From inexpensive stocking stuffers to investment-worthy lifetime-ownership goods, this is the ultimate guide for you — all our gifts from all our gift guides, organized for you by price. So go ahead and start from the bottom on your hunt for the perfect present.

Best Gifts Under $25

GSI Outdoors Essential Travel Spoon

Forks don’t exist in the backcountry. Seriously, you can eat anything with a spoon, and tiny-tined sporks never really work anyways.

Natrapel Bug Spray

Throw this 3.4-ounce bug spray in your pack before heading out into the dense woods or fields. It’s DEET-free, but comes recommended by the CDC. Spritz once and you’re good for up to eight hours.

Reefsafe Mask Defogger

If the old spit and rub tactic isn’t appealing to your SCUBA diver, try this mask defogger and cleaner. It’s biodegradable and non-toxic to the animals and plants under the ocean surface, so you don’t have to worry about adding to any pollution or harming anything. As an added side benefit, it also works on swim and ski goggles, so you can truly use for all eye-adventures.

Sipwell Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

An easy way to save the earth’s oceans and make everyone happy is to invest in a reusable straw. Starbucks, American Airlines, Hyatt and more have already pledged to phase out plastic straws, so now is a good time to hop on board. SipWell stainless steel straws come in a set of four and include a free cleaning brush, which is very useful in case you try a smoothie one morning and iced green tea the next.

UnTapped Lemon Tea Mapleaid

Pro cyclist Ted King’s take on endurance fuel is to keep it simple and natural. That’s why he relies on maple, which is fortified with minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, and is the key ingredient in UnTapped’s performance drink mix.

Camelbak Podium 24oz Bottle

You’d think that any old water bottle would do in cycling. You would think. CamelBak’s Podium, through its shape, squeezability and comfortable valve, outperforms any other in the bottle cage and it’s wildly cheap, too.

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

Even if you’re not interested in surfing, this adventure memoir by William Finnegan is worth a read. It provides insight on what happens when surfing becomes a way of life. Finnegan learned how to surf as a child and traveled to surf some of the most famous waves throughout his life. If you need more convincing, the book is also a Pulitzer Prize winner.

The Surfer’s Journal

Since 1992, this beautiful magazine has dedicated itself to telling unique and unusual stories around surf culture. Throughout the 132-pages of each edition, you’ll experience everything that runs parallel to a surfer’s vein. Each issue will catapult you to far away lands and waves.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid Pole Straps

These flexible rubber straps are great for everything from lashing extra gear to your pack to stepping in as a toe strap in the event of a failure.

Swrve Topo Map Mug

When you’re stuck at the office, Swrve’s Topo Map mug will help you envision loamy forests and berms made of hero dirt that you’ll be ripping come the weekend.

Good To-Go Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Just because you’re in the woods doesn’t mean you have to eat like a barbarian. Avoid the rehydrated slop and reach for something made with ingredients like raw organic cacao powder and ancho chiles.

Field Notes Expedition 3 Pack

Ever try writing on paper when it’s raining? Field Notes took aim to solve that problem in its Expedition Notebook. Printed on Yupo Synthetic paper, it’s an amazing tearproof and waterproof paper extruded from polypropylene pellets that is made to withstand the elements of Antartica. Add in the high-visilibity Antarctic Survey Orange cover and you’ve got a notebook that won’t ever fail you.

Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm

Never ride without lip balm in your pocket. This Mojito lip balm from Malin+Goetz is some of the best out there.

Voke Tabs

There are few things worse than bonking when you’re still a handful of miles from the trailhead. Keeping a few Voke Tabs in your pack will save you on just such an occasion. Voke Tabs are all natural energy chews designed to give you that extra boost of energy. If you need more convincing, they’re endorsed by world class mountaineer Conrad Anker.

Sea To Summit 20L Lightweight Dry Sack

The Sea To Summit Lightweight Dry Sack is the outdoor company’s most versatile dry sack. It’s made from a lightweight 70D waterproof, durable nylon fabric that is sturdy enough for water sports yet light enough for backpacking. It utilizes a waterproof hypalon roll-top closure with a D-ring attachment point at the buckle. In addition to keeping your gear dry, a white interior lining means you’ll never have to waste time searching for items packed deep in your bag.

Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic

Fisher Space Pens can write underwater and in space. Maybe that seems unnecessary for the city-based outdoorsman you know, but it’ll also write just as well in a neighborhood cafe (and it works well with Field Notes’ waterproof paper).

Smartwool Hike Medium Crew Sock

Smartwool Socks and hiking boots go together like peanut butter and jelly. Designed for rugged day hikes and moderate backpacking, the Hike Medium Crew Sock uses a merino wool blend that optimizes thermal regulation to warm up and wick moisture depending on your foot’s temperature. Moderate cushioning underfoot absorbs impacts for thousands of steps you plan on taking on trails.

GSI Outdoor Boulder Flask

GSI’s Boulder Flask is the perfect vessel to transport said whiskey because it’s lightweight and nearly unbreakable. Plus, it’s one of the few flasks that’s clear, so you can see when you’re starting to run low.

BrainWavz Truss Headphone Stand

But, if you don’t have enough desktop space to have a traditional headphone stand, get this. It sticks to the underside of your desk — incognito — and has two hands to hold two pairs of headphones.

The New Power Eating

Nutrition is a key piece in the fitness puzzle, and when you workout regularly, it’s likely that you’re pretty hungry. There’s a lot of information about what to eat and when to eat it, but that can be a lot to try and get through yourself. Dr. Sue Kleiner, a PhD and registered dietician, has worked with professional athletes, teams and Olympians for years, helping them to eat and drink for peak performance. Bring her knowledge into your kitchen with The New Power Eating. If your workout routine calls for a rest day or a sprint day, you can eat to power through each session.

Zwift Membership

Indoor trainers are the cure for winter blues, but the experience lacks the views of the journey and the camaraderie of the group. Zwift is an app that recreates these aspects of the ride through a video game-like platform that includes virtual roads and races and a multiplayer interface that’ll turn your fitness regimen into a competitive battle against your other cabin-fevered friends.

Clif Shot Bloks

While everyone’s stomach prefers different types of bars and gels during a run, these Clif Shot Bloks were what worked for me during my last marathon. This sample pack allows you to test out the different flavors to see what you like best. You’ll get orange, mountain berry, black cherry, citrus, strawberry, margarita, cran-razz and tropical punch — each of which stores 33 calories per block, made from 95 percent organic ingredients. When the wall hits, you’ll reach for these.

Stance Athletic Icon 2 Sock

With more cushioning underfoot, you’ll be feeling great after 10, 20 or 30-plus miles. These crew-height socks, made from a blend of nylon, polyester, elastic and cotton, are comfortable and breathe well. No matter if you’re out during the spring, summer, fall or winter, these work.

North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail

When you think of trail runners, Scott Jurek is one of the best and most well known. With over two decades of running on his resume, he’s a powerhouse. In 2015, Jurek ran the Appalachian trail (all 2,189-miles of it) in 46-days. This story tells the tale of just how hard it was and how he made it through.

Topo Designs Small Accessory Bag

Topo Designs’ pouch comes in a style that’s suitably retro-outdoor, and it has enough space for the things needed around town and in the woods; stuff like cash, a credit card, a small notebook and a tiny roll of duct tape (you never know).

Beeswrap Assorted 3-Pack

Beeswrap makes environmentally friendly food wraps that will keep your food fresh without contributing more plastic to overstuffed landfills. They’re perfect for on-trail lunches.

Record Props V2

This is another neat way to show off the records that you love. It’s a mount that hangs both the record and its sleeve on the wall. The record isn’t bound by a frame or glass display, allowing you to take it off the wall and play on your turntable whenever you want.

Rapha Beginner’s Guide to Road Cycling

Road cycling can be intimidating, and not just because of the elite racing, the complicated equipment and the skin-tight clothing. Rapha’s “Getting Started In Road Cycling” addresses questions about bike culture in addition to providing useful information about gear and tips on how to ride correctly.

Hydrapak Ultraflask Soft Flask

Lightweight and easy to carry flasks are the best way to hydrate on the run. This soft flask is packable and compresses down as you drink it, so it’s not adding bulk to your pack. Hydrapak also offers a lifetime warranty on this water bottle.

Yeti Rambler 10oz Lowball

Yeti’s version of the lowball is unbreakable, which truly makes it a go-anywhere vessel that’s ready for whiskey by the campfire or coffee at the office.


Wetsox are designed in the USA to make your life easier when trying to wiggle into a wetsuit. Slip on these calf-height socks then “slide” into your gear. The Wetsox diminish the amount of friction between your legs and the suit so it’s not as sticky getting it up over your waist. Just as it helps to get the suit on, it works just as well to quickly get the wetsuit off your body.


The bicycle is a universal machine; it transcends borders and culture. But as with anything, the way in which different groups of people interact with particular items varies from place to place, and Bikevibe has made it its mission to document how people in cities as diverse as Portland, Oregon and Milan, Italy approach life on two wheels.

Picturing America’s National Parks

For the days when the mountains feel too far away, the camper in your life will find inspiration in a book full of inspirational photos of America’s National Parks.

Darn Tough ATC Socks

Proper hiking socks are as essential as boots, but they can also be expensive. Thankfully, Darn Tough backs up its peds with a lifetime guarantee, so no matter how many miles are put on them you know that they’ll be good for just as many more.

Path Projects Muir Cap

A trucker hat is the ultimate sign of a true trail runner, but if that’s not quite your style, this charcoal hat will help you still blend in. Laser cut holes mean loads of breathability. It’s quick drying and SPF 50, so no matter where you choose to run your next ultra, you’re covered.

Portland Design Works Tiny Object CO2 Inflator

When a flat disrupts your ride, the solution shouldn’t be cranking away at a tiny frame-mounted pump. Portland Design Works created the Tiny Object CO2 inflator as a fast and efficient alternative. It works on all Presta valves and includes a leather sleeve so that your fingers don’t get frosty while inflating. All of these things will fit neatly in a saddlebag, too.

Rogue SR-1 Speed Rope

Sign up for a jump rope class at Equinox or other boutique gyms and you’ll quickly be reminded just how exhausting jump roping is. It challenges your cardiovascular system as well as increases endurance. Other gyms, like CrossFit, use jump ropes before and during class to keep your blood flowing between high pressure weight exercises. The Rogue SR-1 is an adjustable speed cable in eight colors that doesn’t weigh much, but packs a serious fitness punch.

Leatherman Surf Pocket Multitool

The everyday surfer needs a streamlined EDC tool, and this stainless steel surf tool fits the bill. It’s TSA friendly, so go wherever the waves take you. It’s also adapted for a lanyard, meaning it’ll be less likely to go missing after a day in the water.

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series

Accidents happen. It’s best to be prepared, and wilderness wanderers don’t need an entire backpack’s worth of supplies to do so. Adventure Medical Kits makes carefully-considered medkits for all types of outings — from a day hike to a 28-day expedition.

Amazon Smart Plug

As long as they have some Alexa-enabled speaker in their home, this little plug (which Amazon just announced this fall) will turn any home appliance or light fixture that plugs into an outlet into something that can controlled with their voice. Get them a few.

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch

This smart switch is basically a remote control for your lights. It works with existing Philips Hue smart lights and lets you adjust the brightness of a specific light or a scene of multiple lights with the press of a button. You can also turn them on and off as well. It’s a simple gadget but lets you control all your smart lights without having to talk to your smart assistant.

Best Gifts Under $50

Silca Italian Army Knife

Until your time trial is fast enough to get you a sponsored support van, Silca’s classic multi-tool for cyclists is your reliable sidekick when your mechanics fail halfway through a weekend century ride. It has all the drivers and wrenches that you might need for a quick adjustment, and it’ll fit easily in a jersey pocket.

Vibrapod Isolators

These little rubber feet come in a bunch of different sizes, to match the size of your speakers, and aren’t complicated. They simply lift the speakers off the horizontal plane (aka a table or desk) and enhance isolation so there’s less distoration. They are a cheap way for people who have bookshelf speakers to make them sound even better. And stuff into a stocking nicely.

Way Basics Vinyl Record Storage Cube

Symbol Audio makes some of the nicest record crates — here — I’ve seen, but they’re also $225 each. If you want something similar at a fraction of the price, go with these.

ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar

This easy-to-install pull-up bar is a great addition to any home gym. Pop it in any doorway and get moving on your pull-up or chin-up challenge. If New Year’s resolutions are looming, this steel bar can help you work everything from your shoulders to biceps, core and back. It’s built to hold up to 300 pounds, and will be your new visual reminder to workout.

Rab Merino+ Gloves

Keeping your extremities warm when running is of utmost importance. These merino and polyester blend gloves are lightweight and work double duty as base gloves for skiing, snowboarding and ice climbing.

Ergon GE1 Evo Factory Grip

Handlebar grips can make all of the difference between an enjoyable ride and one full of pain and frustration. Ergon’s GE1 Evo Factory grips feature Gravity Control rubber that is just soft enough where it provides comfort while avoiding the “I’m holding a damp sponge” feeling.

Manda Organic Sun Paste

If you spend a lot of time outside, especially near a body of water, you need to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays. This SPF 50 all natural and organic paste leaves a visible mark of lotion, so when you’re riding a wave, you have a visual reminder that you covered your face and shoulders.

Picky Bars

Hikers who still buy the same old energy bars that have been on shelves for decades are missing out on the current golden age of trail food. Picky Bars, which were dreamed up by a group of athletes and come in flavors like “Chai and Catch Me” and “Cookie Doughpness,” are crafted with real food ingredients to provide clean energy before and during long jaunts.

Western Rise Icon Camp Hat

Any ballcap will help provide that bit of much-needed shade from the sun during a full day outside, but the Icon Camp Hat goes a step further. It’s constructed with a durable cotton ripstop fabric in a five-panel profile that functions on the trail but looks good in town too.

Winchester Craft Floating Record Shelf

Winchester Craft makes all kinds of neat shelving options to records and hold record sleeves. They’re elegent yet simple, built with real oak and handmade in Oregon.

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

The Spot is excellent because it’s simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s basic. The headlamp uses three AAA batteries, and it’s fully waterproof. The main light is 300 lumens, which emits a beam to a claimed range of 80 meters (about 262 feet) and is easily dimmable. There’s also a red night vision setting.

Buff Lightweight Merino Wool

Wear it as a helmet liner, a neck gaiter, a headband or a scarf. The options are virtually endless and the highly breathable and moisture-wicking merino wool material makes this piece invaluable.

UnTapped Organic Maple Waffles

Snacks for outdoor adventures should be easy to handle and pack energy to keep you going. UnTapped’s Organic Maple Waffles achieve both those sticking points while also providing a delicious alternative to bland energy bars. Flavored with real maple syrup and maple sugar, the waffles keep the sticky substance secluded and off your hands which means you can eat them on the go and have no issues with messy hands.

Science in Sport Energy Bundle

During longer bouts of exercise it’s imperative that you fuel your body. After a certain point, your body depletes its stores of carbohydrates, and you need to top it off, so you can continue pushing yourself. SiS Go Isotonic energy gels provide 22 grams of carbs per gel and they don’t need to be washed down with water. The energy bundle lets you pick from ten flavors with and without caffeine. Go harder for longer with a quick hit of carbs and see what limits your body can push past.

Bialetti Moka Percolator

Bialetti created its now-iconic percolator in the ’50s, and since then it’s become a household staple in Italy and across Europe. Its rugged aluminum construction is handsome enough to leave out in the open on your counter and also makes it suitable for campsite use too.

Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1

This is 27-watt USB-C wall charger that’s roughly the same size as the 5-watt puck that comes with your iPhone, but it can charge your MacBook Pro or new MacBook Air.

Petzl Tikka

Sunsets and sunrises are best viewed from mountaintops, with a companion and a warm beverage. Hiking in the dark is no excuse to miss one with a headlamp as affordable and powerful as Petzl’s classic Tikka. It boasts 200 lumens of light that can be utilized in separate modes for proximity, movement and distance vision.

Howler Brothers Men’s Bruja Stretch Boardshorts

The cotton-polyester-spandex combination in these boardshorts is comfortable with just the right amount of stretch so you can focus on your surfing performance and not worry about your boardshorts. The front and back pockets keep your belongings safe and secure.

Burton AK Endurance Sock

When you’re out on the hill all day, having a merino wool sock that will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable is of the utmost importance. But fit is not to be overlooked as well. Burton’s AK Endurance sock is among the best in its class and will help you squeeze in those last few laps before calling it a day.

Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods

One the issues with AirPods is that Apple only sells white models and the only way to get non-white models is to customize through a third-party company, which is expensive. This sleeve for your AirPods charging case is relatively inexpensive and adds a bit of scratch and drop protection, too.

Blackstrap Hood Balaclava

In cold weather, a balaclava is essential. But it can also be cumbersome beneath a helmet and goggles. Blackstrap makes its Hood as low-profile as possible with a fabric blend that protects from the sun (and unwanted odors). But the best part is the articulating design that lets you pull it down off your face without scrunching up everything else.

Kitsbow 5in V File Socks

In all types of cycling, socks need to be more than just functional. Style plays a big factor as well. Kitsbow’s V File socks bring both style and function thanks to a construction that utilizes 60% Meryl Skinlife (a material that has silver embedded for anti-odor) and a sleek pattern.

Hydro Flask 18 oz Standard Mouth

Everybody needs a insulated bottle. At least, that’s what we believe. This one by Hydro Flask is one of our favorites. It protects its content’s temperature for up to 24 hours. And it’s made of durable stainless steel, so it’s not going to get punctured or crap out on you mid-adventure.

Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze Cam has made waves in the smart security camera market by offering a product with virtually the same features as something that costs 10x as. The Wyze Cam Pan, for example, only costs $30 and produces a 1080p picture and it can send you motion alerts. It also works with Alexa and IFTTT. It’s a wonderful gadget for anybody who wants to stay connected to their home, or just keep a watchful eye over their dog.

Arcade YOSAR Guide Belt

The fearless members of Yosemite Search and Rescue (YOSAR) save an average of 236 lives every year in Yosemite National Park. They rappel, climb or just plain run into dangerous situations without a second thought, in the name of saving the lives of others. To commemorate their bravery and continued service, Huckberry teamed up with Arcade Belts on an exclusive collection to help fund YOSAR’s rescue and safety efforts in the park (10-percent of each sale goes to YOSAR).

BalanceFrom GoFit All-Purpose Weights

Pick up this rubber-wrapped kettlebell in weights ranging from five- to 100-pounds. The solid cast base and color-coated vinyl protect your floor and feet. A wide handle means deadlifts and catches have a wider room for error than some smaller kettlebells. And the non-slip grip comes standard. Kettlebells increase the intensity on a variety of arm, leg, chest and back movements, so you can fit in a tougher workout in less time.

Boneshaker Mag Mega Bundle

Self-described as a “sideways look at cycling,” UK-based Boneshaker Magazine offers unique features and design that stands in contrast to the old guard of mountain bike magazines. While not mountain bike-specific, even the most diehard of mountain bikers will find something to enjoy in these pages.

Topeak Mini 20 Pro Tool

Every cyclist needs a tool in their pack. Topeak’s bantamweight Mini 20 Pro provides everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Parks Project National Parks Candle

The experience of being in the woods and hills shouldn’t have to end when you get back to the parking lot. Parks Projects’ collection of National Parks-themed candles bring the scents of cedar forests and Rocky Mountain lavender into the home, so the hiker in your life can at least pretend to be out in the trail, even when napping on the couch.

PR Lotion by Amp Human Performance

Cyclists know that recovery is crucial. Aiding that process can result in getting back on the bike quicker. PR Lotion by Amp Human Performance delivers more of the bicarbonate your body naturally produces to neutralize acid, battle fatigue and reduce soreness. More bicarb means faster recovery times, more rides and more miles.

Snow Peak Titanium Silverware Set

Nobody should be using plastic utensils anymore, but especially not self-proclaimed outdoorsmen. This set from Snow Peak is light enough to stash in any backpack — whether it’s for hiking or commuting around town — and isn’t overly outdoorsy.

Amazon Echo Input

This little gadget is an Echo Dot, just without the speaker part. It’s designed to plug into a Bluetooth or passive speaker (via a 3.5mm jack), and it’ll essentially then turn it into a smart speaker that you can summonds songs to with your voice. It’s brilliant for anybody who wants to breath new life into their old speakers (Note: doesn’t work with stereo audio.)

UnTapped Organic Maple Waffles

No skier will ever opt for a frozen energy bar when UnTapped’s delicious maple-infused stroopwafel is available as an alternative. It’s made with organic flour, pure Vermont maple syrup and sugar, and sustainably-produced palm fruit oil.

Coal The Rowan Beanie

Whether you wear this beanie around town or up on the slopes, it’ll keep your head warm without sacrificing on style. Coal has been ingrained in the snowboard culture since the early aughts, and owning one of its hats is requisite for any serious snowboarder.

Lifts&Bounds Resort Series Poster

Take the slopes home with these graphic posters from Lifts&Bounds. A handful of the most prominent resorts in the country are available in graphic form and include an outline of the resorts’ trail systems as well of some of their most famous trail names.

Ciele Athletics GoCap Whitaker Edition

Ciele Athletics make some of the most stylish, well-performing athletic caps around. Mesh panels and the moisture-wicking fabric provide extra breathability for hot days. And it also offers UPF +40 protection on the brim and front panel for keeping you guarded from the sun. A pliable brim makes it easy packing for any weekend excursion.

Slowtide Lau Beach Towel

When water is far away, this 100-percent cotton beach towel will transport you to your dream destination. The vibrant patterns can easily be displayed thanks to a hanging loop. We recommend you buy in bulk for the beach cabin of your dreams. All of your guests will want one.

Hydro Flask Sports Water Bottle Wide Mouth

If you need water to stay cold for the entire time you’re out fishing or surfing, a Hydro Flask wide mouth is the way to go. Add a BPA-free straw lid to the stainless steel double-wall, vacuum-insulated bottle and you can flip, sip and go. Sizes range from 32 to 40-ounces.

Pelican Go G40 Case

Protecting valuables from the elements isn’t always the easiest while camping. Thankfully, the legendary protective case company Pelican has built the Go G40 Case to do just that. The waterproof, crushproof, impact-proof and dustproof container is the ideal size for your smartphone, wallet and other essentials you want to keep secure and organized. A built-in pressure valve balances out air pressure as well. There’s not a more convenient protector case for the camper.

Belkin Fitness Armband

For those who still take their smartphone running, as they rely on it for GPS or streaming, these armbands are super helpful. There’s nothing innovative about them, but there doesn’t have to be — these armbands simply ensure you don’t have to carry or fit the smartphone in your pocket. (Belkin offers a variety of armbands that fit all smartphones. Check out the full catalog, here.)

Onzow Zerodust Stylus Cleaner

You want to periodically clean your turntable’s stylus needle so that your system sounds best. This small plastic box does just that. It has a gelatinous plastic inside that, when pressed against the needle, it removes build-up and other contaminants.

The Solo First Aid Kit

MyMedic was born from a simple question: “What if the tools required to save a life were made to be simple, accessible and affordable?” MyMedic first aid kits are specifically designed to help everyday people save lives in specific situations in the outdoors. Each one comes packed in a super durable carrying case that’s built to take a beating, keep first aid supplies safe from the elements and make everything accessible at a moment’s notice.

Four Roses Single Barrel

The Fallback: Four Roses caters to all budgets, including people on one. This bottle, however, is an upgrade to the brand’s “Yellow Label” and Small Batch expressions. It’s a little more complex, too, with notes of cinnamon, caramel and vanilla.
Suggested Retail Price: $40

Katin Seaside 5 Panel Cap

Whether you’re in a landlocked state or along the coasts, water-lovers everywhere will appreciate this rugged as the sea five-panel navy cap.

Barton 1792 Single Barrel Bourbon

An offshoot of Sazerac, Barton 1792 cleaned up at the most-recent San Francisco World Spirits Competition, one of the most prestigious spirits competitions in the world. And this bourbon won a Double Gold, the highest honor there is. In layman’s terms, it’s one of the best bourbons you can buy. And it costs all of $40.
Suggested Retail Price: $40

Kitsbow Kitchel Lightweight Gloves

Kitsbow’s latest glove release, the Kitchel, was designed in collaboration with Mechanix Wear, whose gloves are renowned for their comfort. Kitsbow noticed that mountain bikers were wearing Mechanix gloves to ride, and figured that they, together with Mechanix, could optimize a glove for mountain biking. It’s about as close to a perfect mountain biking glove as you can get.

