Last week we wrote about a new 1,070-horsepower Hispano-Suiza twin-turbo V10 supercar that will hit the market this spring, priced at about $2.5 million. This isn’t it.

Instead, this Hispano Suiza in the teaser image is the Spanish carbon fiber grand tourer with electric power, named Carmen. There are apparently two competing Hispano Suizas in existence right now, with both iterations saying they have rights to the legendary name; the Spanish version seems to do without a hyphen in its name. For the end user — we believe there will be an end user — it will merely come down to choosing whether they want their hyper-luxury supercar to be powered by gasoline or electricity.

And the Carmen also comes with a lot of power, 750 kW or 1,019 horsepower to be exact. The 3,726-pound production car is promised to hit 62 mph in less than 3 seconds, propelled by two PMSM or permanent-magnet synchronous electric motors, one for each rear wheel. There’s a 80 kWh lithium-ion, in-house battery pack arranged in a T-shape behind the occupants, with a claimed power density of 230 Wh/kg. The company says more power is on its way, anticipating a 300 Wh/kg battery pack good for 105 kWh. Range is projected to be beyond 250 miles.

As for the design, the teaser reveals little more than a retro teardrop shape, with lights housed in the negative area of the cut-off tail. We will know more when the wraps come off in Geneva.

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