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Italian design house Pininfarina teased its next concept for the Geneva motor show. The HK GT, “an elegant and eco-sustainable gran turismo,” was designed together with the Hybrid Kinetic Group, an emerging tech brand based in Hong Kong.

We don’t have a ton to go on from the two teaser shots, but it looks like a tall-ish futuristic concept with slick controls and hard buttons on the doors. Pininfarina says it’s a classic gran turismo that borrows from the formal design language of the Hybrid Kinetic brand. The company also says the powertrain will consist of a battery, electric motors and a range extender, so we’ll at least expect it’ll be quick off the line.

Pininfarina HK GT Geneva concept

The HK GT hybrid concept was developed with Hybrid Kinetic.

Hybrid Kinetic, according to its website, says its philosophy is advocating “technology leadership, phased development and a combination of vehicles and financial innovation.” HK has three arms: finance, technology and industry. The finance portion deals with asset investment; the technology arm does battery, controller and hybrid stuff; and its industry department is involved in R&D and resource integration.

The HK GT concept follows the luxury H600 sedan at last year’s Geneva motor show, also designed with Hybrid Kinetic, and the two SUVs it introduced in Shanghai.

We’ll get more info at Pininfarina’s press conference in Geneva on March 6.