Twelve South AirFly

How many times have you wanted to use your AirPods to listen to in-flight movies, only to realize that those small TVs don’t support Bluetooth? This little reciever solves that. No more purchasing those $2 wired earbuds from the flight attendant.

Master & Dynamic MP1000B Headphone Stand

If you want a really nice and clean headphone stand, we recommend this guy. It’s easy on the eyes and bespoke enough that when you’re actually working and listening to your headphones, it doesn’t add clutter or ugly-up the desk.

Salomon Trail Gaiters High

Trail gaiters are a simple way to add a bit more warmth and protection to your ankles and legs. If you find yourself running through rocky patches or sandy roads, these protect you from cuts and scrapes along the way. Velcro secures the gaiters in place, so you don’t have to fiddle with them during your run.

Michter’s US*1 American Whiskey

Michter’s makes great bourbon and excellent rye. This whiskey is neither. It’s aged in whiskey-soaked barrels and free from grain neutral spirits, which means it’s “unblended.” Expect notes of butterscotch and vanilla with a fruity finish.
Suggested Retail Price: $45

Silca Seat Roll Premio

Silca’s Seat Roll uses Boa, the wheel-fastening system commonly found on cycling shoes, to keep your on-road tool collection compact and secure beneath the saddle. It’s durable, waterproof and has enough volume for whatever you might need (including spare tubes).

Kahtoola NanoSpikes

When the snow falls, your grip underfoot can get a little sketchy. Prevent any slips or spills with these easy-to-attach Kahtoola spikes. Loop them over the front of your toe and your heel cup, and they’ll stay in place while you get after those winter running goals. The tungsten carbide spikes also help protect you against ice — especially when it’s hard to see.

SOG PowerAccess Deluxe MultiTool

Having a capable multitool that can handle anything when out in the wild is extremely important. And SOG’s PowerAccess MultiTool is one of the most comprehensive ones you can have. The 21 tools come complete with compound leverage gripping power to ensure you’ll be able to tackle any task wherever you find yourself.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

The Echo Dot continues to look and sound better with each new iteration — and it also continues to cost just $50 (although you’ll be able to get it for even less during holidays). As with every Echo Dot, it continues to be the easiest and cheapest way to voice control all your smart home devices.

iFrogz Second Hub Sync

If you have a pair of wired headphones that you love — they’re comfortable and sound great — you can plug them into a wireless receiver and then stream music to them. It’s a fairly simple and liberating way to not be tethered to your smartphone or tablet. This wireless receiver also comes with a pair of earbuds.

Best Gifts $50-$100

Rhone Celliant Short Sleeve

A performance shirt is essential for maximizing any weekend pursuit. Rhone’s Celliant Short Sleeve is engineered to promote a temporary increase in blood flow which increases energy, endurance and performance. Its seamless jacquard knit construction and four-way stretch fabric offer breathability, anti-chafing, breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities. This premium athletic shirt will surely up the weekend activity.

NeedEssentials 1.5mm Pull Over Jacket

Bulk up your upper body warmth with a 1.5mm surf jacket. If the water is chilly, but you can’t hold back on an impressive swell, throw this on. The four-way stretch neoprene moves with you and the wave.

Dissent Ski GFX Compression Hybrid Protect Sock

Skiers need to take their feet seriously; not just any sock will do — certainly not a cotton crew that comes in a pack of 12. Dissent knew this and designed its ski sock with targeted compression for optimal blood flow in mind (read: it’ll keep your toes warm).

Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Blade and Fire Starter

A durable and reliable fixed blade knife is a must-have for outdoor pursuits. As is a fire starter. Morakniv combines the two in a single sleek package.

Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack

This three-tiered metal storage rack is a great way to house a bunch of records without taking up a lot of space. Plus, it’s inexpensive and matches the “vintage vibe” that a lot of collectors like.

Nikka Whisky From the Barrel

For years, this was one of the most lauded Japanese whiskeys outside of Japan — partly due to the fact that it wasn’t available in the States. That changed this summer, when Nikka introduce From the Barrel to the American market. For being so sought-after, it’s pretty affordable, and the rectangular bottle will look unique on even the best-stocked bar carts.
Suggested Retail Price: $59

L.L. Bean Cliffside Cordura Jeans

Denim is the original rugged fabric. It was beloved by miners and loggers when it first hit drygoods stores over a hundred years ago, and it hasn’t lost its outdoor application since. If anything, it’s only gotten better for use outside now that companies like L.L.Bean are giving it additional durability and stretch.

The Mehlville by The James Brand

The Mehlville carabiner, like everything else The James Brand makes, is an exercise in precision design and flawless execution. This base piece for your small EDC is carved from a solid block of sturdy 6061 aluminum, with hinge action so sweet it’s reminiscent of flipping open your favorite blade.

Green Spot Pot Still Irish Whiskey

The Fallback: Brought to the U.S. in 2014, this historic single-pot Irish whiskey is made from a distillation of malted and un-malted barley that’s aged in bourbon and Sherry barrels. Newer bottles of Green Spot don’t carry an age statement, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. Jim Murray, the world’s premier brown-spirit critic, once called it “unquestionably one of the world’s great whiskeys.”
Suggested Retail Price: $60

Isoacoustics Iso-Puck Isolation Pucks

Place these isolation pucks underneath your bookshelf speakers turntables and amps, and they eliminate unwanted vibrations. Basically they’re an effective way to ensure that the placement of your set-up isn’t adding any unwanted distortion to the audio.

Mission Workshop The Spec Laptop Sleeve

Mission Workshop built this laptop sleeve with materials more commonly found in super-rugged backpacks. It’s fully-padded and has an exterior pocket for whatever other essentials need to be carried along with a computer.

High West Camfire Whiskey

When you’re gathered around a campfire and reflecting on a full day’s exploits, do so while drinking a whiskey that compliments the flavors of the scene.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite

These are great true wireless earbuds for anybody on a really tight budget. They’re essentially cheaper versions of Anker’s Zolo Liberty earbuds. They’re sweatproof, sound good, and have decent battery life — and they come in at almost $90 less than AirPods.

WTB Ranger Tire

WTB, or Wilderness Trail Bikes, is one of the old guard brands from the mountain bike world. Its Ranger tire is one of the best on the market, providing ample grip in a light and durable casing. It comes in a variety of sizes, so there is sure to be one that fits.

Vittoria Corsa G+

Tires forge the connection between man, machine and road. The most basic will suffice, but something more thoughtful, like Vittoria’s quadruple compound Clincher, will propel. The tires contain a thin layer of graphene, a material made from a single sheet of carbon molecules arranged in a hexagonal pattern. It adds durability without weight, creating a tire that’s smooth on corners and fast on straightaways.

Google Chromecast Ultra

This is arguably the best streaming device for anybody who wants to watch their favorite shows and movies in beautiful 4K HDR. (Note: they must have a 4K HDR, too.) And it syncs seamless with a Google Home smart speaker, so they’ll be able to summon their favorite photos and the weather on the big screen.

Cressi Lens Mask

The inclined inverted teardrop lens mask features a high seal silicone that does exactly what you want a mask to do: keep water out and air in. These work best for SCUBA diving, snorkeling or freediving. The special shape of the mask allows for more field of view as you look down into the big blue sea.

Best Whiskey Gifts Under $100

Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye

This is one of the best whiskeys of the year. Before it even hit shelves, it was named “Best Rye Whiskey” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Needless to say, whiskey snobs were quick to snatch up as many bottles as they could when it did hit market. If you can find it, you’d be wise to do the same.
Suggested Retail Price: $70

Logitech K600 TV Keyboard

Smart TVs are more computers than they are TVs, let’s face it, so to navigate them best you really should have a keyboard and trackpad – and that’s exactly what the Logitech K600 TV Keyboard is. It lets you use the keys to search for shows, movies and apps, as well as traditional TV stuff like adjusting the volume. Best of all, it can be programmed to work with your other devices, such as a tablet and your computer, so you can switch between them by just tapping a button. (It works with most Smart TVs, Windows or Mac PCs, and Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.)

Olukai Kia’i II Sandals

Those who spend their time around water need a trusty, rugged sandal that can handle the abuse of sand and saltwater. The Kia’i II, which translates to “guard,” is designed specifically to withstand the rigors of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. If they can hold up for the best lifeguards on earth, we bet the waterman you know will love them.

Adidas NMD_R1 Sneakers

Travel shoes are underrated – or at least, they’re often overlooked. The NMD_R1 sneakers by Adidas are the perfect combination of comfort, good looks and light weight. Plus they’re not terribly expensive.

Teva Ember Moc

There’s nothing like sliding out of cramped ski boots and into toasty slippers at the end of the day. Teva’s Ember Mocs have a grippy rubber sole that can handle all the snow and slush the resort can throw at them, so you don’t have to wait to get home for that moment.

Flint and Tinder 10-Year Crew

Flint and Tinder’s 10-Year Crew is a truly American product, passing through the hands of 20+ American workers to become one heck of a sweatshirt by the time it gets to you. The uncompromising design starts with a beefy 23oz. fleece from South Carolina that is expertly cut, sewn together and comfort-washed in Los Angeles for a premium sweatshirt that’ll last through every expedition.

CORDURA x Mystery Ranch In & Out Summit Pack

Stuffable daypacks allow for quick, easy jaunts — which is how the urban outdoorsman operates. The CORDURA® x Mystery Ranch In & Out Summit Pack is a 19-liter daypack designed to stuff into its own front mesh pocket. Made from 100D CORDURA® fabric, it features upgraded contoured shoulder straps and a sternum strap not seen in most stuffable packs. Lightweight and highly packable, it’s a legitimate carry solution when space is at a premium.

Grado SR60e Headphones

For anybody looking for affordable, audiophile-grade headphones, these are among our favorites. The SR60e headphones are comfortable, sound great, and they have Grado’s famed look and open-back design. And since they’re wired, you can easily plug them into any turntable with a headphone jack.

Ridge Inversion Heavyweight Merino Bottoms

For high-performance merino wool baselayers without any of the typical high price tags, Ridge Merino is the way to go. The brand’s Heavyweight Merino bottoms are ultra warm and ultra soft. They help to regulate temperature and wick moisture better than synthetic bottoms, plus they’re anti-microbial. Oh yeah, and they’re only $80.

America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

In the outdoors, there’s no better gift than that of access, and while we’re all collectively the owners of our nation’s National Parks, they do cost money to get into. An annual pass provides entry to all federal lands for its holder and might be just the thing to inspire next year’s big trip.

Cressi Diving Fins

Every aspiring diver needs a pair of fins. Pick up a pair of black, blue or yellow fins made of a non-slip material. The longer blade helps you move faster with less effort and the full foot pocket-style keeps your feet locked in during dives.

Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter V2

As a creative, using a MacBook Pro also means acquiescing to the dongle life. This dongle by Satechi has all the essential ports: three USB 3.0, a 4K HDMI port to hook up a monitor, Ethernet, and an SD/microSD card reader. It supports USB-C pass-phrough charging, too. A nice touch is that you can get this dongle in the same space grey or silver colorway as your MacBook Pro.

Suunto Smart Sensor

To get the most accurate heart rate reading, you want the sensor to right over the heart. That’s why a chest-bound sensor will always be more reliable than the one on your wrist. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and great for a number of activities, including running, cycling, swimming and weight lifting.

Tickr Fit Heart Rate Armband

For any runner who wants a realiable heart-rate tracker, but not in chest-strap form factor, there’s the Tickr Fit. It wraps around your arm, rather than your chest, and can track heart rate and calorie burn. And the best thing is that it’s compatible with a host of third-party apps, bike computers and smartwatches.

Proof Heatseeker Flannel

The Heatseeker Flannel is where performance meets extreme comfort. Constructed from a brushed thermo-regulating fabric, it keeps body temperature in check similar to the way merino wool does. While it might look like your favorite flannel, it’s softer and packs a technical punch, making for a mid-layer any adventurer would wear on a hike.

MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter

Some campsites only offer water of questionable drinkability. For those times, MSR’s MiniWorks EX Microfilter is a reliable backup.

Bellroy Hide & Seek RFID Wallet

The Hide & Seek Wallet is a natural starting point for those looking to slim their pocket bulge. It’s conventional, yet loaded with hidden features and compartments that will whisk away your extra bulk. Cut from premium vegetable-tanned cow leather, it’ll protect bills and plastic for years to come. This version of the Hide & Seek sports an RFID-blocking upgrade that protects your personal information contained in identification cards, passports and smart credit or debit cards.

