As virtual assistants become even more advanced, people find them even more indispensable. Ordering a pizza or online shopping is just a voice command away after all. That’s why we some major tech companies try to cram each one’s respective program into different gadgets.

Smart speakers seem to be all the rage with Apple’s Siri on the HomePod, Google’s Assistant on Google Home products, Amazon’s Alexa found its home inside various Echo models, and Samsung’s Bixby is on, well, nothing as of now other than its mobile devices.

That’s going to change soon with the Samsung Galaxy Home, the South Korean tech firm’s take on a smart speaker with Bixby on board. Despite its odd shape, you’ll be glad to know that it houses 6 speakers and a subwoofer. Superb sound can be expected since everything has been expertly tuned using Harman as well as AKG audio enhancement and technology. Don’t worry about not being heard, because there are a total of 8 microphones that will respond to your whims.

You will notice that the Galaxy Home is covered in fabric, which is becoming quite common among Bluetooth speakers from various brands. Physical button controls are located on the top while the round base sits on three stainless steel legs. Just like the competition, Samsung’s built-in SmartThings hub platform allows you to control your compatible smart home devices. We have yet to know more about its pricing and release date.

Samsung Galaxy Home

Photos courtesy of Samsung