standard, factory Mercedes-AMG into a high-performance supercar with their Invicto model, this car is intended to offer the best protection possible for those that require it … but still want to travel in style.

The INVICTO special protection vehicles as per VR6 Plus ERV standard are built in small-series production at the plant of BRABUS Automotive in Bottrop, and while these three versions should already cater to the most discerning customer, BRABUS is always open for individual requests, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the initial goal: protection and driving safety.

The B45 – 450 performance upgrade from Brabus

When I first saw this Brabus B45 for the first time, the term ‘Pocket Rocket’ came to mind, this car is based on the Mercedes A-class compact hatchback model, but it packs 450 hp now thanks to a performance upgrade from Brabus. Straight from the Mercedes factory the AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+ comes with 310 kW of power, but Brabus takes this up to 331 kW (450 hp) and a massive 550 Nm of torque, which is a 10% increase over the original figures.

The Brabus B45 – 450 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds (0.2 seconds faster), but what’s even more impressive is the fact Brabus does this with full TÜV approval and the exemplary three-year or 100,000-kilometer/62,000-mile BRABUS Tuning Warranty®, which is very rare in the engine tuning business altogether.

Just think about this for a second, we are looking at a 450 hp output from a turbocharged four-cylinder inside a hatchback Mercedes … only a few years ago this kind of power came from true supercars like a Ferrari F430 (2004 – 2009 with 480 hp from a V8), or the Lamborghini Gallardo that came with 500 hp (built from 2003 – 2006). But today a relatively comfortable hatchback model is getting very close to these harsh two-seater supercars with double the number of cylinders or more.

The press release stipulates: “The engine tuning comprises more than just special mapping for the A 45 S’s electronic engine management system. The conversion also includes a BRABUS PowerXtra CPC auxiliary control unit, the BRABUS BoostXtra adapter, which lets the engine produce a sporty blow-off noise like a racecar, and a special duct for the air box.”

In this case, Brabus didn’t add any aero parts or other appendages to the already potent looking Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+, but you can fit a set of adjustable lowering springs, which can bring this car down from 0mm to 30mm (1.2 inch). And you have to admit this lowered stance makes those bespoke 20 inch, monoblock Z wheels look even better. 8.5×20 inch on both axles boasting ten spokes, these black wheels with a polished lip get a set of Continental tires, 245/30ZR20 preferably.

If you really want to have your Brabus B45 – 450 look different where it matters, the interior, the Brabus upholstery shop can transform the entire cockpit of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+ to your liking. Different, high-end leather with just about any stitching pattern you like, bespoke Brabus floor mats, aluminum pedals … or how about a set of Brabus stainless steel scuff plates, complete with illuminated logo to match the 64 shades of the ambient lighting?

The Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+ based Brabus B45 – 450 might come in a small package, but she packs a serious punch.

Brabus B45: Mercedes-AMG A45 S Gets More Power

Brabus has released a performance upgrade for the Mercedes-AMG A45 S. AMG has already maxed out the performance of the A45 S especially with stock internals, but Brabus still managed to squeeze an extra amount of power from the 2.0L turbocharged engine.

The B45-450 performance upgrade improves the output to 450hp, the torque to 550Nm and the acceleration from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds thanks to the additional 29hp and 50Nm. Top speed remains electronically limited to 270km/h

The engine tuning conversion features a Brabus powerXtra CPC auxiliary control unit, special duct for air box and Brabus BoostXtra adapter which enables the engine to produce a sporty blow-off noise like a racecar.

The A45 S AMG is fitted with tailor made Monoblock Z 8.5J x 20 wheels on the front and rear axle and 245/30 ZR 20 tires supplied by Brabus. The adjustable sport springs and tires improve the handling by lowering the vehicle’s centre of gravity. The sports springs also lower the ride by 30mm.

Brabus offers customized interior designs which include leather interior in any colour, stainless scuff plates with Brabus logo available in 64 colors, Brabus aluminium pedals and velour floor mats with Brabus logo.

Pricing has not been communicated.

The Brabus 700 Widestar Is A Mercedes-AMG G63 On Steroids

Tuners disassembling SUVs and reassembling them to add more performance once seemed downright silly. Now, that pretty much tells the story of modern-day tuning, which asserts that innovation comes from equal parts of genius and madness. The Brabus 700 Widestar comes as a continuation of this story.

Brabus has an extensive history of turning Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUVs into super variants. The Brabus 700 Widestar is based on the all-new Mercedes-AMG G63 and takes the already excellent car even further.

Brabus took the twin-turbo V8 engine and upped the horsepower to a whopping 700, way higher compared to the stock 585. This effectively drops the zero to 60 acceleration time to just 4.3 seconds, clearly insane for an SUV. Brabus added custom fenders as well, resulting in four inches more to the track. This allows for the fitment of a number of wheel and tire combinations as a result. Not the least of which Brabus’ own bespoke Monoblock Platinum Edition 23-inch forged wheels.

Brabus also added new front and rear fascias, and you can customize the interiors to your liking. Options include leather, Alcantara, wood, and even carbon fiber. Suffice it to say that this is one of the most flexible SUVs on the market today, with plenty of tweaks to suit any car enthusiast’s taste.

