AirPods or Bose QC 35s?

Reader Survey: What Are Your Favorite Headphones?

Headphones are a diverse species. In-ear or over-ear. Wired or wireless. Passive or noise-canceling. Open-back or closed-back. Budget or audiophile-grade. Old or new. Just looking around our New York City offices I can see a variety of each, from Apple AirPods to vintage Sony MDR-V6s, Bose’s QC35 IIs to Grado’s ludicrously nice PS2000e. They all do essentially the same thing, but they’re all all so very different.

Depending on who you are, what you do and where you live, you probably like different headphones than the next guy. So we want to hear from you. What are your favorite headphones? When did you get them and why do you like them? What is your headphone story? Just fill out the below questionnaire — we’re looking to publish our favorite reader submissions online in a few weeks time. If your story is selected, your prize will be Internet Immortality and Gear Patrol’s endless gratitude. But more importantly, we’ll send you a Gear Patrol Magazine too.*

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