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Men’s Gear Awards: Best Camping Backpack Brands Of 2019

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It’s hard to find camping backpack brands better than Osprey. For some reason, they think of literally anything one needs to have in a backpack. When you go camping, you want to store items well. However, you truly want to make sure you can walk without any issues.

You want your bag to manage well as you’ll be carrying it for a little while. It must be capable of supplying all major essentials on top of other things you might need to take for your own specific needs.

Osprey delivers this in spades with all of their backpacks. This is especially true of the bags used for camping, backpacking, hiking, and more. When you look up a list for the best backpacks for any of those, Osprey likely tops out the list or you see multiple bags of theirs on it.

It’s simple fact that they know what they’re doing. Like Gregory Backpacks, Osprey wanted to make sure they built a backpack that can have everything you need right there with you. This is pretty essential, as every backpack model should do this.

The question is, what does Osprey provide that Gregory and others may not?

The Rook/Renn Backpack Is The Best Bag Around For Its Price

Osprey has a ton of backpacks, but since our primary concern is camping and outdoor, we wanted to find a backpack that was perfect for this. The Rook 65 is just that.

Keep in mind that the Rook 65 is a male backpack while the Renn 65 is a female backpack. However, they do virtually everything the same. That means you won’t have to deal with assets one bag has that another does not.

As for what these backpacks can do. They are lightweight and have an interesting, new adjustable torso system. That means you can move around the main section of the backpack that uses your back to carry partial points of the weight.

On top of this is The LightWire frame, which helps distribute out the backpack weight even further near the hips.

This only helps it become comfortable to carry all times of the day, in all weather conditions.

On top of this is a mesh, breathable back-mesh to keep you from getting too hot. It also adds a bit of coolness as you walk, instead of built-up warm and sweat.

The Osprey brand also includes a heck of a lot with this backpack.

  • Osprey Daylite compatible with front panel cord loop attachment points
  • Zippered sleeping bag compartment with floating divider
  • Removable sleeping bag pad straps
  • Ventilated AirSpeed Back Panel
  • Internal Hydration Sleeve
  • Integrated, Removable Rain Cover

You read all of that right. This all COMES WITH the backpack. The hydration sleeve is similar to Gregory’s hydro-pack, as it stores water that you can grab out and drink while on the move. The rain cover goes over the backpack effectively giving it waterproof capability too.

The AirSpeed Back Panel looks somewhat like a lumbar rest, but it essentially keeps you from easily touching the backpack with your back, allowing for the sweat build-up not to form.

This is accompanied by soft, edgeless shoulder straps and great hip pads. You can buckle it up with the clips at the torso and hip to keep the backpack from ever coming off. Osprey also includes their Daylite Compatible.

This can easily clip onto the removable panel cord loops, also included.

Of course, inside the backpack itself, you can hold 65L worth of weight and volume. Overall, it can hold about 40lbs without difficulty.

The material that makes up this backpack is 600D Polyester, 450D Polyester, 1000D Nylon Packcloth.

This sells for just $165.

Price Range

It is clear that Osprey gives a lot when they offer a backpack to the world. They don’t like to offer a small bit of something and assume their backpack is all you’ll want or need. They want to include various accessories that can make it worth even more.

This is why their price range, more than most other brands, makes sense. Despite offering so much, they have heavily competitive prices. The average price for an Osprey Backpack ranges from $165 to $375.

Of course, if you thought the model we showed you offered a lot. You should see what the more expensive ones offer.

The Osprey Brand offers a great “All Mighty Guarantee.” This is essentially a lifetime guarantee on their products. Here is what they had to say about their warranty:

“Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge – whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday. If we are unable to perform a functional repair on your pack, we will happily replace it. We proudly stand behind this guarantee, so much so that it bears the signature of company founder and head designer, Mike Pfotenhauer.”

They also offer free shipping on every item but Pro on their ground orders. However, you’ll need to cross by the $40 to $50 range in price. Since most backpacks cross this, you should be fine. They offer expedited shipping, but for more cost.

This differs on international orders. You can see the full shipment information here.

The Arcido Akra Backpack Is A Must-Have For Travel And Day To Day Use

A good backpack goes a long way, and no one knows this better than people who travel. They don’t want an airline stopping them and taking their bag. They want proper storage, as well as an ability to comfortably carry their backpack anywhere. This is where the Arcido Akra backpack comes into play.

This backpack might very well be the best backpack on the market. We don’t blow smoke at Men’s Gear, as we firmly believe this backpack has it all. Let us explain why.

We truly love seeing the proper backpack for all things. If you’re like us, you have one with you when you’re going to stay or explore the outdoors. However, you’ll most often carry one to school or even work. Even random doctor visits.

Some of us even use a backpack when we’re just walking around a particular city.

This is why getting the right backpack for everything is well worth the expense. That brought us to the Arcido Akra backpack. It’s a bag that can do it all, and then some.

Seriously, Arcido thought of quite literally everything.

Major Details About The Arcido Akra Backpack

Arcido Akra backpack inside
[Image via Arcido]

It took us some time to truly get our hands on the Arcido Akra backpack. When we did, we wanted to look it over and even put it to the test. As people know by now, Men’s Gear does not just praise an item. We will talk about its failure on top of what makes it a worthy item.

We tell everyone that gets in touch with us about this rule. Yet it’s hard to find much bad with this backpack.

