2018 sees the 35th year of trading for Germany’s tuning specialist G-Power. They have unveiled a special 35th Anniversary Edition of the BMW M3 to celebrate. The classic shape of the previous generation M3 is a perfect choice of celebratory model. The German tuning company claims to have sold close to 1,000 supercharger systems for the BMW M3 with almost 3,000 in total during its 35 years of trading.

The 35th Anniversary Edition supercharger system costs just 2,250 euros and opens the taps to an additional 80 hp. Peak horsepower is improved to 501 hp as a result and the addition of a supercharger helps to create an instant response for that power and a wildly different feel to the V8 powerplant.

The M3 is still G Power’s most successful tuning model to date. It has branched out in more recent years to tune other BMW’s, M5’s and M6’s for example. It has also toyed with the lower end of the BMW scale too, the humble 125d for example!