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What happens when you gather a bunch of historical and well-loved air-cooled Porsches together (besides seeing cars such as the Gmund Porsche that won the marque’s first victory at Le Mans in 1955)? You get Porsches of all flavors in attendance, of course, such as this subtle-green Ruf pictured above.

This year’s Luftgekuehlt gathering in LA was packed with hundreds of air-cooled Porsches across several generations. To say there were rare cars at the event would be an understatement. It’s probably one of the few places a Ruf can show up and feel mundane in comparison to its counterparts.

Luftgekuehlt is a Celebration of Air Cooled Porsches Bruce Canepa's 917s

Ruf, the German automaker best known for its CTR and its run around the Nürburgring, has been modifying Porsches and building off their chassis since the mid-1970s. We wouldn’t mind driving this green Ruf, even if it doesn’t look as wild as the great Yellowbird.