This level of trust is important to us, which is why we had to get our hands on the bag and put it through the test. First and foremost, we wanted to look at what Arcido claims they have done to it.

We’re told the Arcido Akra backpack is their best bag, meaning it needs to be terrific if we’d be interested in buying any other product from them.

Included in the bag is a 500D Blendex Kodra body fabric involving a PU coating. The bottom scuff fabric involves 1000D Kodra as well as the PU coating. Of course, PU stands for Polyurethane. When it comes to PU coating and fabric, it helps to repel water and can make something resistant to it.

The higher the “D” count, the more water-resistant or waterproof the item.

With this bag holding up in the rain, that already makes it interesting. However, it can do more than this. Due to the bottom scuff being so highly waterproof, it can hold up relatively well on the water. Of course, you don’t want to dunk the Arcido Akra backpack in the water completely for too long.

It’s has a 150D Premium Polyester Oxford lining, also with PU coating. They really undersell this part of the bag. When we got our hands on it, we could tell the detail was there in the polyester. We could even tell how the coating was keeping everything dry by feeling the difference between it and other bags like it.

Security And Efficiency Of The Arcido Akra Backpack

Arcido Akra backpack water resistance
[Image via Arcido]

One of the most important things a bag can provide is essential security and efficiency. After all, you’re purchasing it to keep your belongings safe. Plus, you want to be sure you can store a good bit of stuff inside the bag.

We’re happy to report that the Arcido Akra Backpack certainly passed our tests here.

First, the inside of the backpack is designed in such a way that you can stack a lot inside without compromising the bag itself. We were able to put in about 5 pairs of jeans, 8 shirts, 10 underwear, and 7 sets of socks inside the upper compartment.

It fit all of this comfortably without any risk to the zipper popping off.

There are also proper buckles to keep things like your laptop safe inside. Arcido also added more compartments than the main. There are about 4 compartments you can keep stuff. Two of them are large, both including zippered compartments, some with mesh.

Meanwhile, also including areas for pens, pencils, and laptops.

The other 2 are for smaller items like a passport, wallet, sunglasses, etc. The one at the very front is lined to keep things perfectly dry too.

There are 2 slips where you can put water bottles with two secret compartments next to them to store more material. Finally, the straps are where the efficiency steps up a lot. The back has mesh padding for proper breathability and comfort to your back.

To add security, there’s an adjustable buckle strap you can use to keep the bag on your person.

There are also two padded sides on a waist strap on the bag that can also be buckled to add even more security. Both also have two areas of storage on them, with one being another zippered compartment.

The Big Numbers To Keep In Mind With The Arcido Akra Backpack

Arcido Akra backpack logo
[Image via Arcido]

It’s vastly important that you know the bag is relatively sizable with dimensions of 55 x 35 x 20cm. Despite the size of the Arcido Akra backpack, it’s perfectly up to all airline standards. Meaning you can take it as a carry-on, without an issue from the TSA or any other airline security force.

In fact, Arcido designed the bag specifically for use in travel.

Overall, the bag can handle up to 35 Litres or a little over 9 gallons of water before it begins to see issues. Though designed to be used in travel or commutes, it’s also a great outdoor bag. Again, it’s a water-resistant bag and not waterproof.

However, the Arcido Akra backpack held up well in outdoor tests.

This backpack is not completely scratch resistant, but you can travel in the forest or woods with it being scratched a bit. It won’t really show the scratches that it takes on nor will it hurt the PU coating.

It may not hold up to knife attacks, but it’s relatively tough and therefore capable of handling most outdoor activity.

The YKK #5 Reverse Coil Zippers are a nice touch to the Arcido Akra backpack too. They hold up in the warm or cold, and they don’t crack under the pressure of a full bag. They also keep things in.

This might very well be the toughest part of the entire bag.

They also include a washbag and shoe bag for only $15 extra each. Meanwhile, they also have packing cubes and a Vaga Day Pack for $30 and $70 extra respectively. All fit well inside the bag.

Yet they also include delivery for 100% free as well as a 5-year warranty on all of their items, including the Akra backpack.

To Buy The Arcido Akra Backpack Click Here

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Backpack

The Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Backpack is designed to adapt to your everyday lifestyle. It is versatile and fits most backpack uses: as a commuter or travel bag and as a pack built for adventure.

The highlight of this pack is its three-zip-closure system for a quick and easy on-the-go access. It also opens clamshell style using the middle zipper so you get full access to the interior compartments. Moreover, it has a couple of mesh zippered compartments located on either side, a 15” laptop sleeve, and a tablet pocket.

This versatile daypack is inspired by military assault rucksacks, so it is built to survive the harshest commute ever. It is water-resistant and puncture-proof thanks to its super durable material of 500D Cordura nylon and YKK zippers. It is also lightweight at just 2.8 pounds.

The Urban Assault has a loading capacity of 21 liters so you can stash anything from your camping gear, travel items, or work or school needs. This pack can essentially be your go-to-everyday carry for work, school, travel, or play. It even comes in different color options including indigo, peppercorn, slate blue, wheat, coyote, black, brick, and multi camouflage

Get Yours Here

Photos Courtesy of Mystery Ranch

Kingsons Prime Beam Backpack

There is a lot to love about the Beam Backpack by Kingsons Prime. As its name entails, it harnesses the power of the sun and converts it into electricity through lightweight, flexible, and ultra-thin solar panels on the front exterior. The panels offer sustainable power on-the-go so you never have to worry about your mobile devices running out of juice while you are outdoors.

