Ferrari is readjusting its electric car timeline. Earlier, the company’s chairman Sergio Marchionne had said that an electric Ferrari would be part of its 2018-2022 strategy, but now it seems that the advent of the full-electric era is being pushed into the future.

As recently as January’s NAIAS show in Detroit, Marchionne stated, “If there’s an electric supercar to be built, then Ferrari will be the first.” Automotive News reports that Marchionne recalibrated that claim in a company meeting on April 13, saying that a full-electric Ferrari “is not relevant at the moment.” If there will be an electric Ferrari, it will be announced after 2022. Earlier than any of that, Marchionne had called an electric Ferrari “an obscene concept,” adding, “You would have to shoot me first.”

It is likelier that Ferrari will keep gasoline engines as part of all its models for now, even if they get boosted by hybrid technology. Marchionne said Ferrari is debating which of its production models will be electrified in the future; earlier in Detroit, he had said that the company’s first series production hybrid will debut at the Frankfurt motor show in fall of 2019. There have been limited-edition hybrid Ferraris already, the LaFerrari and its topless Aperta version.

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