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Nick Mason, the drummer for the legendary rock band Pink Floydcrashed an equally legendary McLaren F1 GTR at the Goodwood Members’ meeting. The video above isn’t great, but it shows Mason’s F1 GTR careening into a wall. The damage doesn’t look too extensive, but it’s hard to say what parts Mason destroyed in the accident. 
The GTR is one of the rarest of the already rare McLaren F1s. Only 28 F1 GTRs were produced, which is nearly a quarter of the total production for McLaren’s most sought-after street carEven if the crash did millions of dollars in damage, repairing the car is inevitable because of its constantly appreciating value.
There are no reports of serious injuries for Mason, but his accountant can’t be too happy. The 73-year-old drummer is an accomplished racer with races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans under his belt. We’re sure the car will be put back together and Mason will put it back on the track.

If you can stomach the carnage, check out the video above.

H/t Autoblog