You can choose between the micro or USB cable to charge your gadgets using the bag. A blue light indicator blinks to notify you when the battery is full. It only takes 2.5 hours to charge an iPhone X with this bag. It even has a built-in voltage regulator to ensure optimal and intelligent charging every time.

Moreover, the Beam Backpack features a smart storage system. It has five functional storage spaces. The interior features optimal computer storage for your mobile gadgets and a dedicated compartment for your daily needs, like your wallet or even a few clothes.

Meanwhile, side pockets offer quick access to small objects such as a water bottle, keys, earphones, etc. There is also a small pocket built with an RFID information security system where you can safely tuck in your credit cards. Even the breathable straps have zipper pockets.

Furthermore, the Beam Backpack has an ergonomic design for portability and comfort. The compression shoulder straps stabilize the weight on the lower back. This pack also features an adjustable chest buckle, a luggage handle, and is lightweight at only over 2 pounds.  It is made of waterproof polyester with YKK water-resistant zippers.

More importantly, the backpack is anti-theft ready. It has a locking mechanism on the buckle to ensure that it never gets stolen.

Get Yours Here

Photos Courtesy of Kingsons Prime

Stuart & Lau Capstone Backpack

The Stuart & Lau Capstone Backpack boasts a stylish and sleek design that it may seem the type fit for corporate office use only. However, it packs features that make it an ideal pack to bring in your travels.

For starters, the pack offers a 25L-storage capacity and features enough tactical pockets and sleeves to store your essentials. It has a waterproof compartment for a thermos or umbrella and hidden stow pockets for valuables such as a wallet or phone. It also has a separate top loading laptop sleeve and three exterior quick access pockets.

The Stuart & Lau Capstone Backpack is designed for on-the-go convenience and comfort. It’s made from waterproof DuraLite fabric, which makes it a lightweight pack even with its added contents. The foam-injected straps with soft neoprene backing also provide comfort in carrying.

Moreover, this pack comes with a luggage attachment or sleeve for easy transport during travel. Its compartments keep contents within easy reach thanks to an innovative zipper system that allows you to easily access inside.

The Stuart & Lau Capstone Backpack is built to last for years. The straps and handle base are double-reinforced, the buckles are made of hand-polished gunmetal hardware, while the straps and trim are made of leather.

Get Yours Here

Photos Courtesy of Stuart & Lau 

Top 16 Waterproof Backpacks For Men


re you an all-terrain adventurer looking for a suitable means of carrying everything you need for your various expeditions? Like most, you want to avoid your essentials getting soaked when traveling up the Rockies. Far from being just inconvenient, it’d be like being up a creek without a paddle. This is why most waterproof backpacks for men have become so important lately.

Perhaps kayaking or other water-based sports is more your thing due to the wetness that comes with it. Kayaking and other water-based sports are unpredictable. You’ll do your best to avoid dropping in the water, but you cannot be certain. Do you want to fun halted to check your soaked bag?

You’ll have to hang every single item in your backpack up because it’s all dripping wet!

Even if you’re just a guy who commutes to work through all manner of weather conditions, you’ll need a waterproof back or at the very least, a water-resistant backpack. Obviously, you need something to keep your laptop and other work gear dry.

It’s likely that one of the above scenarios and reasons has brought you here. You knew you needed better. That means our buying guide for the top 16 waterproof backpacks for men is clearly going to be of use to you.

We’re glad to have you on board and hope it’ll help you find the best backpack for your own specific needs. Backpacks aren’t inferior to each other. Rather, it’s more that, some are better suited to specific scenarios, situations, and uses than others.

We didn’t restrict our list to just waterproof backpacks. In fact, some are water-resistant. Before we actually look at the bags themselves, we’ll need to answer some FAQs.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Waterproof Backpacks For Men?

You may actually still be wondering why it’s important to invest in water-resistant or waterproof backpacks for men. As we’ve noted, normal bags don’t necessarily provide the same protection against the elements as these do.

They certainly don’t provide the same protection of your equipment, gear, and whatever you’re carrying if they are dropped and submerged in water.

Sometimes the benefits of these kinds of bags can be life or death. we’re not even kidding. For example, you’re on the side of a mountain, like the imposing but popular K2. You’re caught in a rainstorm, and that is when water-resistance and waterproof backpacks come in handy.

In this case, your equipment, gear, spare clothes, and anything else you’ve got packed away will come out dry. Due to this, you’ll be in a good place.

Obviously, that’s an extreme example, so we’ll give another more common scenario. Your commute to work involves a lot of walking through lots of torrential rain. Without investing in a backpack with sufficient protection, you may as well not have any backpack at all. Go ahead and just carry your stuff in the rain.

That’s how unprotected your stuff would be. We all know what a few splashes of rain can do to paper documents and folders, or even your laptop.

It’s clear that the main benefits of waterproof backpacks are. The protection they provide is simply not offered by run-of-the-mill standard backpacks.

What’s the difference between water-resistant and waterproof backpacks for men?

As established in our answer to the above question, water-resistant backpacks and waterproof backpacks for men are different because the terms themselves mean different things.  Therefore, they have very different uses.

Waterproof backpacks, for instance, can be submerged completely in bodies of water and will keep the contents dry. On the other hand, water-resistant backpacks do not offer the same complete protection. They are better used when splashing is expected, or the weather is moderate, but not too bad.