Lifeproof Fre

When you’re around water, you need to protect your phone. Submerge your phone in 2 meters of water for up to an hour and the new Fre case for the iPhone XS will keep it functional. The exterior seals to keep water, dirt, snow and debris out from the tiny crevices on the screen.

Manduka GRP Yoga Mat

Everyone can use a bit more stretching in their lives. A yoga mat at home is one basic tool you can use to help do yoga, stretch and even foam roll. Increase your flexibility and mobility with a daily (or even weekly) practice. This all-natural rubber mat comes in a standard or extra long size, so if your favorite part of yoga is to lie down, you don’t have to worry about your feet or head hanging off the mat. For guys who do hot yoga, this mat is essential. Don’t bother grabbing a grippy towel, this mat will keep your hands in place, even during down dog.

Alltrails Lifetime Membership

Hiking hasn’t lost pace with technology, and while you should always carry a paper map as a backup, smartphones have become helpful tools that aid in exploration. Alltrails crowdsources trail maps, reviews and photos from its community of nine million so that you can find trails wherever you go (and download and print maps for use in areas with no service).

The James Brand Ellis Tool

The Ellis is The James Brand’s reinterpretation of a Swiss Army-style tool; it comes with two locking implements in one sleek package that’s worth its weight (only 2.8 ounces) on and off the trail. Use its tool to open bottles at the summit and turn screws on your gear and its partially-serrated blade to make repairs and cut rope (or sharpen sticks for marshmallow roasting).


Black Diamond Stormline Stretch Rain Pants

Hardcore hikers know that it’s a rain-or-shine activity, but the former calls for some additional thought to apparel. Black Diamond has made its Stormline pants as comfortable as possible; they’re waterproof (as required), but they’re also stretchy, allowing for enough freedom of movement to make walking in the rain a pleasant experience.

Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphones

Grado’s SR80e headphones are an old-school pair of no-frills wired headphones that look cool and sound great. For under $100, they’re a great way to add some flair and terrific sound to your desktop setup.

Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Hiking is an inherently peaceful activity, but it’s also strenuous, and doing it in a jacket can be a sweaty affair. That’s why Patagonia made the Houdini as breathable and lightweight as possible. At 3.6 ounces, it’s barely noticeable, except when it’s protecting you from wind and drizzle.

Schiit Audio Fulla 2

For anybody looking for a straightforward solution to upgrade their desktop audio setup, this is it. For $99 you’re not going to find a better DAC and headphone amp combo than the Fulla 2. It’s simple yet excellent, plugging into your computer via USB. From there, all you need is your own headphones. Plus, it’s got a great volume knob.

Lander Cairn XL Lantern

Not all backcountry lanterns are suitable for use at home, but Lander’s Cairn is an exception. It’s waterproof, rechargeable and uses a convenient anchor system that gives it the versatility needed to function as a camp light, a bike light and more.

The James Brand Folsom Knife

The Folsom is the James Brand’s workhorse pocket knife; it features a 2.75-inch CTS-BD1 stainless steel blade that opens with one hand and a grippy G10 handle. It’s as capable of preparing a meal or making a repair in the backcountry as it is at opening boxes in the office.

High Above The Lookout Hip Pack

Unless you’re headed out on an all-day onslaught of mountain biking, a full-on mountain bike backpack is overkill. All you really need is a phone, wallet, tube, tool, pump/CO2, maybe a snack and water. Those essentials can fit easily in a hip pack and allow for better ventilation on your back as well as a better range of motion while on the bike. High Above mountain bike hip packs are some of the best on the market. And they’re serious pieces of outdoor gear. Each High Above hip pack is designed and sewn in Bellingham, Washington.

AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC

This is a really popular and portable headphone amp. It has a built-in DAC, so your music is going to sound much cleaner than if your headphones were just plugged into computer. It’s uncomplicated: it plugs into your computer via USB and you plug your headphones into it. That’s it.

Best Gifts Under $250

Chaco Z/1 Classic

Chaco sandals are a solid purchase to keep your feet protected while you’re heading to a dive site and back. The pull-through adjustable webbing makes fitting slightly different sized feet no big deal, and the ladder lock buckle stays put even if you get thrown through some waves.

Muc Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Clean your bike! It’s a pricey machine, and it requires maintenance. You can bring it to the shop for a $75 tune-up, or you can arm yourself with some basic knowledge and the tools to keep your steed sparkling and well-oiled for every ride.

Oakley Frogskins Lite

In the eighties, Oakley created the Frogskins, its first lifestyle sunglasses, and asserted that its eyewear wouldn’t just be about sport. But the shades, which have endured through the decades, contain all of Oakley’s up-to-date performance optics to supply more clarity and contrast in shifting light conditions.

Onnit Ballistic Medicine Balls

Medicine balls can be found in weight rooms across the country. Slams, throws, V-ups, twists and overhead presses are just a few of the ways you can use one. It helps challenge your core and increase power through explosive movements. The Onnit Ballistic Medicine Balls have a high-tack surface (that’s ballistic grade) so grip is solid and the ball stays spherical for many years. Pick from a 10, 15 or 20-pound ball.

Gear Patrol x Mountain Standard Utility Glove

For our collaboration glove with Colorado-based Mountain Standard, we overlooked no detail. High-quality leather, a neoprene cuff and Primaloft insulation mean your hands stay dry, warm and stylish.

Arc’teryx Stryka Hoodie

One of our editors swears by the Arc’teryx Stryka hoodie for all of his backcountry adventures. It’s impossibly stretchy and super warm without being too warm.

Altra Lone Peak 4.0

The Lone Peak 3.5 was one of our best trail running sneakers of 2018, and the latest version provides a more durable upper and a stronger grip with MaxTrac rubber and TrailClaw. A rubber toe cap lets you clear small rocks from your path, so you never break stride. For severe weather, pair the shoes with gaiters thanks to a velcro flap at the heel and clips near the laces.

Helinox Chair Zero

While some camp chairs aren’t comfortable enough to use anywhere but camp, the Chair Zero, which weighs less than two pounds and packs down to a size that’ll fit in your backpack, is perfect for backyard hangouts and waiting in line for tickets.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube combines the best of both worlds: it works as both a Fire TV Stick 4K and as an Echo smart speaker, so you can ask Alexa to play music or control your TV. It hooks up to a TV over HDMI-CEC, so it essentially works as a universal remote, allowing you to control many of your home’s sound system — sound bar, A/V receiver, and cable box — with your voice. With compatible A/V receivers, you’ll even be able to ask Alexa to switch your inputs and change the volume.

Note: the Fire TV Cube doesn’t have all the smart capabilities as an Echo speaker, as it can’t call anybody and it can’t sync with other Bluetooth speakers.

MAAP x Bellroy All Conditions Phone Pocket Plus

One of the beautiful things about cycling is leaving everything else behind — but even the most minimal of us need a few essentials when riding far from home. Some cash, a credit card, an ID and a phone can come in handy in a pinch, and MAAP’s collaboration with Bellroy produced an elegant way to keep these things safe from rain and sweat when in your jersey pocket.

Patagonia Capilene Air Bottoms

Patagonia’s Capilene Air Base Layers are constructed with a seam-free 3D knit that blends polyester and merino wool in a sweater-like pattern that’s optimized for warmth and breathability in a wide range of temperatures. Long johns have never been comfier.

No Bull Dark Denim Trainers

No Bull pairs a simple design with a high-quality and durable sneaker. A seamless upper, made from just one piece of SuperFabric, is abrasion resistant to glass, knives and even barbed wire, yet is still breathable. The outsole grips in all conditions, and the high carbon lateral and medial guards support your feet during side to side lunges and pivoting movements.

Google Wifi

A mesh router system is a simple solution for all those “dead zones” in your house. Plus, this one by Google comes with a bunch of modern perks. Through its app you can easily monitor which devices are using your home’s wi-fi. You can quickly share wi-fi passwords. You can set specific times when devices can use wi-fi. (For instance, you can disable wi-fi after 10pm so your kids can’t play Fortnite anymore.) And you can make sure your kids aren’t watching porn or accessing violent websites. It’s like a security system for your digital home.

Olukai Nalukai Kapa Boot

The waterman can’t be barefoot all the time. Which is why they need a versatile boot that can tackle any modern adventure. Olukai’s stylish Nalukai Kapa Boot is constructed from water-resistant waxed canvas and provides a moisture-wicking microfiber lining on top of an anatomical EVA footbed. They’re the next best thing to being barefoot for any waterman.

Lezyne CNC Digital Drive Floor Pump

When you aren’t on the road, and your tires need some air, a full-sized floor pump is the best tool for the job. Lezyne’s Digital Drive swaps out the old school gauge for a digital one so that you have the most accurate readout possible.

Bern Baker EPS MIPS Helmet

For the best in safety technology, opt for a helmet with MIPS. The liner helps to reduce multidirectional impacts commonly associated with concussions. The Baker EPS offers MIPS safety while still providing plenty of style.

Jaybird X4 Wireless Headphones

Released a few months ago, the X4s are one of the best wireless headphones for running, hiking and mountain biking. They’re small, comfortable and fully waterproof (IPX7), plus you’re able to tweak the sound settings via Jaybird’s iOS or Android app.

Osprey Stratos 24 Daypack

The Stratos leaves nothing to want — outfitted with all the pockets, compression straps and access points you’d expect, but surpasses all other hiking packs with its floating mesh back panel that’s both comfy and incredibly breathable. It’s our favorite daypack for hiking, and we think everyone will agree.

Biolite CampStove 2

Unlike other camp stoves, BioLite’s uses organic fuel and a big (smoke-free) flame to prepare meals. It’s also tech-integrated — campers can charge their phones or other devices with heat-generated power, straight from the stove.

Highland Park 18 Viking Spirit

The Fallback: Can’t find our other recs but still want something more special than the typical fare? Buy this, one of the Highland Park’s core expressions. It’s highly drinkable, with notes of honey, chocolate, dark fruit and some peat for good measure.
Suggested Retail Price: $130

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

This is our pick for “best overall portable speaker of 2018.” It’s cheaper than other comparable Bluetooth speaker by JBL or Bose, and it sounds just as good or better. Additionally, it’s fully waterproof — it actually floats — and comes with play/pause button, which is a first for UE, so you can stop the music or skip tracks without having to touch your smartphone.

Tovatec Fusion 1000 Light

Even at depths of 100 meters, you can flash this light for up to three and a half hours. Recharge it after the dive so you can see everything you want deep down in the ocean. Whether you’re trying to nail the perfect shot, or see something amazing, this flashlight will do the trick.

Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest 4.0

A solid pack that can hold enough water for you to continue running for miles is essential for trail runners. This easy to clip vest features a blend of mesh and nylon to keep it from getting too sweaty along your back. The front mesh pockets hold two bottles, and the back cinches down extra clothes and layers thanks to a compression bungee. There’s also a special spot just for trekking poles.

Kammok Mountain Blanket

The best outdoor blankets are also indoor blankets. Kammok’s uses a ripstop nylon shell so that it can be sat on at the park as well as a fleece backer that’s perfect for curling up on the sofa.


Hailing from Denmark — a country that knows a thing or two about how to stay cozy when it’s cold outside — Glerups are a favorite of anyone who’s had the good fortune of trying them. Each pair is handcrafted from toasty 100-percent pure, natural wool, which naturally wicks moisture from your feet so they’re always warm and dry.

MSR Whisperlite Universal

MSR’s Whisperlite Universal is lightweight, easy to use and will burn just about any fuel — including canister fuel, white gas, kerosene and unleaded gasoline.

UA HOVR Phantom Connected

Not only are these really comfortable running shoes, but they’re also integrated with a chip that can track running metrics, such as pace, cadence, stride length and distance. Basically you can run without any gadgets, just your shoes, and still keep your running goals in check.

Oyuki The Pep Trigger Mitts

Oyuki designs its gloves to handle the never-ending blizzards of Hokkaido, and it worked with pro skier Pep Fujas to make something that’ll function around the world. Chances are, it’ll work anywhere the skier in your life plans to go.

Google Home Hub

Google’s tiny new smart display wears many hats. It’s a smart speaker, mini tablet and a digital picture frame (works with Google Photos) all rolled into one. For anybody using any of Google’s popular apps and web services, such as Gmail or Google Calendar, the Home Hub will be super helpful. If you just want it to play music, well it can do that too. Plus, since there’s no camera on it, you get the added peace of mind that this smart display isn’t spying on you.

