These days, we’ve grown so dependent on our smartphones, tablets, and computers for productivity and entertainment. Since most of these gadgets are presented as plug-and-play ready for convenience, we often forget one key aspect that should always be considered. Given that we are usually connected to the internet most of the time, we actually expose our personal and work-related data to potential hacking. Thankfully, this is an issue that good antivirus software can fix.

However, much like any product we purchase, each performs differently and offers various levels of protection as well. Thus, in this short but helpful guide, our goal is to compare these factors. Eventually, you will arrive at an informed decision as to what we can recommend to our readers. Many developers will make bold claims in an effort to market their antivirus package. It is important to check the features against alternatives to see which gives you the more appropriate security solution

Of course, some argue that there are those available for free. But you have to understand that in order for the company to make money, there will be certain caveats. These could come in the form of annoying ads or a limited trial period before select functions get disabled. Others might not have any of these at all but miss out on the latest virus definitions, which could leave your system vulnerable to the latest cyber attacks.

What type of protection do you need?

The first thing you need to ask before diving in is what your computer will likely encounter at any given time. Given the different types of computer viruses out there, it’s your best bet to get one that shields your system from the most common types. It refers to even the fairly new ones that cybersecurity experts encounter and report regularly.

Common threats that are encountered by regular people, as well as advanced users, are similar. These include spam, worms, phishing, spyware, rootkits, trojans, and the list goes on. Interestingly, cutting-edge security breaches can even happen via instant messaging apps. Thus, it is crucial that your antivirus program does real-time scans, registry scans, and a bunch more.


Try to verify if it can match what others such as Webroot bring to the table. What is Webroot antivirus, you ask? Well, it’s one of the many choices out there that provides a robust lineup of functionalities. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Number of users

Another point to consider is the number of users that a subscription supports. Depending on the plan, the antivirus suite can be installed on multiple systems. On the other hand, if you plan to use it for only one device, double-check to see if the single-user option is available. Be on the lookout for bargains as the quality might not be up to par with those that are reasonably priced instead.

Extras are always welcome

Although the majority of paid antivirus packages ideally ship with all the features one needs, it wouldn’t hurt to toss in a few extra. Aside from viruses, being online means individuals with the means to do so can spy on your activities. As such, an included VPN service would be a great benefit. Meanwhile, parental controls can help monitor the activities of minors and prevent access to unwanted content online.

Aftermarket support

Just like buying a brand-new automobile, the carmaker wants to give their clients peace of mind. This is evident that some issues may arise. In a similar fashion, developers of antivirus software should extend their help to more than just email and ticket support. Therefore, a dedicated toll-free hotline or live chat will do nicely.

Key takeaways

Now that we have a better understanding of what makes antivirus software great, it all boils down to budget and features. It’s essential that you figure out exactly what brands or developers deliver the most practical and comprehensive protection among the rest. Just remember, not all are created equal, so make sure to check out reviews to see what might work.

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