Although this makes it easy to define the difference between waterproof and water-resistant, it doesn’t actually set a standard for water-resistance. All backpacks and other items with water-resistance have wildly different degrees of protection levels.

Waterproof backpacks are best suited to situations such as:

  • Camping overnight
  • Any activity, sporting or otherwise, where it’s possible the bag will be submerged in water
  • Hiking and other activities in extreme conditions such as torrential rainfall or on snowy mountainsides

While backpacks that are classed as being water-resistant are best suited to activities such as:

  • Sessions at a local swimming pool or gym
  • Commuting or traveling through different levels of snow or rain
  • Activities, sporting or otherwise, where water is likely to splash but submersion is unlikely

What is the average weight and capacity of waterproof backpacks?

When designers were making waterproof backpacks for men, the weight was something they had to keep in mind. There’s a wide array of different sized backpacks out there as a result. Some are measured in pounds, others a few ounces. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

You’ll find some as light as 2.05lbs and as heavy as 3, 4 or even 5lbs. It’s best to choose a bag that fulfills your needs and gives you the crucial storage you need. However, you also need to find a bag that you can actually carry.

If you’re not blessed with the strength of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or even Jason Statham, you may struggle with the heavier bags when fully loaded.

Remember to consider the weight of the bag plus a whole load of equipment. You must also consider accessories and whatever else you crazy fools tend to pack when you’re out and about. While the weight is important, we also feel that the capacity is a noteworthy measurement that you should be aware of.

The capacity is ultimately what will determine how much you can actually fit into your backpack.

This also can truly determine the weight. Generally speaking though, they run from 20L up to 50L. Our list of waterproof backpacks for men, we feel, is the best of the best. We’ve deliberately gone for a wide an array of options, so don’t dare shout at us. Or we’ll tell your mom.

1) FE Active 30L Cloudbreak Eco-Friendly Waterproof Dry Bag 

First up is the awesome and incredibly affordable FE Active Waterproof Bag. FE Active, if you’re unfamiliar with the brand, is known for designing and manufacturing some of the highest quality outdoor accessories. That includes some of the best dry bags available on the market.

The 30L capacity Cloudbreak backpack has been constructed using specialist marine-grade PVC tarpaulin that’s fully tested and certified as eco-friendly. It’s been finished and held together with welded stitching that’s highly durable and capable of withstanding even the most punishing activities.

Despite its durability and toughness, it’s still a fairly lightweight bag, weighing under the 2lbs mark. It benefits from padded strapping for your shoulders, ensuring you’ll never feel too weighed down or fatigued. Meanwhile, the mesh vented lining provides adequate air flow to stop sweating.

Provided padding offers comfort and additional support for short and long treks. Whenever making waterproof backpacks for men, you must consider protection. This is incredibly important.

The Cloudbreak has side mesh pockets for accessories like water bottles as well as bungee cording on the exterior. This can be used for things like carrying camping equipment, yoga mats, or even a skateboard.

The features and level of protection are tremendous. The weight of this bag surpasses what would be expected of something at its price point too. It’s hard to find perfect waterproof backpacks for men to use in all forms, but we feel this can withstand a lot.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


2) Hikpro 20L Durable Lightweight Daypack

It’s worth noting straight away that this particular backpack is only water-resistant. That said if you’re looking for true waterproof backpacks for men, several are listed. However, if you’re aren’t going to do anything too extreme this might be a great lightweight and affordable option.

The fact that this has a capacity of 20-liters and weighs only 6.5-ounces is remarkable. It can be folded down into a small pocket that is roughly the same size as a sandwich with accompanied padded and breathable shoulder straps. That’s even if you’ve got this packed to the very top.

It’ll never feel too heavy on your shoulders or neck, and your back will be protected too.

Proper organization is always key when you’re backpacking. Hikpro has you covered with three different compartments, all zippable. The largest is big enough for all your heftier sized items like laptops and clothing. Meanwhile, the other two are perfect for your camera and other traveling essentials like guidebooks and maps.

There’s also an inner pocket with a zip that can be used to keep your passport, credit cards, and cash. This is also where the bag folds into when you’re not using it.

There’s a couple of handy mesh pockets at either side for umbrellas and bottles. Though not the best when it comes to waterproof backpacks for men to enjoy, the water-resistant nature of this pack is top notch.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


3) Zomake Ultra Lightweight Packable Water-Resistant Backpack

The Zomake is another 20-liter daypack that’s as handy as it’s water-resistant. It contains a main compartment for all your larger items. In addition to this, there’s also a smaller pocket with zipper to the front for more compact items. In addition, the inner zippered pocket is ideal for storing away documents and other key items.

There are two side pockets with meshing that allow you to have easy access to your camera, water bottles, umbrella, or those guide and translation books. This is a great bag for when you need one that’s lightweight, but you aren’t interested in anything too robust or durable.

It’ll last you a long time, but don’t expect it to survive long periods in harsh rainstorms or snowstorms due to not being among the waterproof backpacks for men on the market.

You need to consider what you need it for, of course. For all commuting and other activities in lighter, dryer weather, this would be fine though. Water-resistant backpacks are essential in many areas, and backpacks like these are clearly some of the best among them.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


4) Sak Gear BackSak Waterproof Backpack

The Sak Gear BackSak is right at home if you’re white water rafting or hiking those exciting trails where the weather is ever-changing.

