When the redesigned all-new Volkswagen Jetta broke cover earlier this year, the first thing to jump out was how big of a leap the interior made over the current Jetta. Now, Volkswagen announced the pricing of the 2019 Jetta will be $18,545.

Of course, that’s only $100 down on the current Jetta’s price tag, but that price drop is more significant than you think. In 2010, the Volkswagen Jetta cost $17,605 before it received a redesign and dropped in price to $15,365 in 2011. In the seven years since the affordable sedan received no major mechanical or style updates yet the price tag swelled more than $3,000.

For 2019, the Jetta benefits from a design update, but the most significant selling point is how Volkswagen is bringing the Jetta’s interior on par with the base Audi A4. There’s more leather to run your hands over and the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit makes an appearance, raising the little four-doors game more than a few levels.

Based on how the Jetta’s price tag has fluctuated over the years — even considering inflation and market conditions — it’s safe to assume the next-generation Jetta will be at it’s most affordable as soon as it comes out. Otherwise, if you want a deal, you’ll have to wait for another five or so years until the eighth generation Jetta breaks cover.

Initial Impressions

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