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With McLaren’s second-gen Super Series heading to its unveiling at the Geneva motor show, the British automaker has been doing its due diligence with various teasers of the successor to the 650S. The latest, a video of the new car dishing out copious amounts of drift, is certainly making us excited.

And as cool as it is to see a supercar doing supercar things on a beautiful track, with McLaren chief test driver Chris Goodwin discussing slip angles, the big news is the car’s stopping power.

Of course McLaren’s new Super Series can drift Photo 1 2-23-17

Carbon-ceramic discs are standard on the new McLaren Super Series. Photo by McLaren

From 124 mph, the second-gen Super Series can come to a stop in 4.6 seconds in 117 meters (384 feet). That’s on par with the McLaren P1, which can make the same stop in 4.5 seconds and 116 meters.

The added stopping power is thanks to lighter, stiffer brake calipers, standard carbon-ceramic discs and an optimized brake-pedal feel. Those binders work with the bespoke Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, designed specifically for the new cars. 

We expect to get all the details when McLaren officially pulls the covers off the car March 7.