Protection was the main goal for Sak Gear as they created these 100% waterproof backpacks for men. This keeps your gear clean, safe, and especially dry. Specially vinyl-coating with woven polyester used along with the welded seams provide this.

It’s not recommended you leave it submerged for more than a few minutes, despite waterproofness. Sadly, it hasn’t been rated for that yet. The inner compartment will stay completely dry even if it is, however.

Adjustable padded strapping for the shoulders allows more comfort in carrying the backpack. There’s even a couple of outer pockets that are splash proof and ideal for ID and keys. It’s even great for things you want separate from the bulkier gear for ease of access.

Duraflex branded hardware and clips are utilized greatly throughout the bag, ensuring everything that isn’t zipped is closed properly. Thanks to the D-rings you’ll also have places to clip water bottles and other essentials.

Sak Gear even added reflective trim and patch, allowing for more night visibility. The waterproof nature and excellent features this has makes it the most expensive bag on the list. Finding good waterproof backpacks for men can be difficult, so despite the price, Sak Gear’s bag is amazing.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


5) Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

This Earth Pak backpack is another mid-range priced product like the one featured directly above it. It too offers an amazing 500 Denier PVC waterproofing.

With its roll-top style closure system and one easy-to-use reinforced strip, you can prevent water from getting inside the bag. This will help from water potentially ruining your stuff while you’re fishing, boating, or even kayaking down those twisting and turning river rapids.

Along with the spacious main compartment, there’s also an excellent phone case with IPX8 waterproofing. On top of this, there’s a large pocket at the front and further pocket on the inside. The front pocket is only splash proof but gives you easy access to items like wallets and keys.

While the hidden internal pocket is great for organizing important documents and safety essentials.

As is standard for backpacks these days, there’s a good amount of support on the back in the form of the ergonomic padding, The sternum buckle and adjustable shoulder straps (also featuring padding) further ensure this is a comfortable bag to carry and use.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


6) OUTJOY Waterproof Shockproof Backpack

Despite the confusing information about this bag, we still think the OUTJOY Waterproof Shockproof backpack is a great investment. Rather than being waterproof, it’s actually made from water-resistant fabrics and has a rain cover that adds an extra level of protection when necessary.

The main compartment offers a lot of room to store plenty of clothes, equipment, and gear. While there’s also a compartment to the rear of the bag and to the front. The front compartment has a keychain and has numerous pockets to keep all your smaller items organized.

For example, there’s the big main pocket in that compartment, the 2 wall compartments, and 1 zippered mesh pocket. Then there’s a couple of pen pockets and three card pockets.

The rear compartment is ideal for keeping your laptop and will fit both 15.6″ and even 17″ computers in nice and secure

It has a nice addition to the side strapping, and sternum straps that you’d expect. If that wasn’t enough, this bag even features a headphone hole. This will allow you to have your smartphone or device tucked away inside, but still get to enjoy your tunes.

Though not among the great waterproof backpacks for men on this list, it’s still a tremendous water-resistant backpack worthy of your consideration.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


7) Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack

Chaos Ready’s 100% waterproof backpack is waterproof by name. Waterproof by nature, this is a great cost-effective addition to your travel and adventure equipment and accessories.

It’s made from the same heavy-duty 500 denier PVC tarpaulin and this ensures that the main compartment at the very least is waterproof, to Class 3. It’ll also keep dirt, sand, and other debris out.

Whether you’re traversing the sand dunes of Egypt, safariing in the Serengeti, or hiking up the Rockies it’ll protect your stuff. Waterproof backpacks for men like this may seem simple in comparison to others on the list. However, that is often what makes them so special, to begin with. Simple yet effective, this bag lives up to its name.

It’s Chaos Ready for sure.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


8) S & P Safe and Perfect Water-Resistant Lightweight Backpack

You may never have heard of the name S & P. Given their history, if you’re looking for a reliable and durable backpack, you probably should learn more about the brand. Founded by a former Special Operations engineer, he took his skills and know-how and created this great bag.

He had a real passion for simple and functional designs. He incorporated specialized engineering techniques, fabrics, and materials. What makes this bag stand out beyond these facts? The water-resistant, durable, and extra density nylon-based fabric provides it with enhanced strength.

This also ensures it will last for longer than others at the same price point.

All of this is possible without the bag being overly bulky or heavy. The bar tacking gives it even great durability than a normal bag. It provides adequate reinforcement for the most common stress points. Plus, the bag has a lot of compartments.

There’s eight in total, including a main large one with a zipper and two smaller pockets at the front. Both with zipper closure and two to the side.

The shoulder straps have comfortable and adjustable padding as standard. Meanwhile,  there’s a chest strap that gives you that extra level of security at all times. It has an impressive price and great online reviews. This makes it a solid investment.

While not among the waterproof backpacks for men on the list, it is one of the most incredibly made backpacks on the entire market today.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


9) ProEtrade Backpack with USB Charging Port

ProEtrade is another company you probably haven’t come across, but that doesn’t mean this is not a great backpack. Constructed from scratch-resistant, high-quality, water-resistant material with splash proof zippers too, this is a very robust and durable choice for commuters.

Though not among the waterproof backpacks for men on our list, its incredible water resistance may fool you into thinking that it is.

One of the biggest selling points, besides the top-quality water-resistance, is the fact that it has a total of 9 pockets. This includes two spacious main compartments. It also includes a pocket for your laptop, 2 pockets at the front with zipper closure, and 2 on the sides for smaller items like umbrellas and water bottles.