Birdwell Merino Blend Hoodie

The words “luxury” and “hoodie” don’t go together often, but they do in Birdwell’s Merino-Blend Hoodie. Birdwell used a merino wool and cotton blend for its original hoodie and utilized it again for this overhauled version. It melds the comfort of cotton with wool’s hydrophobic fibers for an odor-resistant fabric that feels super soft against your skin. Every seam is carefully constructed in the US with clean link stitching for one luxurious hoodie.

Kicker Bullfrog BF100

This wireless Bluetooth speaker is waterproof enough to accompany you on a boat or to the backyard pool party. If you get more than one, you can also pair them together for a surround sound experience.

Twelve South HiRise Pro

This is a practical and great-looking stand for anybody using an iMac, iMac Pro or even just an external display. And if you want to hear a little secret, rumor has it that all employees working in Cupertino use this exact same desktop stand.

Fitbit Charge 3

The modern man has plenty on his plate. The Fitbit Charge 3 makes it easier to keep tabs on fitness data with 24/7 heart rate tracking for better understanding things like calorie burn that can help to optimize workouts. Over 15 goal-based exercise modes also give real-time stats for reaching targets. With a touchscreen and water-resistance to 50m, the Fitbit Charge 3 is a perfect fitness gift.

Yeti Camino Carryall

You can spray this bag down after a long day at sea, so dump all your wet gear inside to transport home, then hang out to dry while you rinse the Yeti carryall with water. It’s large enough to hold a wetsuit, mask, fins and a dive computer, so you can keep everything in one place, then grab it right before you head out.

The North Face Snowmad 34 Pack

Backcountry skiers have a unique set of tools that they need to haul up and down remote peaks. They need backpacks designed especially for carrying a shovel and probe as well as additional layers, snacks and of course, skis.

Santa Fe Stoneworks Black Mammoth Tooth + Turquiose Vein Damascus Knife

Huckberry teamed up with Santa Fe Stoneworks for these exclusive knives, featuring mammoth tusk recovered from the icy depths of the North Sea. Around 15,000 years of fossilizing under the icy waters leaves these tusks with incredible, one-of-a-kind coloration. The polished tusk accented by elegant Sonoran turquoise veins elevates these small utility knives from handsome everyday carry items to unique works of art.

Jaybird Tarah Pro

The Tarah Pro are really great wireless headphones for serious runners. They have a huge 14-hour battery life and support fast charging (a five-minute charge gets you two hours of playtime). They’re water and sweat resistant (IPX7). And you can customize the EQ in all sorts of cool ways.

Nest Thermostat E

Nest makes the best and smartest thermostats you can buy. This one, the Nest Thermostat E, isn’t as new and pretty as Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation), but it’s more affordable and it has basically the same exact skill sets. And since it’s compatible with all the major voice assistants, it doesn’t matter if your household talks to Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa.

Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro

A weighted vest ups the ante on your workout. Vests are sometimes used by the military to help prepare for the amount of weight they’ll use out in the field. This one is civilian-friendly. It comes standard with 10 pounds of steel weights that you can add or subtract, depending on how you feel. The side lacing adjusts to all body types and works for running, walking, hiking and more.

Smith Lowdown 2 ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses

The wayfarer style of the Lowdown 2 is an easy-to-wear style for almost all face types and never goes out of style. The ChromaPop lens means that colors will look crisp and clear. Megol nose pads keep the sunnies in place during an intense game of beach volleyball or a run in the sand.

Powderhouse Titanium Omni-Heat 3D OutDry Boot

Winter hikers need a boot that can withstand the elements. Columbia’s Powderhouse Titanium Omni-Heat 3D OutDry Boot does that better than most with advanced thermal-reflective lining and a high-grip Michelin outsole. It’s also constructed with OutDry waterproof leather to keep feet warm and dry. The hiker on your list can stay on the trail all winter long with the Powderhouse Titanium Boot.

Jabra Elite 65t

The Elite 65t might be the best true wireless earbuds for anybody working in an office setting. They fit snug and sound good, but more importantly they are built with more microphones than most other earbuds and are fantastic for taking calls.

100% S2 Sunglasses

100%’s S2 is the perfect cross between lifestyle and on-trail performance. The frames are comfortable, the styling is on point and if you opt for the HiPer lens, you’re getting some of the highest quality optics out there.

Alba Optics Delta Sunglasses

Alba Optics’ Delta sunglasses are equal parts retro and contemporary. In shape, they’re reminiscent of styles that shielded the eyes of tour champions during the eighties and nineties, but their nylon and carbon fiber frames are futuristically lightweight and durable while scratch-resistant lenses cut wind and glare. Performance has never been this stylish.

Rega Fono Mini A2D

It’s not uncommon for some older or entry-level turntables to not come with built-in phono stage, which is a problem because you really need one to amplify the signal from your turntable so that it sounds good on your sound system. And this is one of the best phono stages you can get, on a budget or otherwise. It also comes with a USB output so you can digitize your records.

Nike ACG Ruckle Ridge Boot

Following trends set by other outdoor companies, Nike’s crossover hiking boot is aimed more at the urban adventurer than the hardcore outdoorsman. It’s perfectly suitable for light hiking and will draw jealous stares from sneakerheads around town.

Lacie Rugged Hard Drive

For any creative on the move, they need an external harddrive to backup and store their photos, videos, music and other files. And they need one that can handle a drop. Traveling can be hazardous, after-all. This one is just that, plus it works with USB-C, so it’ll work seamlessly with a new MacBook Pro or other USB-C latoptop.

Grovemade Walnut Desk Shelf

Because everything in your desktop setup deserves its own space. There needs to be separation — room to breath — and this shelf helps with just that. Not only can it help eliminate clutter, but it also provides enough space to house a pair of bookshelf speakers on either side of your monitor or computer. Finally, it’s pretty. It’s an elegant combination of American Walnut wood, aluminum and Merino wool felt.

Rivendell Mountain Works Mariposa Summit Pack

City dwellers have to give style as much consideration as technical features when choosing a backpack. Rivendell’s core hiker following runs deep but its Mariposa isn’t too much function for everyday use. Plus, it’s sure to stand out from the crowd of commonly-found big brand bags.

Bertucci A4-T Aero Watch

Bertucci’s watches are built for the outdoorsman. The titanium case, scratch-resistant mineral crystal and Swiss-made quartz movement make this watch nearly indestructible. Best of all? It’s a steal at less than $200.

Jabra Elite Active Earbuds

Whether you listen to Spotify, podcasts or even your workout through headphones, you need a pair that moves with you. The Jabra Elite Active Earbuds stay put through high intensity workouts thanks to multiple different types of ear attachments. Once the battery reads low, pop the earbuds into the charging case for 15-minutes to get a one and a half hour charge. The case itself will power the earbuds for up to 15 total hours of playback. Alexa, Siri and Google assistant also respond to your prompts, so if you get lost on a long run, just make sure to ask the right one for directions.

Goldwin Hooded Pullover Shirt

For those chilly beach mornings that turn into beautiful sunny afternoons, this lightweight polyester hoodie is an easy pick. It’s made in Japan, and the reinforced seams and water-repellency are sturdy enough for whatever island weather throws at you.

Howler Brothers Merlin Jacket

Howler Brothers’ clothing honors the soul, passion and timeless style of sporting goods past. Those iconic silhouettes and designs are then updated to fit the modern explorer’s needs with the best of today’s technology. The Merlin is a hearty cold-weather layer that’s insulated to keep the core nice and toasty, whether you wear it as a standalone jacket or under a weatherproof storm shell.

Killspencer Desk Mat

Made of natural leather and denser than most other desk mats, this will definitely add premium flare to any workstation, which, in the end, is what anybody wants to complement their really nice audio setup.

District Vision Nako

At just 22 grams, these lightweight sunglasses are ideal for dawn and dusk runs. The Black Rose lens will help illuminate your path and the adjustable hypoallergenic rubber nose pads and temple tips keep them in place. There’s nothing worse than sunnies that slip during exercise. No detail goes unnoticed here.

Bose SoundSport Free

A lot of people like Bose headphones and for good reason: they make excellent speakers and headphones, and they’ve been doing so for year. And any of those people will surely like the company’s true wireless earbuds. They carry the same solid sound signature as the company’s other audio products, and are really comfortable. They’re also water- and sweat-resistant, so they’re safe to take on runs or to the gym.

RMU Core Pack

RMU’s Core Pack is an excellent backcountry pack, but it also functions well as a carry on bag. It has 35 liters of space with plenty of organizational pockets for odds and ends.


Stryd is the first wearable for runners that measures power, which is arguably the second-most important metric (other than heart rate) that competitive runners care about. Power lets runners know the intensity of their training, and thus allows them make quick improvements to their workouts without overtraining. Knowing their power also helps them identify inefficiencies in form, technique and muscle strength — basically it helps them get faster. (For more information, read this article as three-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander explains why power matters.)

Sonos One

The Sonos One is essentially a better-sounding Amazon Echo that can also be integrated in an multi-room system with other Sonos speakers. Whether its the first Sonos speaker in somebody’s home, or one of many, the Sonos One is undeniably a terrific gift.

Meridian Explorer 2

We’ve got a couple of these headphone amps floating around the Gear Patrol office. They support sample rates up to 24-bit/192kHz and have a second line-out jack in case you want to hook it up to a stereo amp instead of plugging it into your headphones. A nerdy feature: because it uses your Mac’s or PC’s potentiometer, you can control your music volume from your keyboard. And that’s nice.

Mophie Powerstation USB-C 3XL

This beautiful beast has a 26,000mAh capacity and is powerful enough to charge any of the latest MacBook Pros or MacBook Airs. It has a dedicated 45-watt USB-C input port so you can recharge it quickly. Plus, you can use the same charger you use with your laptop, so you don’t need to travel with all those extra cords.

Biolite FirePit

Whether you’re car camping or huddling up in the backyard to roast some marshmallows, Biolite’s FirePit is a dependable alternative to a ring of stones. It does a fantastic job at mimicking an actual fire pit but makes it portable in a way that no other product has before.

POC Obex SPIN Helmet

POC’s latest safety tech is called SPIN, and it consists of a series of gel-like pads that comfortably line the inside of a helmet and help negate the effects of multi-directional impacts. It’s best applied in the Obex — the little skull protectors are barely noticeable.

UE MegaBoom 3

This is probably the best-sounding portable Bluetooth speaker you can buy. And it’s more affordable than equally-sized options by Bose and JBL. This new model adds a “magic” button right on the speaker, which older models lacked, so you don’t have to get out your phone to play/pause and skip tracks.

The Hauser 10L Hydration Pack From Mission Workshop

Keeping hydrated is just as important for the weekend warrior as any other athlete. But The Hauser Hydration Pack from Mission Workshop presents a comfortable, durable pack that is more than simply a hydration vessel. It’s completely weatherproof and offers plenty of exterior pockets for keeping gear safe yet easily accessible. And with a perforated back panel and shoulder straps, it’ll remain comfy at all times.

De Marchi Replica 1970 Cinelli Jersey

Jersey collecting isn’t just for football and basketball fans. This replica of the first jersey that Cinelli sold in the United States back in 1970 is tastefully-retro, but with merino wool and acrylic fabric and five pockets, it also performs.

POC Tectal Race Helmet

POC’s Tectal Race mountain bike helmet was one of the brand’s first helmets to feature its new SPiN technology. SPiN consists of a handful of rubbery pads that line the inside of the helmet. In the event of a crash, the pads help to reduce rotational forces that are often associated with concussions. In addition to the safety features, the Tectal Race looks badass and is ultra-comfortable.

Danner Vertigo 917 Boot

For decades, Danner has designed the best hiking boots around. And the company drew on that wealth of experience to build something with the urban explorer in mind. The Vertigo 917 is outfitted with all the technical details that make Danner’s trail boots popular, but offers a lightweight sole and twin gores for easy on-and-off. The Vertigo is as ready for the city streets as it is for the far-yonder mountainside.

Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket

Tough, timeless and made in the USA, this jacket is constructed with a waxed and weather-resistant Martexin 7 oz. sailcloth that only gets better with age. Unlike most other waxed truckers on the market, this jacket is soft out of the box and can be worn with just a tee underneath due to the comfortable blanket lining. For the price, you simply can’t beat the quality, construction and versatility of this bad boy.

