The Porsche 919 Evo has been spotted lapping the Nurburgring recently. Given its domination of Spa earlier this year, rumours are suggesting that the Nurburgring lap time could tumble too!

The overall, fastest time recorded on the famous Nordschleife is a stunning 6:25.91, set in 1983 in the iconic Porsche 956. That record has stood for 35 years, mainly due to the fact that high level racing events no longer take place on the infamous circuit. Those that do, use a different setup, incorporating the GP track.

Rumours are suggesting that Porsche have smashed the lap record on their test run! The rumours suggest that they dipped below the 6 minute mark for the first time in history. Some are even suggesting that the lap time set by the German company was as low as 5 minutes 30 seconds.

As the 919 no longer races in WEC, Porsche were free to redevelop parts without having to conform to any regulation. The 919 Evo is a lap record setting machine!

Earlier this year, Porsche set its first lap record with the 919 Evo at Spa Francorchamps. It stopped the watch at 1:41.770, eclipsing the 1:42.553 lap record set by Lewis Hamilton during the 2017 Spa Grand Prix in the Mercedes-AMG F1 W07.

It remains to be seen what the official time will be. Hopefully Porsche will announce something soon. For now, marvel in these insane video clips caught by spectators track-side!