If that wasn’t enough, it offers an inner pocket for other even smaller items like pens and keys and a pocket with anti-theft protection for valuables. This bag is designed to keep all of your gear well-organized so that everything has a place.

Did you notice we said there’s a USB-charging port? This isn’t some elaborate Impractical Jokers-style joke. This bag can actually charge your devices, which is a great accessory to have if you’re out and about and low on battery charge. It also sports an air flow system, chest straps, and sleeve straps so will always feel comfortable.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


10) Vaschy Water Resistant Drawstring Backpack

Vaschy is widely known as being behind some well-made and robust waterproof backpacks for men on the market today. This fetching number, however, is more water-resistant than waterproof. Yet it is no less impressive.

It features a main compartment with a double zipper, water bottles or umbrella pockets at either side and even has the obligatory laptop/iPad/tablet pocket.

Additionally, it also has 4 separate pockets on the inside and a secret zippered back pocket. That means there’s no shortage of space to store things in this great backpack. It has reinforced strapping that can be easily adjusted with nice comfortable padding so that your shoulders are never put under too much pressure.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews


11) OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L

OutdoorMaster’s backpack is slightly more expensive than some of the previous bags, but this is not surprising when you consider the capacity. At 50L it’s easily the biggest backpack on this list and has lots of extra features and space.

OutdoorMaster really knew what they were doing when they created waterproof backpacks for men to enjoy.

That is even the case for the water-resistant backpacks they make too.

Like others, this isn’t part of the waterproof backpacks for men you might come across. However, the included rain cover for the bag actually is waterproof. The bag itself is made from water-resistant materials though.

Those materials are lightweight and comfortable to use, and the strapping is padded and adjustable. This means you can make it fit your body frame. There are also points alongside the pockets where you can attach other equipment and accessories, freeing your hands up further.

Hiking backpack by name, hiking backpack by nature. This will see you right.

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12) OUTXE 100% Waterproof PVC-Free Backpack

OUTXE have taken a different step from most of the other companies on this list and chosen to construct this amazing backpack from TPU rather than PVC. The reasons for the change are that it’s easier to degrade compared to PVC. The bag has great heat and cold resistance and is much lighter in weight.

Further to the great materials used, it also benefits from having a number of different compartments. That includes a spacious main storage area, two side pockets, and one frontal pocket. For comfort and versatility, it features adjustable straps for carrying on your shoulder.

You can even remove them if you fancy holding it a different way.

The seal of the bag is also important, as it differs from others on this list. It seemingly seals with a ziplock fashion. Ultimately, this is a terrific product at an amazing price. We cannot help but love these waterproof backpacks for men, as this model is too cool to pass up.

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13) ArcEnCiel Water-Resistant Military Backpack

ArcEnCiel has made a truly great backpack in this military-style 1000 denier waterproof product. The nylon used is not only highly water-resistant but scratch-resistant and incredibly lightweight too. Waterproof backpacks for men seem easy to come across. However, finding one that is also scratch-resistant as well can be quite a task.

As you’d expect for the price point it features a number of spacious compartments. That includes a special middle pocket designed for a 10-inch iPad. The main compartment can hold your clothes, paperwork, magazines, and a 14-inch laptop.

The front pocket has a design seemingly meant for either an iPad Mini in mind or another, similar 7.9-inch tablet, pens, cards, or cell phone. There are also the obligatory side pockets suitable for water bottles or umbrellas.

For comfortable use, there’s both an adjustable chest belt and adjustable shoulder straps too. It also features padding in the shoulder straps and back paneling. 2-D rings come with the purchase, allowing you can hang additional stuff you couldn’t fit inside the bag.

These are great for tents, hiking poles, and sunglasses.

This is an ideal price on a bag with the features and quality that makes it suitable for travel, a hike, and or any tactical activities.

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14) Luck Route Waterproof Dry Backpack

Luck route’s entry into this list of the best waterproof backpacks for men is obvious to those who have enjoyed using their packs. It is 100% waterproof and has a tight seal that has been achieved with welded stitches. It’s spacious considering it’s not very big.

It allows for 20-liters and features a roll-top closure with a buckle and fix lock bag.

The bag also benefits from the incorporated and zippered hydro lock tactical pockets. These provide protection against compression and scratching while making it very easy to organize so your stuff is all in its own neat and tidy place. This bag is able to float when it’s properly sealed.

This means you’ll be able to take this along camping, surfing, sailing, and kayaking among many other activities.

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15) Vitchelo 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

We have one of the best available backpacks right here, right now. Vitchelo has proven they truly know how to make proper waterproof backpacks for men to use. It’s always a little unpredictable when you’re having fun in the great outdoors.

Whether it’s that hike up Table Mountain or kayaking through treacherous river rapids, you always need to be prepared for the worst, so you can enjoy the best.

With this 30L fully waterproof backpack we’re sure you’ll be as prepared as you need to be. You’ll certainly be able to concentrate more on having a rip-roaring fun time. That’s better than worrying about whether or not your stuff is going to end up a soggy mess at the end.

30L is nice and roomy enough to fit everything you need, without adding too much bulk to your gear and equipment, whatever that may be. Incredibly, when full, it’ll apparently float. It could possibly even maneuver across some fast-moving water.

Of course, you can simply push it along the surface of the water and don’t have to attempt ridiculous hands in the air shenanigans. We’re thoroughly head over heels with this one.