Desmond & Dempsey Brushed Cotton Jersey Robe

The contrasting navy and teal design on this Desmond & Dempsey patterned robe oozes sophistication, making for a piece that seems would feel right at home among Bruce Wayne’s finest wares.

Evergoods CPL24 Backpack

The CPL 24 is designed for the city but still features the comfort, access and durability demanded by tough outdoor gear. Perfect for any adventurer’s commute or just running errands around town, it’s an undercover workhorse that’s comfortable for all-day carry. With an ergonomic fit and versatile good looks, it’s designed for staying on the move with all your gear securely stowed away, no matter how deep into the urban jungle you go.

August Smart Lock Pro

This smart lock fits directly on your door’s existing deadbolt – you can still use your old keys to unlock the door if you want – and it’ll automatically unlock the door as you approach and then lock behind you (so long as your phone is on your person). If you also buy the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge ($70), you’ll be able to lock and unlock the door remotely, say if you’re at the office and your wife or kids can’t get in. And since it works with all the popular voice assistants – including Siri (HomeKit), Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa – you’ll be able to lock and unlock the door with your voice (if you have Bridge).

HAY Sonos One Limited Edition

The only difference from the Sonos One, the company’s small Alexa-enabled speaker, is that these special edition models are available in more colors than just black or white. There’s yellow, grey, pink, green and red. Even though they’re more expensive (and sound the same), these Sonos One speakers are a neat and fun way to add more flair to your home decor.

Naglev Unico Hiker

Born in the Alps, the Unico brings the heritage of hiking together with contemporary materials in one high-performing trail shoe. It has an upper made of a single piece of durable Kevlar fabric and contains a sock-like wool liner for a conforming fit. It’s as tough as hiking footwear comes.

Db Equipment Douchebag Snow Roller Ski Bag

Despite its name, this ski bag is no joke. It can fit two pairs of skis along with lots of other gear and uses a unique strap system that converts its volume to fit ski lengths as long as 205 centimeters. Best of all, it rolls up into a compact bundle that’ll fit comfortably in a closet or under a bed when ski season ends.

Scribe Labs Runscribe Plus

RunScribe is a more sophisticated (and more expensive) system than Stryd, as it provides more data. It tracks a bunch of metrics, including efficiency, shock, symmetry and power. It works with both iOS and Android, and is compatible with most Garmin smartwatches.

Audioengine A2+ Computer Speakers

Look no further for great desktop speakers. Sure, you can get bigger and louder speakers, which is partly why Audioengine makes the A5+ Wireless speakers, but, for their size the A2+ speakers are amazing. They plug into your computer via USB, have an integrated DAC with high-res listening, and an output for a subwoofer, in case you really want to your system to thunder.

Nemo Equipment Galaxi 2P Tent

Nemo’s mission with the Galaxi tent was to make Nemo quality and innovation available to customers of all experience levels and budgets. Whether it’s your first overnight hike or you’re a seasoned veteran, this tent will provide the shelter you need. The Galaxi features a suite of great fabrics and hardware in an intuitive tent design, with a few unique embellishments to set it apart and deliver the true Nemo camp experience.


Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the next wave of 21st-century technology. And Anki’s Vector provides insight into what that could look like. The home robot is a friendly little guy who brings some pizzazz to your space while providing the weather or answering questions. A forthcoming integration with Amazon’s Alexa means Vector could become the congenial smart hub perfect for any techie’s home.

Russell’s Reserve 2002

These days, Wild Turkey’s perhaps better known for affordable bourbon and an affiliation with Matthew McConaughey than its range of premium whiskey, but this expression from Russel’s Reserve (a sub-brand of Wild Turkey) is something else. It’s a non-chill filtered bourbon, meaning it still carries some of the fatty acids known to make whiskey cloudy when served over ice (some people think they actually help the flavor when preserved), and it’s bottled at barrel proof — two relatively rare things in the world of whiskey, and not often paired.
Suggested Retail Price: $250

Best Gifts Over $250

BioLite FirePit + Solar Cover Bundle

Adjustable intensity, cooking capabilities with two different fuel sources, portability — it even charges phones in a pinch. The list of features for the BioLite FirePit can go on and on. The bottom line: this is the most engineered and advanced fire pit you’ll ever encounter. Yet BioLite somehow managed to keep it simple: insert wood, light a fire, and turn on the fan for the warmth of a wood campfire without the smoke of one.

Osprey Levity 60

When weight is a concern, Opsrey’s Levity 60 is one of the best backpacking and camping backpacks available, (we’ve given it countless awards for this reason). The pack brings the core trend of ultralight camping and backpacking gear to the masses, in an approachable and affordable package.

Smith I/O Mag Goggles

Smith was first on the scene with its interchangeable lens goggles, so it was a bit of a surprise that it took so long for the company to get into magnets. But it’s a good thing that Smith took its time, because the I/O Mag is exceptional, and can be relied upon by skiers who want to be prepared for any light condition.

OtterBox Venture 45 Hard Cooler

OtterBox’s coolers are adaptable and ready for action for everything from a chartered fishing trip to a weekend in the woods. Built to last and backed up by a lifetime guarantee, the Venture 45 is a worry-free ice box to keep provisions cool during weekend trips in the outdoors. Take our word for it: it’s an understatement when we say this cooler means business.

Drake’s Handsewn Tan Carpincho Gloves

Lots of guys have cow leather gloves, but how many own versions cut from capybara? The leather from the world’s largest rodent is supple to the touch but still insanely tough and durable — which means that these gloves are actually stronger than normal leather gloves. And their provenance will make for a great talking point when you’re showing them off.

Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt

Unfamiliar with trail quilts? The best, like Kammok’s Firebelly, are lighter, more versatile alternatives to sleeping bags. Wrap up in one inside a tent or hammock or just use it to keep warm while watching Netflix at home.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a more serious home security camera. It has a 4K sensor and a 12x digital zoom, both of which allow the camera to zoom in and track people as they move in and out of the frame. It also has Google Assistant built directly into it, so that it essentially works as a Google Home smart speaker; it responds to “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google” and it’ll answer most questions (although it won’t be able to play music or make calls).

Master & Dynamic MW07

Hands down, these are the most beautiful and high-end true wireless headphones on the market. They’re made of stainless steel and acetate, the same material used in high-end sunglasses. And they sound terrific. If AirPods don’t fit in your ears, these definitely will; they come with silicone ear tips and ear wings in a variety of sizes.

7mesh Oro Jacket

Don’t let inclement weather prevent you from heading out on your favorite loop. 7mesh’s Oro jacket is built with Gore-Tex Active with ShakeDry, which is Gore’s most breathable waterproof material to date. Even if your ride requires an hours long climb, the Oro will make sure you don’t overheat and will protect you from the rain.

Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair

While it’s certainly not the most portable or lightweight camp chair out there, Yeti’s Hondo Base Camp Chair is perfect for car camping. It’s insanely durable and is one of the comfiest chairs of its type we’ve ever sat in.

Goal Zero Sherpa 100

When electrical outlets aren’t available — as at crowded cafes or remote campsites — a backup battery is essential. The Sherpa 100 packs enough power for phones, cameras and laptops, and it’s airplane-friendly.

Audio-Technica LP120

In the $300-ish price range, there are quite a few entry-level turntables from which you can choose. I like the Audio-Technica LP120. It sounds great, runs quiet and looks cool. Plus it has a USB output so you can connect it to your computer and digitize your records, which is great for those who have a large collection.

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

Peak Design makes some of our favorite outdoor and adventure backpacks. This one, the Travel Backpack 45L, is perfect for photographers. It has special dividers for the camera, lens, adapters and all your other accessories. There are lots of little details, too, like strong magnetic closures, clever clasps, and plenty of interior pouches and pockets. Plus, it’s compact enough to not be a pain when traveling.

(Read our full review of the Travel Backpack 45L, here.)

Yeti Panga

As with everything Yeti designs, there is no forgotten detail in this backpack. It’s waterproof thanks to Hydrolok zippers and a shell that’s puncture-resistant. Whether you’re caught commuting in a rainstorm or out on the boat when the weather turns, this pack will keep your belongings safe and dry.

Gore Wear R7 Gore-Tex Hooded Jacket

Any jacket that shakes dry is a smart one to pack for long days on the trails. Two-layer Gore-Tex means it’s going to keep you dry. The membrane is breathable, so you don’t heat up from the inside out, and when you need a break from it, just stuff it into its pocket and go.

Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speakers

These are some of our favorite passive bookshelf speakers. They share many of the same acoustic characteristics as the British audio company’s famed Concept 20 speakers ($500), the 3020i are significantly more affordable. For the money, they’re terrific bookshelf speakers that you can integrate into any hi-fi system, or you can hook them up to AV reciever as use them as home theater speakers.

Nixon Ultratide, 45mm

The Ultratide pumps out all of the stats you want to know before, during and after your session. Check out surf conditions in realtime, so you’re prepared for whatever tide and swell directions are ahead. The water and air temperatures are game-changers for those who want to hop in somewhere off the grid.

XCEL ThermoFlex TDC SCUBA Wetsuit 3mm

Depending on water temps, you might want a little added protection. Even if the water is warm at a surface level, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be warm down below. The 3-millimeter suit is a pretty bare minimum amount of neoprene to keep you warm in water that’s 68 degrees and up, so not very cold. A full back zipper makes it slightly easier to get on and off.

Giro Aether MIPS

The Aether MIPS might be the safest helmet available thanks to a new technology called MIPS Spherical. In it, an outer shell sits on top of and moves independently from an inner shell, which makes contact with the head. The design protects against multi-directional impacts, but the Aether is also incredibly lightweight and aerodynamic.

Light & Motion Seca Race 2500

Some of the best and most rewarding rides start long before the sun rises. When taking on these types of endeavors, being able to see each and every bump and undulation in the trail is absolutely crucial. We’d only trust one light for the job: Light & Motion’s Seca Race 2500.

Sonos Connect

The Sonos Connect is ideal for anybody who wants to add Sonos speakers, or just generally stream music, to their existing analog system. It can be added to pretty much any receiver. If you don’t have a receiver, you should go with the Connect:Amp ($499) instead, which is an amplified version of the Connect. The Connect:Amp also works better if the system has a dedicated subwoofer.

Brilliant Two Switch Panel

This is a more sophisticated smart switch that is capable of controlling everything. It works will a ton of smart home ecosystems, including Alexa, Nest, Google Assitant, SmartThings, Honeywell and Sonos, and can control your lights, music, temperature and more – all in one location. It also acts as a smart display, able to show you things like weather as well as a live feed from your smart security camera or smart doorbell. There’s a lot to unpack with the Brilliant Two Switch Panel, but it’s an excellent gift for those who already have a bunch smart home devices.

Apple HomePod

For anybody who has an iPhone and an Apple Music subscription, and who is willing to spend $349 on a speaker, the HomePod is going to be your best bet. Here are three reasons why: one, the HomePod automatically calibrates and tunes the sound for the room its in, so it’ll sound really good; two, it can answer a ton of music-related questions, such as who was singing background vocals or when the album was released, which no other smart speaker can do; and, three, you can ask it to send or read out your iMessages, or call your friends. It’s worth reiterating, you need to be an Apple Music subscriber to get the most out of HomePod.

Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise-Canceling Headphones

Out of all the noise-canceling headphones we’ve tested, the Sony WH-1000XM3 reign king. They offer the best active noise-canceling. They sound great. And they’re more feature-rich than any other of their competitors. The addition of a USB charging port is a nice modern touch, too.

(Read our full review of the Sony WH-1000XM3, here.)

Kuat Grip Ski Rack

Keep slush out of your car. Kuat, a company well known for its bike racks, just made an easier way to throw skis on top of any rig with an easy-to-install ski rack that includes a slide-out tray.

Anker Nebula Capsule

Who says you can’t enjoy a big screen movie at a backcountry campsite? Anker’s Nebula Capsule is no bigger than a soda can, runs on an internal battery and can project a screen up to 100 inches.

Sony WH-1000M3 Noise-Canceling Headphones

The Sony WH-1000XM3s are the best overall noise-canceling headphones. It’s as simple as that. If noise-canceling ability and sound quality are the two priorities in headphones, than these are our hands-down favorite. The kicker is that they charge via USB-C, which not a lot of wireless headphones do yet, meaning you can use charge them with the same cable you use with your MacBook Pro or new MacBook Air.

