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Keep Winter Workouts Running with EXOspikes

For running, hiking, & winter walks, micro-spikes on your shoes can be the difference between a good workout & needing new front teeth. Kahtoola’s EXOspikes strap on to your sneakers or boots to ensure grip and traction on the slickest terrain. From sheer ice to crusty trails to that alpine summit ascent, the combo of stretchy TPU & grippy metal spikes keep you sure-footed.

Flair Smart Vents Keep Your Home Just Right

Flair’s Smart Vent system improves your home’s current heating and cooling system, enabling you to achieve optimal temps easily, in every room of your home. The Smart Vents fit into existing floor and wall register slots in standard sizes, and require no construction or wiring. The Vents work with an accompanying smart puck that monitors ambient temps—to open and close the vents as needed. With a dedicated app & a direct connection to Ecobee & Honeywell smart thermometers, it is a cool, simple solution for better home heating.

Bob Marley: Portrait of the Legend

There are many books on the amazingly influential & tragically short life of Bob Marley. This new one is a visual history, created to honor Marley’s 75th birthday, it’s an expansive oversize tome that collects over 150 original photographs of the Trenchtown rocker—a visionary who would become the forefather of reggae and one of the greatest musical and sociopolitical icons of twentieth-century pop culture. Release date: October 13.

Mobvoi Introduces Gesture-Control Wireless Earbuds

Your hands are full and you get a call. Drop everything & take it or miss the call? With Mobvoi’s Gesture earbuds, you can just nod your head & the call connects. These premium wireless earbuds offer intuitive, AI-assisted TicMotion gesture control: shake your head for no, nod, for yes. They also offer dual-mic ANC, Siri/Google Voice Assistant support, and 50-hour battery life. A funded Indiegogo.

Logitech’s MX Anywhere 3 Mouse Hands You 1-Click Zoom Control

Designed for seamless Zoom control, Logitech’s portable MX Anywhere 3 mouse is optimized for video conferencing, with integrated side-buttons that allow users to toggle both microphone & video camera with 1 convenient click. Its software also allows you to program the buttons for app-specific control using apps like Google Chrome, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Final Cut Pro.

Keep Track of Everything, Everywhere with AirBolt GPS

The AirBolt is the world’s smallest personal tracker device. Equipped with LTE-M/NB-IoT & GPS, it offers unlimited live global tracking. For finding wayward kids, pets, personal items and travel security, it delivers not just peace of mind but instant alerts, geofencing capability, and programmable separation notifications. It’s also waterproof with a battery that lasts up to 12 months per charge via USB-C.

Switch It Up with 8BitDo’s Wireless Arcade Stick

Designed for Nintendo Switch and PC gaming, 8BitDo’s wireless Arcade Stick offers classic analog feel with modern function. Boasting 40-hour battery life, you can swap between platforms with the flip of a switch, program profiles for games, and map button controls. It also features an XInput for compatibility with XBox games. Pre-order now.

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HyperDrive’s New Hub is Twice as Nice

Twice as fast, twice as powerful. That’s legit. The HyperDrive GEN2 6-in-1 USB-C Hub delivers 2X the speed and power of the brand’s 1st generation hub. In a compact, streamlined form factor, it boasts 2X video refresh rate, 2X USB speed, memory card transfer speeds of 300MB/s & 100W power delivery. There’s even a 3.5mm audio jack for your headphones.

This is the Toughest Coffee Grinder Ever Made

Level up your mobile coffee game with this pocketable, adventure-ready grinder. Designed to give you the freshest ground coffee absolutely anywhere you go, the Java grinder from VSSL is a durable, smartly designed unit. It features adjustable grind to perfectly match your brewing system & a clip & flip design for convenient carry. A funded Kickstarter.

Spin It In with the Kinetic Driver

For tough technical jobs, the Kinetic Driver is a compact, versatile driver tool that features a unique design: a weighted brass cylinder that spins on ceramic bearings to create a flywheel effect, for sinking & reversing screws with the perfect amount of mechanical advantage. Made of premium materials, the system includes the driver, 24 precision microbits, and an organizing case that’s also magnetic. A funded Kickstarter.

