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McLaren premiered an “innovative design study” at the 2016 CES in Las Vegas on Wednesday. The 675LT JVCKenwood Concept incorporates a bunch of JVC and Kenwood technologies like side view mirror cameras, digital screens and a head-up display. Apparently the two audio companies have combined and are now known as JVCKenwood, hence the clunky name.

Peter Wilkins led the McLaren design team that installed the Caroptronics system in the 675LT. That system has three components including the HUD, digital cameras for the side mirrors and the digital rearview mirror which replaces the standard piece.

The HUD system replaces the instrument cluster, projecting all the important stats on the windshield, requiring very little eye movement. The side view cameras are built to reduce drag resistance, while helping downforce (a very little bit) at higher speed. The DVRM uses a combination of three cameras to offer a wider field of view, reducing the blindspot area.

McLaren 675LT JVCKenwood concept

The steering wheel is borrowed from the most exclusive McLaren model, the track-devoted McLaren P1™ GTR, with the IPAS and DRS buttons replaced by positioning controls for the Head-Up Display (HUD) with fighter plane inspired graphics.

As for the non-digital parts of the interior, Wilkins uses a mix of fabrics. Carbon black napa leather adorns the dashboard, upper beltline and floor tunnel. A fabric McLaren calls Geometric black technical helps prevent reflections for the driver. The usual center console is removed, adding space, while the steering wheel is borrowed from the P1 GTR. Conventional gauges are replaced with a vent providing cooling air directly to the driver. Orange accents are splashed throughout, on the restraints, seats and seatbelt guides.

Outside changes include the cameras instead of mirrors, silver racing stripes and onyx black bodywork. 

This is just a concept, so there’s no pricing or on-sale date, but these technologies — especially the side-view mirrors — will surely become more common as they become cheaper.

If you get a chance to go to CES, the JVCKenwood Concept is at stand 1702 in the North Hall until Jan. 9.