Picture Zephir Jacket

Picture gets that skiers need powder skirts, taped seams, wrist guards and blizzard-worthy waterproof fabrics. But it also knows that they want lots of pockets, a slightly loose fit and a nifty curved zipper that gives your chin a little extra breathing room.

Garmin Edge 820

Serious riders rely on data. Garmin’s cycling-specific Edge 820 calculates everything from speed, distance and elevation to heart rate, cadence and VO2 max, all in a tiny package that mounts to the front of your handlebars. Maps and routes are also packed in so you and your group can navigate on the fly.

Bose QC35 II Noise-Canceling Headphones

The QC35 IIs are still the lightest, most comfortable and most travel-friendly headphones that I’ve ever worn. They sound terrific and have excellent noise-canceling capabilities. One thing that I really appreciate, is that they’re uncomplicated. Unlike the Sony WH-1000M3 noise-canceling headphones — which are excellent as well — you don’t have to deal with swipe gestures on the earcups, which I always hit by accident and pause the song or skip tracks when I don’t want to.

Western Mountaineering Caribou MF 35

Western Mountaineering makes some of the best down sleeping bags on the market, right here in the USA. The Caribou will keep you comfortable down to 35 degrees and is stuffed with 850-fill goose down.

BlackYak Modicana Jacket

Blackyak categorizes the Modicana as a “midshell” — it’s neither an outer- or mid-layer, but both at the same time. The jacket is soft to the touch, breathable and stretchy, but it’s also waterproof and warm with a merino wool lining. It’s about as technical as a shell can get, and versatile enough for activities beyond the hiking trail too.

Pieps Micro BT Beacon

The Pieps Micro is one of the smallest, most powerful avalanche beacons on the market. Unlike many avalanche beacons, the Micro is just that — tiny. You’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing it. And in the event of the worst case scenario, the Micro automatically goes into search mode when taken out of its holster.

Stuart & Lau Regimen Gym Bag

If your friend can’t stop talking about he loves blasting his quads at Equinox, this Stuart & Lau gym bag heightens a standard offering to a truly all-in-one option. With incredible features like a ventilated shoe compartment, a locker hook, phone pocket and a laptop sleeve (!) this bag has everything but the kitchen sink.

Nest Secure Starter Kit

For anybody who has a Nest Learning Thermostat or a Nest Cam Indoor (or Outdoor), this starter kit — consisting of one Nest Guard (a smart hub), two Nest Detects (magnetic door or window sensors) and two Nest Tag (smart keys) — is a great way to build out your smart home. It’s Nest’s first smart security system and uses the same app as Nest’s other devices. Essentially, if you want an easy way to know if your kids (or strangers) are coming and going, this is a great way to keep them in check.

Schiit Audio Jotunheim

For anybody searching for the ultimate desktop audio setup, they should seriously consider the Jotunheim. It’s a really nice headphone amplifier, but you can also customize it to add an internal DAC or phono preamp. And even though $399 seems expensive, all Schiit Audio’s stuff is shipped direct to consumer, so it’s actually worth a lot more than that.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch has been the “best smartwatch you can buy” for several years now, and the Series 4 only makes the case stronger. It’s thinner, more beautiful and decked out with a bigger display than any other Apple Watch before. It’s great for notifications, fitness tracking, and quickly iMessaging friends. The only caveat: make sure the person you are shopping for has an iPhone. If so, they’ll love it.

GoPro HERO7 Black

The HERO7 Black is GoPro’s most advanced camera yet. The HyperSmooth technology offers built-in gimble stabilzation to ensure the weekend warrior will never have to worry about shaky footage again. Also presenting the ability to livestream directly to social media and incredible hands-free capabilities means the weekend warrior can create around those limited adventures and still come away with some wonderful footage to share.

Bose Home 500 Speaker

This is Bose’s first smart speaker and it comes with Amazon’s Alexa built right in. Essentially, it works just like an Echo speaker, but, again, it sounds significantly better. It has two custom drivers that enable it, according to Bose, to produce a “soundstage wider than any other smart speaker.” Another cool feature, which the Apple’s HomePod lacks, is a screen. Here, the Home 500 can show things like the song title and the album artwork.

Backcountry x Flylow Mill D Bib Pant

Backcountry took 22 years of customer service intel only a gear retailer can have and used it to team up with Flylow and create an awesome pair of bibs. They’re super light, waterproof, breathable and include never-before-created features, like a strap for securing climbing skins beneath your jacket.

K2 Broadcast

K2’s Broadcast is about as close as it gets to the proverbial quiver killer. The Twin Combination Camber allows you to blast through crud and crust while still maintaining fantastic control and edge hold in the turns.

Johnston’s of Elgin Cashmere Travel Set

This suitcase-friendly travel set includes socks, an eye mask, and a blanket — all of which will make for a perfect companion for a first class trip to Kashmir … while they’re decked out in cashmere.

K2 Maysis Heat

No one likes cold feet. That’s why K2 developed the Maysis Heat, a high-performance heated snowboard boot that actually works. Don’t let sub-zero days on the hill scare you off any longer.

Tateossian Globe Oceanic Cufflinks

It’s not quite like having the whole world in your hands, but it’s certainly as close as one can come to that. Made from pure silver with incredible details (the globe opens!), these cufflinks are sure to be incredible conversation starters.

Sonos Connect:Amp

If you turn the passive bookshelf speakers that you already own into wireless speakers that you can stream to, or you want to integrate them with your Sonos speakers, you want to get the Sonos Connect:Amp. You just wire your passive speakers into it and it acts as a receiver. It can also power a subwoofer, which the Sonos Connect cannot. (Note: the Sonos Connect works similarly to the Connect:Amp but it needs to use your existing receiver.)

Pro-Ject Juke Box E

More than just a turntable, this is an all-in-one system. Built into the body is a Bluetooth receiver, a power amplifier and a phono stage. So, you just have to you just plug it in, add some nice speakers, and you’ve got a high-end hi-fi system.

Mammut Barryvox S Beacon

An avalanche beacon is a required article for backcountry exploration. Mammut’s latest is for the most serious of that group and comes with the most technologically advanced feature set available in a beacon (it includes a 70-meter range and a smart search mode). But it’s fit for beginners who are just starting to wander beyond resort boundaries too.

Garmin Forerunner 935

This is a more serious running and multisport watch than the above Apple Watch. It can help said athletes training for specific types of races, such as triathlons, by tracking metrics and managing transition times. And other than being a really reliable GPS tracker, it also works with a bunch of third-party apps, such as Final Surge and TrainingPeaks, as well external sensors and power meters — all things that athletes depend on.

Q Acoustics Concept 20

Even though they’ve been around for few years, the Concept 20 passive bookshelf speakers are still considered some of the best bookshelf speakers you can buy. They have a special cabinet design that almost completely eliminates distortion, meaning the only sound you are getting is from the drivers themselves.

Salomon S/LAB Shift MNC Binding

Salomon figured out how to make a touring binding that goes downhill as well as it goes up; it’s essentially two bindings in one, and perfect for the skier who only wants to own one pair of skis.

Splurge Gifts

Compex Wireless 2.0 Muscle Stimulator

Muscle stimulation has been shown to help your muscles warm up and recover faster. Typically, it’s found at physical therapy and rehab locations, as well as in the trainer’s quiver for pro athletes. The Compex TENS machine is quite the splurge, but will seriously help you recover. The muscle stimulator not only helps reduce the risk of injury and promotes faster recovery, it can also help improve your speed and power, as well as endurance. Simply place the pads where you want them on your body, pick the program that works for you, and go.

Inis Meain Boatbuilder Turtleneck

Sure, a turtleneck is a menswear staple, but do you have a turtleneck that was designed to keep fishermen and boatbuilders warm in inclement weather? We bet not.

Suunto 9 Baro

Suunto’s 9 Baro is the ultimate trail runner’s watch. It’s got a shockingly long battery life and will track virtually every activity if you do more than trail run.

Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro

If you’ve ever ridden a rental mountain bike, we’d bet that you don’t plan on doing it again. Save yourself the pain and frustration of forever trying to dial in a rental bike and opt instead to travel with your own bike. Evoc’s bike bags are the best available and will ensure that your bike makes it to the trailhead safe and sound.

Begg & Co. Ombré Cashmere Scarf

Hand-dyed and made from buttery soft Scottish cashmere, this ombré Begg & Co scarf is opulent way to polish off any winter outfit. When it’s blisteringly cold out, you won’t want to take it off.

Apogee Duet

For musicans, producers and audio engineers, the Duet is a great portable USB audio interface. It has two analog inputs and four outputs, so you connect it to your computer as well as your guitar, mixing board, or keyboard — whatever — and record up to 192kHz / 24-bit. It’s simple and beautiful, and thanks to a software upgrade the Duet works with Mac, PC or iOS devices.

Black Diamond Boundary Pro 107 Ski

Having a pair of versatile skis to handle a variety of conditions is how serious skiers optimize time on the hill. Black Diamond’s Boundary Pro 107 Skis are pro-approved big-mountain freeride skis with increased torsional stiffness for aggressive, powerful skiing. The Austrian-made skis are constructed with pre-preg fiberglass and a poplar wood core for big lines and high speeds in just about any sort of snow.

Thule Motion XT Alpine

End the days of torturing the trunk of your car with snow and grime from your snowboard. Thule’s Motion XT Alpine offers room for multiple boards, boots and helmets without killing your car’s aerodynamics and gas mileage.

Laphroaig 28

New this fall, 28 is one of Laphroaig’s oldest expressions ever. It’s not often you see a whiskey pass the quarter-century mark. The liquid was selected from casks of different sizes before moved to Sherry casks for the final 12 months of the maturing process. Expect notes of baked pears and salted toffee, as well as a eye-watering price tag.
Suggested Retail Price: $799

Google Pixel 3

Not only is the Pixel 3 the best Android smartphone you can buy, it also has the best smartphone camera system. It takes better and more realistic portrait, landscape and low-light photos than the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And it’s video capabilities — focus tracking, zooming and optical stabilization — and really impressive.

(Read our full review of the Google Pixel 3, here.)

Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot

Developed with professional skier Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson over four years, Dynafit’s latest boot is a lightweight touring boot that achieves the performance capabilities of a downhill boot. Its highly-engineered lock system uses a single lever that transitions the boot from walk mode to downhill mode, and the goal achieved is simplicity; no more messing around with buckles and switches, just one, easy-to-access lever.

Tom Ford Shirt and Tie Box Set

You know those pre-paired shirt and tie combinations you see at your local department store? This is the Bugatti version of that.

Naim Mu-So Qb

In my opinion, this is the best reference quality hi-fi speaker that supports AirPlay 2. The Mu-So Qb supports Bluetooth aptX, Spotify Connect and Tidal, too. It’s a relatively small speaker, about the size of a HomePod, but can deliver 300 watts of beautifully lucid sound. And like other Naim speakers, you get arguably the most tactile and satisfying volume knobs in the business.

The Depict Frame

A new home means empty walls, and the Depict Frame is a clever way to fill them. The 49-inch 4K UHD digital frame delivers a totally unique art-viewing experience with more than 700 exclusively curated works of art displayable with the app. For the smart home, it’s a must.

Wahoo Kickr Core Smart Trainer

It can be hard to get up early and ride when the temperatures drop. The Kickr Core creates an indoor ride that’s pretty close to the version you’d get outdoors by recreating the resistance and variable grades found on well-traveled routes. Upgrades that simulate shifting winds and the steepest roads in the Alps are also available.

Hilleberg Nammatj 2 GT

Hilleberg’s bomb-proof tents have accompanied expeditions across the globe and are standard-issue at the National Outdoor Leadership School. The all-season Nammatj 2 GT sleeps two, has a vestibule for gear storage and is very easy to pitch with a handy one-piece design, all of which make it suitable for the weathered pro and the casual weekend warrior alike.

BenQ SW271 Monitor

For photographers, graphic designers and other creatives, this is one of our favorite 4K external monitors. It’s a 27-inch IPS monitor that supports HDR and really wide color gamuts. And there are wide-range of ports built right into the back, including USB-C, USB 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort and an SD card reader. It also comes with a light hood.

Devialet Phantom Reactor 600

The French audio company’s Phantom line of wireless speakers are super cool. Not only are they bonafide hi-fi speakers, but they also provide a visceral listening experience. Their two huge woofers work in perfect symmetry and look like a pounding heart beat as they pump bass throughout the room. Devialet recently released smaller and less powerful versions of their Phantom speakers, called the Phantom Reactor, which are way more affordable.