We don’t need to say that the Brabus 700 Widestar looks stunning. See for yourself and you’ll come to the same conclusion. Hit the link below to know more about the car and Brabus’ other equally impressive projects.


AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ By Brabus

Anything Brabus touches turns to gold, which is why you should be grateful it touched Mercedes’ AMG GT 63 S. The shop has now unveiled its latest handiwork ahead of the Top Marques Monaco exhibit.

It’s a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ on the base, but completely reworked and overhauled. The four-door gets 800 input brake horsepower plus 1,000 newton meters of torque. It’s an astounding modification to what’s already an impressive car to begin with. The ride goes zero to 60 in just 2.9 seconds. By contrast, the standard comes in at 3.2 seconds. A hair of difference, if we’re being honest, but purists will love the extra milliseconds shaved off.

The tuning company has also given the car a bulbous body kit that features a wider profile, and as a result looks even more intimidating than the base car. Brabus put in Monoblock Z “PLATINUM EDITION” wheels, at 21 inches and 22 inches front to rear, respectively. It also got a reworked suspension, now down to just 25mm.

Let’s not forget the new stainless steel exhaust system, which comes paired with the four-liter twin-turbo V8 engine of the GT 63 S. There are two settings, called Coming Home and Sport, topped off in aa new rear carbon diffuser.

The car also features a completely redesigned interior complete with a ton of Brabus badges here and there. You can order it custom-built or send in your existing GT 63 S for conversion. No price yet for this formidable AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ modification, though. But expect it to run way past the base car’s $159,000 price tag.


Photos courtesy of Brabus

Brabus Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Just recently, we featured a 2018 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG that was decked with extra protection. INKAS, a Canadian security firm took the luxury SUV and beefed up its body with armor and bulletproof glass. All of these do not compromise its top-shelf comforts. For some of us who don’t really need to fear for our personal safety, we can consider the services of another company to upgrade our ride. The Brabus Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a great example of what it can do.

Brabus offers an entirely different approach when it comes to customization. Unlike the aforementioned shop, it offers upgrades concerning comfort, features and most of all, performance. Immediately noticeable are the modifications it made to the body of the German SUV. The base model’s wheels are noticeably absent as it now sits on a set of 23-inch mono-block options. We can also see a cool carbon fiber hood scoop and a bespoke grille that proudly bears the Brabus emblem.

Earlier we talked about performance and boy does it deliver. Compared to the default G-Class configuration that outputs 415 horsepower with 610 Nm of torque, the Brabus Mercedes-Benz G-Class throws down 500 horsepower and 710 Nm of torque—this places it rather close to the AMG-tuned G63, which boasts 577 horsepower and 850 Nm. Meanwhile, a glimpse inside the SUV’s cabin reveals outstanding craftsmanship with luxurious Alcantara and Mastik Leather upholstery.


Photos courtesy of Brabus

Brabus 700 Widestar for 2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 Revealed

The Monaco Yacht Show 2018 takes place this week. As one of the most exclusive events on the calendar, it is sure to attract the wealthiest clientele. Brabus have capitalised on this by revealing details of their package for the brand new Mercedes-AMG G 63. The Brabus 700 Widestar packs a familiar powertrain into a trademark widebody.

The Brabus 700 Widestar is one of the first tuning projects to emerge for the new G Class SUV. It uses the 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 from the standard model and applies a performance upgrade (identical in most respects to the E 63 and S 63 models) to boost power up to an impressive 700 hp and 950 Nm of torque. The improvements allow for a 100 km/h sprint of just 4.3 seconds and a 240 km/h limited top speed.

The power boosts are achieved through an electronic plug and play module with new mappings for the injection, ignition and boost. A sports exhaust system offers a variable sound with a choice of silver or black side exit tailpipes. There is a new front and rear facia and an auxiliary light bar for the roof which uses two LED units. The roof-mounted spoiler finishes the look.

Inside, Brabus offer a new set of paddle shifters. There are endless configurations for the interior upholstery too. Brabus will cater for any taste and prides itself on offering a full range of leather and Alcantara. The car at the yacht show gets an all-leather interior in vanilla and black, highlighted with orange piping and vanilla-colored ornamental seams.

Brabus are so sure of the quality of their work that they offer a three-year or 100,000-kilometer/60,000-mile tuning warranty.

Brabus unveils world’s fastest convertible to race the sun

Brabus, a German aftermarket speed and power specialist, is preparing to unveil what it says is the fastest, most powerful four-seater convertible: A Mercedes-AMG S65 cabriolet with an output of a whopping 887 horsepower and 1,106 pound-feet of torque. That’s a lot of wind in your hair.

Set to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Rocket 900 supercar took Mercedes‘ standard 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 engine and made it a 6.3-liter, increased the size of the turbochargers and added a custom exhaust system. It’ll go 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds and boasts a top speed of 217 miles per hour.

The Rocket 900 eclipses the Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo Cabrio as the fastest cabriolet.

Brabus also says it added carbon aerodynamic-enhancement exterior components, 21-inch forged wheels and a custom leather interior. Motor Trend reports the company has also upgraded the seven-speed automatic transmission, added a limited-slip differential and installed a lowering control module to drop the car more than a half-inch closer to ground level.

Pricing for the Rocket 900 will be made available during its public debut in Frankfurt from Sept. 14-24.

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