Gerber’s Gator Combo Axe Hides A Handy Secret Stash

The firewood isn’t gonna cut itself. Get the job done quick anywhere, with this handy packable tool from Gerber. The Gator Combo Axe is a burly 15.6” nylon-handled axe featuring a forged steel head & hammer butt. Stashed inside the handle is a coarse blade saw. Both feature the safety and security of Gerber’s Gator Grip handles.

This Dual-Vision Dash Cam Sees In 4K

Smart car electronics brand 70Mai packed a ton of tech into their A800 Dual Vision 4K Dash Cam. It offers both front and rear-facing 4K cameras with dual recording capability. Wide-angle 140º field-of-view, night vision, built-in GPS, plus lane change warning and collision detection technologies. A Guard Mode continues recording to keep the vehicle secure while parked. In-App playback & share make it seamless. A funded Indiegogo.

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Streamline Your Workspace With The Orbitkey Desk Mat

In these stressful times, a neat, orderly workspace can help you stay focused. The Orbitkey Desk Mat does that. Made from premium, water-repellent vegan leather, it protects your desk from scratches, stains and spills while keeping things organized with a bunch of smart features: A document hideaway to reduce paper pile-up, pen/pencil holder, & magnetic cable keepers. It is available in 3 sizes to fit your workspace.

WESN Goods Makes Titanium EDC Even Better

The launch of the Microblade 2.0 marks yet another solid entry into the EDC category from Detroit’s WESN Goods. It keeps the titanium construction that made it so popular but has been nicely upgraded with a high carbon, high chromium D2 tool-grade steel blade for even better hardness, toughness, and abrasion resistance. The locking blade is 1.5” long and the knife is 3.75” overall when open.

Kick Back in the Campster Full-Height Camp Chair

The Campster Chair from SitPack is a full-height go anywhere chair, designed to fold-down to the size of a water bottle for streamlined packing & portability. With its lightweight (2lb.) telescoping aluminum design, it pops up instantly to give you a 17” tall full-height seat. The seat is made of ripstop nylon and features a high backrest with mesh ventilation. Holds up to 300 pounds. A funded Indiegogo.

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The Sitka Lantern Elevates Your Outdoor Lighting

The 500-lumen rechargeable Sitka Lantern from UCO offers bright LED light for after-dark ambiance, plus its extendable arm brings the tabletop lantern up to 26”—a level that positions the light perfectly for stuff like campsite dinners & card games. An Infinity Dial allows users to fine tune the light’s output from low to high, and features a Northern Lights mode that cycles through red, green, and blue lights.

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LEAF Mask is the One You’ve Been Waiting For

As the world’s first FDA-registered, Clear, UV-C sterilizing smart mask, the LEAF Pro mask combines leading mask & medical technologies to offer UVC self-sterilizing properties, U-Series N-99 rating & 5-layer HEPA filtration to scrub the air of virtually all impurities & contaminants — 99.9997% to be exact. Plus, people can actually see your face while you wear it, allowing you to go safely, visibly about your business. A funded Indiegogo.

The QuenchSea Desalinator Makes Seawater Drinkable

The ability to turn sea water into fresh, drinkable water makes the QuenchSea portable desalinator a legit lifesaver. Powered by a manual hydraulic pump, this “world’s first” affordable, portable 1.5-pound unit instantly separates & eliminates the salt & impurities using triple filtration to make water drinkably safe at 2 liters per hour. A funded Indiegogo.

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Adidas Introduces Workout-Ready RPD-O1 Headphones

Global sports superpower Adidas keeps athletes laced from head to toe. And now they’re putting it in your ears, too. Their new & workout-ready RPD-01 headphones are designed for training, sports and action of all sorts. They feature a sweatproof & IPX4 rated silicone neckband, 12 hours of battery life and boast simple push-button controls for effortless operation in the heat of the moment.