We’ve been big fans of Black Diamond’s Spot Headlamp for a while now. Why? Because it’s bright, versatile, weatherproof and also very affordable. And now, with Black Diamond’s spring product release, the Spot is getting an upgrade.

The Spot isn’t alone either; Black Diamond overhauled four more of its best-selling headlamps. The most apparent change is in the looks — the lights are slightly rounder with new color integration; they are less, for lack of a better word, techy. The chassis is also smaller by nearly 25 percent. The headlamps are also brighter, some models by as much as 50 lumens, which makes for a notable improvement in the dark.

Black Diamond also built a new user interface into the updated headlamps. Instead of the old single-button control, now there’s a second button to cycle through modes (distance, proximity, strobe, red night vision) more easily. PowerTap, Black Diamond’s tech that allows users to quickly swap from bright to dim by tapping the side of the light, is still present.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the price. Even with all these upgrades, the Spot is still just $40 — the other improved headlamps haven’t priced up either — and for that, we still love it.

Note: Despite being new, the Spot is currently on sale at Backcountry for 25 percent off.

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