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While knives dull and non-stick pans lose their coating after a while, one kitchen staple only gets better with time: the cast-iron skillet. One of the most versatile pieces of cookware you can have, a cast-iron skillet can do everything from searing the perfect steak to baking that holiday pie you make every year. Right now, our favorite cast iron is on sale, making for a deal you can’t miss.

Field Company’s machined-smooth skillets are some of the best all-around pans money can buy. The surface is exceptional, allowing for more even cooking than the pebbly surface of a less-expensive option. They’re lighter than most cast iron, meaning you won’t need Hulk-level forearm strength to give your veggies a simple toss. And unlike many of the new cast-iron skillets you can buy, the pre-seasoning is second to none, utilizing a multi-layer grapeseed seasoning that makes them nearly non-stick right out of the box.

Code BOGOHO gets you half-off your second skillet (of equal or less value), BUY2GET1 gets you a free skillet when you buy two and BUY3GET2, you guessed it, nets you two free Field skillets when you buy three.


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