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It was 50 years ago that Malcolm Bricklin first introduced Subaru to the U.S., bringing the bubble-shaped 360 stateside and giving the marque a foothold in the single largest automotive consumer market in the world. Back then, Subaru was one of more than a dozen small marques trying to make it in a country absolutely dominated by Detroit automakers. Most foreign cars aimed for the compact side of the size spectrum, each angling for a slice of the import pie. It was a time when many marques could be sold under one roof in import dealerships, and not all of them ended up winning over U.S. buyers. But Subaru did, even though it didn’t happen overnight.

Subaru’s slice of the import pie is a lot larger today, and to celebrate half a century of success in the U.S. Subaru is rolling out special 50th Anniversary versions of each model it has.

Each will wear an exclusive Heritage blue exterior color, feature unique wheel designs, satin chrome exterior trim and wear Subaru of America 50th Anniversary emblems. Inside, each model will feature black leather with contrasting silver stitching, as well as silver seatbelts and 50th Anniversary logos on the front seats and floor mats.

Subaru limited edition model lineup

The sportier side of the lineup will be a little more difficult to find. Add a $915 destination charge to the prices of the Crosstrek, Forester and Outback, and $860 for Impreza , Legacy, WRX and WRX STI.

2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA first drive

When it comes to the total number of cars that will be offered, things get a little complex: Crosstrek, Impreza, Forester, Legacy and Outback special editions will be produced in a quantity of 1,050 each, while the WRX, STI and BRZ together will add up to 1,050 vehicles as a group. The split of models will get a little more complex based on trim levels; as you can see in the table above, models like the WRX STI will be limited to just 200 vehicles, while the BRZ will be limited to 250 vehicles. The Crosstrek will be the most plentiful model when it comes to 50th Anniversary special editions, with all 1,050 examples produced in a single trim level.

Each model will be based on high-trim level versions of Subaru’s entire lineup, so these cars will all be toward the high end of their respective price ranges. The 50th Anniversary models are on sale now.