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The McLaren vegetable mandolin Senna hypercar was spotted again on public roads, this time near London on the M25 ring road by spy shooter/Instagram user Anytimespy. This could be the same car we caught yesterday — same color, same license plate placement — gassing up at a local petrol station. Look at that wing! It’s bigger than the Dodge Viper’s, and it’s even more impressive from the sideview.

The spy photos from the area make sense, considering McLaren’s HQ is in Woking, England, near the M25 roadway.

The P1 successor and F1-inspired road car features a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 making 789 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, all sent to the rear wheels. The latest rumors posit the McLaren is readying the Senna for a race debut because it’s building 500 road cars to meet some sort of homologation rule for gentlemen’s or sports car racing. McLaren said it wanted its owners to be able to drive the car to a track day, but Autocar guesses that Senna owners could easily get their car hypercar to the track — by trailerĀ or helicopter — if need be, so why the road version?

The Senna, which should start at $1 million or so, comes with a hydraulic adjustable suspension and much of that aero bodywork is active — as in, it moves around depending on speed and drive mode.

Guaranteed, you throw a couple tomatoes, peppers, onions and an avocado at that car at speed, it’ll come out guacamole on the other side.

We’ll get a better look at the Senna — named, of course, for late race driver Ayrton Senna — during its official reveal at the Geneva motor show in March.

This is the McLaren Senna -- your true F1 successor