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16) Big Horn Products 30L Roll Top Dry Bag Backpack 

Big Horn Product has made one of the most affordable and high-quality water-resistant and waterproof backpacks for men on the market right now. The last we’ve got to discuss is the Big Horn Products’ own 30L roll-top dry bag.

Ridiculously inexpensive, this is ideal for all those outdoor exploits you love. Even if you’re not as regularly scaling the side of a mountain like Mount Robson, Mount Evans or Mount Elbert. Perhaps you’ve still to find the time to whitewater raft down Colorado River or Rio Upano.

Now might be the time to get out there and not leave it ’til tomorrow anymore.

The backpack includes an airflow system and padded back panel, so it’ll also stay well ventilated and not cause chafing or excessive sweat. The sternum strap is adjustable as are the shoulder straps, so you can adjust it to fit your perfectly Adonis-like frame.

You’ll even be safer with this than alternatives when the day turns to night, thanks to the reflective strips to the back. The bag is made from heavy-quality, robust PVC. This ensures your valuable and all that important kit, gear, and equipment you have stored in your bag stays safe and secure in one piece and most importantly dry.

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Home and Dry

What do you know buddies, we made it and we’re all still dry, aren’t we? Well, apart from you who forgot to invest in one of these crazy-priced and highly efficient backpacks. That’s always going to be your problem, you do realize that, don’t you?

If you don’t make wise purchasing decisions or neglect to buy waterproof backpacks for men somewhere in your life completely, it could be costly.

For men, we recommend you buy one for yourself as you’ll need it for that big adventure we all know you’ll go on soon. We hope this guide has been as fun for you to read as it was for us to write. Until next time gentlemen, wild and adventurous!

ALPAKA Shift Pack

The ALPAKA Shift Pack easily converts from your everyday backpack to a travel bag or tech bag. It easily adapts to your lifestyle so you can take it with you to work, travel, or in your outdoor adventure.

This modular pack has an expandable internal capacity from 20 to 30 liters. It offers ample storage to hold essentials for work, play, and even for a weekend getaway. Its rolltop feature provides more internal storage, although it already packs both interior and exterior compartments.

This pack features three ways to access the main interior pocket for convenience in any situation. You can open from the top, the back, and the bottom.

This versatile and stylish bag has a dedicated compartment for a 17” laptop. It has a padded storage at the bottom to hold a camera or drone gear. Meanwhile, the rear compartment holds chargers, cables, and other small items.

Moreover, a front quick access pocket and another integrated into the padded straps stores keys, cards, and cash. The straps also have a dedicated headphone or pillow holder, which are compatible with modular pouches including the ALPAKA Water Bottle Holder and Tactical Pouch.

The ALPAKA Shift Pack is guaranteed to keep your essentials dry even in a downpour with its rolltop enclosure and waterproof YKK zippers. It is durable and meant for longer use because its exterior is made from 1000D ballistic nylon with 210D ripstop nylon lining and the trims and handles are leather.

Get The ALPAKA Shift Pack Here


Photos Courtesy of ALPAKA

Maxpedition Riftpoint Backpack

The Riftpoint Backpack is the lighter and more compact version of Maxpedition’s Riftcore pack. Weighing 2.3 pounds, this perfect carrier for your EDC also features a CCW-enabled rear compartment.

The tactical design of this pack speaks for its quality and durability. It is made from water and abrasion resistant, light-weight ballistic nylon fabric of 500D hex ripstop and 1000D plain weave. Teflon fabric protects the pack from grime and water and #AS-100 high-grade closed-cell foam padding material for shock protection.

The front and sides feature lattices laser cut from 8400D nylon-TPU composite. These lattices serve as attachment points for modular pouches to give you the freedom to tweak the bag’s load-bearing capacity. You can attach specialized accessories such as an FRP first-aid pouch.

Meanwhile, reinforced backpack straps with lightweight anti-break Duraflex Xlite buckles, bottom compression straps, and skin-friendly nylon seatbelt webbing makes this backpack a breeze to carry around in any situation, be it during a casual bike around town or for escape and evasion.

As for organization, the low-profile Riftpoint Backpack offers enough compartments to store specific EDC essentials. The rear CCW compartment features dual openings and a security lockout strip for safety.

Meanwhile, the lockable main compartment boasts an internal gusseted sleeve to carry a laptop or tablet. The exterior front compartment has a zippered pocket and an admin pocket to store your pens and other small essentials, while a padded front compartment provides quick access to your other valuables.

The Riftpoint Backpack retails for $178.99 and comes in three colors to suit your personal style: gray, black, and tan.

Buy Yours Here

Photos Courtesy of Maxpedition

Lightning Packs HoverGlide Backpack

Imagine you’re bungee jumping and the harness around your body swings you back up, going against gravity. That’s the mechanism behind the HoverGlide Backpack, deemed by its manufacturer, Lightning Packs, as the “world’s first ‘floating’ backpack.”

At first glance, the bag does look like it’s levitating with every movement the carrier makes. It appears to be floating while the user jumps, runs, climbs, or hikes.

This is the result when you have pulleys and bungee cords built within the bag’s structure. They cushion the downward pull that heavy backpacks make when they bounce. This results in less metabolic energy used while walking, running, or climbing since the bag glides fluidly up and down. It moves in rhythm with the carrier’s body movements.

