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If there were one affordable watch we could wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend, it would undoubtedly be a Seiko. Which one? That depends on your needs and tastes. But whatever those needs are, there’s something for everyone that is not only durable, but packed with personality and that will easily last you for many years. All that, and they’re super affordable — and even more so via Macy’s for Black Friday, where a ton of models are currently around 36% off.


From the well-known “Turtle” and “Samurai” dive watches in a range of variations to the new ultra-affordable (and obsession-worthy) Seiko 5 Sports collection, the entire sale is worth checking out. If automatic isn’t your thing, the eminently practical solar-powered watches are also a great choice. If this is your first Seiko purchase, you’ll soon understand why the brand has the ardent following it does — and why now is the time to pull the trigger.

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