All the top TV manufacturers make use of a built-in streaming player. And in most cases, they adopt Roku’s. It providers viewers a one-stop space for all their channel needs. Unfortunately however, the same quality service cannot always be said for these great manufacturers’ TV sound quality. The new wireless speakers by the same go-to technicians see another Roku product being at the top of the pile.

These speakers offer rich bass and high frequencies, a 3.5” woofer, automatic volume adjustments during shows and movies for quieter and louder scene adaptation and maybe the coolest one of all, voice activation. You can control the settings of your wireless speaker by some simple instructions from the comfort of your chair or bed.

Roku aren’t trying to eat the whole cake with these exceptional speakers. Instead, they have been tailored to only work with TVs that already make use of their streaming players. Presumably so they can enhance viewing pleasures of their already valued customers. Kind of neat eh? This isn’t such a limited bunch though, as about 1 in 4 TVs sold in the USA has Roku technology already installed.

The speakers’ Bluetooth capabilities are not asexclusive. Using Bluetooth means the speakers can be paired with other devices, including phones and iPads. So, you can turn on your tunes without having to turn the TV on.

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