Suunto EON Core

An analog gauge with a clean color display and up to 20-hours of dive time makes this an easy-to-use dive computer. With just three buttons and five dive modes, the Suunto EON core is a fresh upgrade.

McIntosh RS100 Wireless Speaker

For anybody who’s an audiophile or just a design enthusiast, the RS100 is a gorgeous wi-fi speaker. It has the famed glowing-blue power meter and tactile knobs that all McIntosh amplifiers and receivers have become synonomous with. And it’s engineered to sound fantastic; there’s a “Critical Listening” mode that allows native playback of up to 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution files with no down-sampling. The RS100 can be integrated into any DTS Play-Fi multi-room system, so its not limited to working with just its own kind, like Sonos. And it supports Alexa controls, so if they already have an Alexa-enabled speaker, they’ll be able to use voice commands to play music on the RS100.

Ikon Pass

For the dedicated rider, the Ikon Pass is the ultimate gift. It’s a season pass that grants you access to resorts all across the globe. Some of the headline destinations include Niseko United in Japan, The Remarkables in New Zealand, Valle Nevado in Chile and Mammoth Mountain in California, but there are tons more as well. Chances are, there’s a resort near you.

Haydenshapes HS Hypto Krypto F/Flex Surfboard

This board comes in a 5’4 and 5’10 size option, so it’s versatile and a breeze to paddle. The Hypto Krypto has consistently rated among the top surfboards available since its release.

Santos de Cartier Sunglasses

These Cartier Aviator sunglasses reference the brand’s history in flight (the first wristwatch, developed for a pilot, was Cartier) and also include an incredible leather detailing on the bridge. They’re what Maverick would have worn if he were cooler, and had $1,100 to spend on sunglasses.

KEF LSX Wireless Music System

The KEF LS50 Wirelss are active powered bookshelf speakers that sound simply spectacular — they also cost $2,200. If you can’t quite afford those, KEF just introduced these LSX, which are essentially just smaller and less powerful versions of the LS50 Wirelss. They cost half as much, yet still sound spectacular, and you can stream music (wi-fi or Bluetooth) to them or hook even them up to your TV.

Red Paddle Co. Ride MSL

Whether you are looking to get in a good workout rowing against the tide, want to try your hand at yoga on the water or want to bring your pet with you on an adventure, an inflatable paddle board makes it possible. This one comes with a pump, phone case and pressure gauge, which all pack down into a backpack for seamless transport.

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 VI

The latest addition to Sony’s popular RX100 line of compact cameras is a specialist in superzoom. It has a wide 24–200mm lens — ridiculous for a camera its size — and promises to provide significantly better magnification than the Sony’s previous best compact camera, the RX100 V, which has a 24-70mm lens. If you’re somebody taking photos of landscapes or far-off subjects, this little guy blows all the latest smartphones way out of the water.

2018 MacBook Air

This is the first MacBook Air — Apple’s most popular beloved laptop — with a Retina display and Touch ID. It’s beautiful, slim and has two Thunderbolt USB-C ports. It essentially feels like a slightly less powerful MacBook Pro, but it’s thinner, lighter and more affordable. For most people, this is the new laptop to buy right now.

Bluesound Vault 2

This is a digital music player and CD ripper. For anybody that has a large CD collection, this is great. It’s able to quickly rip CDs into high-resolution FLAC or smaller MP3 files — your choice. Also, with a plethera of analog and digital connections, you can easily integrate this into an existing stereo or home theatre system and play great audio. No computer needed.

Qamea Luxury Dive Resort

Fiji can seem like a faraway spot, but it’s the perfect place for a SCUBA diving adventure. A dive trip to Qamea offers 15 different dive sites so you can enjoy a dive trip, finish up your PADI certification and more. Prices depend on how many tanks you want, so plan around that.

Apple Watch Hermès

While a standard Apple Watch has been a gift-giving staple since its inception, the brand’s collaboration with Hermès is a perfect partnership between two companies known for their dedication to detail, design and luxury.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Automatic Two-Tone Watch

SCUBA divers know the importance of a dependable dive watch. While plenty offer passable capabilities, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Automatic Two-Tone brings both high-end performance and a superior luxurious look. The 44mm stainless steel case offers a unidirectional mineral crystal bezel and is paired with a distinct five-link, two-tone bracelet. While it’s water resistant to 200 meters, this proficient diver is a fashion timepiece that can elevate any look on land.

Definitive Technology BP9080x

For those looking for bigger and more dynamic speakers, and that are willing to spend a little more for them, Definitive Technology’s BP9080x are some of the best floor-standing speakers you can buy (that aren’t ludicrously expensive). Not only do they look stunning, but nearly every hi-fi publication has given them near perfect marks.

Shinola Bookshelf Speakers

The Shinola Bookshelf Speakers have been engineered from the ground up by Barefoot Sound, a leading manufacturer of pro-audio recording monitors, so they sound great. They have all the analog inputs needed to make great bookshelf or stereo speakers, but they also have built-in Bluetooth, so you hit a button on the back and you can stream stereo straight from your smartphone.

Edward Green Camden Boots

Made from one entire unsplit suede skin, this Chelsea boot from history-making British shoemaker Edward Green will retain its structure and shape throughout consistent use.

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date

With a gorgeous blue dial, a perfectly proportioned 40mm case and a stainless steel bracelet, the Big Crown Pointer Date is the perfect update of a classic timepiece. The “pointer date” is an elegant, alternative way to display a date, and this is truly one of the best executions of the complication.


Vince Reversible Shearling Jacket

Shearling jackets are already an inherently luxe menswear product, but this reversible take from Vince ensures you’ll have plenty of versatility — the leather exterior offers a rich look, while the other side looks like the best fleece money could buy — all while looking like a certified badass.

2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro remains Apple’s ultimate laptop for app developers, photographers, videographers and music producers. The 2018 model is more powerful thanks to Intel’s 8th-gen chipset. It has more more memory and SSD storage. And it has an improved, quieter keyboard. And, of course, Retina display is still as gorgeous as ever.

(Read our full review of the 2018 MacBook Pro, here.)

Doxa Sub 1200T Professional 1200T PRO

If you’re looking for a serious watch for the water, you can’t do much better than a Doxa. The Sub 1200T exudes 1960s charm with its orange dial and patented decompression time bezel, making this the ultimate diver’s timepiece. Of course, if you don’t dive, the 1200T is perfectly suited to the beach, as well.


LG B8 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

We could go on and on about how and why OLED TVs are better than traditional LCD TVs. We could talk about superior contrast and more vibrant colors, but they bottom line is that they just look better. And LG makes the best OLED TVs in the business.


Bell and Ross Aviation BR0392-BL-ST

Bell & Ross’s bread and butter is building watches inspired by the world of aviation, and the aircraft gauge-themed BR0392-BL-ST is a case in point: the square-shaped, stainless steel case, stark black dial and white-tipped sword hands exude a military-themed cool in which form always follows function.


Symbol Audio Modern Record Player

For anybody who wants an all-in-one solution to play their records, this is one of our favorites. The Modern Record Player has an integrated turntable, amplifier and speaker, plus you can stream music to it via Bluetooth, Airplay, Chromecast. Heck, you can even have it outfitted with a Sonos Connect so it can be integrated into your exisiting Sonos set-up.

Tudor Black Bay GMT

Having caused quite a stir upon its release, the Black Bay GMT made the aesthetics and functionality of the famed Rolex GMT Master line available at a significantly lower price point. With its beautiful dual-color bezel, rivet-style bracelet and in-house, chronometer-certified movement, the Black Bay GMT is hard not to love.


Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera

Nikon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera manages to match Sony’s renowned mirrorless models, but Nikon is giving photographers upgrading to pro-am gear a little bit extra to consider: including fast 493-point autofocus capabilities that cover over 90 percent of the frame, 4K video, 9fps shooting and a top-mounted display that gives photographers better access to exposure and battery life. Then there’s Nikon’s new Z Mount System — it’s the first time Nikon has used an interchangeable lens mount other than the F Mount. The good news is Nikon will offer a first-party adapter so all F-Mount DSLR lenses will have full functionality on the new Z system.

Nomos Zurich 806

The Nomos Zurich 806 has won several design awards, and it’s not difficult to see why. With its complex case geometry, simple, Bauhaus design language, easily legible dial and in-house Epsilon automatic movement, the Zurich is a watch that exudes timelessness through restraint and class. A true “watch guy’s” watch.


Technogym MyRun

Looking to seriously upgrade your home gym? Technogym creates high-quality and incredibly sleek workout machines, including a treadmill. The MyRun combines the power of a moving cushioned belt with intelligent technology that knows when you step on the treadmill, how fast your step frequency is and how long your stride is. MyRun digests all that data to give you actionable tips like increasing your cadence to keep you healthy and running for longer.

Rocket Espresso R60V

There’s one thing that the Italians take as seriously as their bicycles: coffee. Like bikes, coffee should be simple, pure and powerful, and that means espresso. Rocket Espresso’s R60V machine is the choice of over 90 professional cyclists, and brings the power and quality of the café to your kitchen counter so that you can pull the perfect shot for you and the rest of your cycling crew after a long Sunday ride.

Breitling Superocean Heritage

Based on a model first released in 1957, the Superocean Heritage packs a lot of watch into 42mm, including a scratchproof ceramic bezel, steel mesh bracelet, steel case with water resistance down to 200m, and a chronometer-certified, in-house automatic movement.


Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

One of the most iconic wristwatches of all time, the Omega Speedmaster is the watch that accompanied American astronauts to the moon. The modern Speedmaster Professional harkens back to the late 1960s models with its Hesalite acrylic crystal, manually-wound 1861 movement and 42mm case.


Tag Heuer Monaco CAW2111

A motosports icon, the Monaco is perhaps most famous for its association with famed actor Steve McQueen, but the original version stands on its own in horological circles for having featured the first automatic chronograph movement. This modern update features the Calibre 12 movement and a beautiful blue dial.


Cartier Tank Americaine Large

The Cartier Tank embodies the idea of elegance perhaps better than any other watch design, but some men find the original case proportions a bit small by modern standards. The Americaine Large has a bigger, elongated 26mm by 45mm case and an automatic movement, bringing this classic timepiece firmly into the 21st century.


Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake

Featuring Seiko’s unique Spring Drive hybrid movement as well as a titanium case and bracelet and a 72-hour power reserve, the Spring Drive Snowflake is proof that Japanese watchmakers make some of the best values in high-end timepieces, a playing field once dominated by Swiss and German firms.


Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

Originally developed so that polo players could prevent damage to their watches, the Reverso is so called due to its reversible dial, one side of which features the watch itself while the second side is blank and can be personally engraved. A version with a manually-winding movement retains the vintage charm of the original.


Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days Acciaio

With a classic 1950s cushion case, patented crown protection device and in-house movement, the PAM00372 is a modern iteration of a tool watch icon. Though the 47mm case diameter won’t work for everyone, if you can pull it off, you’ll be wearing one of the coolest designs in the history of dive watches.


IWC Portofino Hand-Wound 8 Days

Wristwatches with 8-day power reserves are impressive on their own, but finding one that pairs a beautifully finished, in-house movement with an elegant dial available in multiple colors is a truly difficult proposition. IWC, however, which has been crafting watches for 150 years, has clearly delivered.


Vacheron Constantin Overseas

Alright, so maybe this is a tad heavy-duty for a First Luxury Watch, but go big or go home, right? With a 37-jewel movement, interchangeable bracelet and strap system and 150 meters of water resistance, the Overseas may be a luxury timepiece, but it’s also a robust travel companion that’s available in multiple configurations.


Rolex GMT-Master II

While the new GMT-Master II “Pepsi” model has stolen the hearts of collectors and newbies alike, the “Batman” version with its black and blue bezel is a striking alternative, and a beautiful watch in its own right. With its chronometer-certified 3186 movement that displays a second time zone, the “Batman” is the quintessential traveler’s watch.


Luis Morais 14-Karat Gold Bracelet

A bracelet is an easy way to jazz up any outfit, but a golden chain will add some warmth for these colder months.

Ortus Crocodile Primula Briefcase

A truly unique and one of a kind bag — and we mean that literally: this bag is the only one of its kind in the world been made — this briefcase is a walking flex. Made entirely of crocodile skin and hand-threaded, it is the pinnacle of luxury. But what’s even more luxurious is knowing that no one else has something like it.

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