The HoverGlide Backpack is the innovative idea of Lawrence Rome, a physiologist at the University of Pennsylvania.  He said his creation cuts the risk of back or spinal injury that comes from carrying a heavy load. This revolutionary pack uses Suspended Technology to reduce the stress of the weighted load, thus reducing cardiovascular strains and muscle strains on the back, neck, knees, and ankles.

Anyone can benefit from the backpack: students, climbers, hikers, the military, and even middle-aged people. It comes in four rugged styles ranging from 28 liters to 55 liters, with the 20-inch frame having the capacity to fit all three smaller packs (28-30 liters).

It offers a variety of pockets, sleeves, mesh webbing and other features for an organized interior and exterior load. This pack is made from lightweight and water-repellant fabric that has been military tested and proven for its durability under tough conditions.

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Photos Courtesy of Lightning Packs

XDDesign Bobby Urban Anti-Theft Backpack

The XDDesign Bobby Urban Backpack lives up to its name. It is the safest travel companion when you are traversing the urban jungle.

Made from high-quality and durable materials, this anti-theft bag gives you peace of mind when it comes to securing your essentials. Cut-proof fabric makes it futile for would-be-thieves to gash through your things inside. This backpack features anti-cut webbing on the top lining and a roll top made of integrated steel bar, which hides the zippers when the bag is closed.

Likewise, this versatile pack includes a hidden RFID protected pocket to store important cards. An enforced lock further makes it impenetrable for thieves to look through your belongings inside. The same lock can be used to tie the backpack around a fixed object to prevent it from being stolen.

The XDDesign Bobby Urban backpack is comfortable to bring around. It is lightweight at merely two pounds yet its interior is spacious enough to hold several items, including your laptop, phone, or other electric gadgets. The inside features padded dividers and the bag even comes with additional capacity netting. Best of all, this pack uses water repellant fabric so you don’t have to worry about using it in a downpour.

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Photos Courtesy Of XDDesign

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

The Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack appeals to those who prefer organization to flamboyant design. Its durability and functionality make up for its lack of design flair.

This commuter pack is versatile, waterproof, indestructible, and weatherproof. The exterior is made of 1680 Ballistic Nylon, with stainless steel hardware and comes with waterproof zippers that are embellished with premium leather pulls,

Meanwhile, it has front zippers that provide access to a large pocket where you can store items that you need quick access to. Its interior has a soft side Velcro lining perfect for use with the laminated mesh packing cubes, where you can store different items. The cubes come in three sizes.

This backpack features a Wooltech and TSA approved laptop sleeve for easy access. You only need to zip it open during mandatory security scans at the airport. It also has designated storage compartments for pens, magazines, notebooks, and other accessories.

The Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack boasts a sleek design that makes it compatible with any occasion. You can use it at work, during travel, or as your overall carrier. Best of all, it features a five-way carry system. You can use it as a clutch, a backpack, a briefcase, a messenger bag, or as a sling bag.

Get Yours Here

Photos Courtesy of Everyman

The Bellroy Shift Backpack

Every guy needs a good functional and stylish backpack for those weekend breaks, bachelor parties away, and domestic flights to keep electronics conveniently stacked, safe and secure.

If you’re seeking utility but don’t want a utilitarian look, the new Bellroy Shift Backpack may be the ideal choice for you. It has a minimalist design offering bags – no pun intended – of functionality. Struggling to close a backpack is no longer an issue with its slide hook system that allows you to close it with only one hand. Leaving your other hand free to take important business calls. It also has different closure options to adapt to the number of things you will be carrying.

Never have to rummage around searching for your keys or boarding pass as it also offers a fast-access zip entrance and has been designed so you can store valuable devices in the upper spaces – so they are not at risk of being crushed by seats and passersby.

This 22-litre bag is a fantastic choice for overnight stays and would make a great gift for a brother or father.

But Authentic

OPPOSETHIS Invisible Carry-on Backpack

OPPOSETHIS is a Lithuanian design studio crafting understated accessories which are influenced by the “less but better” concept of famed industrial designer Dieter Rams, and the underground movement of urban techwear. Their latest release is the Invisible Carry-on, a seamlessly-shaped backpack that makes traveling easier and smarter.

Constructed with feedback from over 500 frequent travelers, the carry-on has enough room (33L) within the check-in limit and it boasts checkpoint-friendly features. The main compartment that opens wide like a suitcase makes packing hassle-free while contracting/expanding loops allow the backpack to be used as a smaller bag when needed.

Fitted with plenty of cleverly-placed pockets and a separate compartment for a 15” laptop, the uber-functional Invisible Carry-on has a subtle droplet shape that makes it aesthetically pleasing and its size more manageable. Its lightweight nylon-polyester build also means your gear will stay protected from rain & snow, which is always nice.

Buy From OPPOSETHIS $260

SuperStraps Backpack Booster

If you carry a backpack daily, you need this. SuperStraps is a clever device that makes any backpack ergonomic: it lifts 27 pounds of force off your neck and relieves strain in shoulders & back, all while improving posture.

This minimalist, surprisingly effective solution –it’s basically a short piece of harness that contracts– attaches behind your backpack straps, ready to activate when you pull down its strings.

SuperStraps acts as a super muscle that hoists your load and stops you from slumping. It distributes the force of your bag on up 5x the surface area and moves the weight closer to your spine, where you can carry it much more comfortably.

Preorder from Kickstarter $49