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Subaru of America’s vehicle lineup will have a major role in celebrating the company’s 50th anniversary in the United States.

Subaru said Tuesday it plans to offer 50th anniversary editions across its entire car and light-truck lineup.

The special editions will feature a new, common color and a distinct badge that reads “Subaru in America since 1968.” The 50th anniversary editions will be based on a high-level trim, the company said.

Additional details will be released during the Chicago Auto Show in February.

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Subaru’s American arm was established on Feb. 15, 1968, as part of a second wave of Japanese automakers to set up sales in the U.S. It’s currently on a 71-month streak of consecutive sales increases in the U.S.

In 2016, Subaru sold a record 615,132 vehicles in the U.S., the first time it cleared the 600,000 mark. Deliveries have jumped 6.4 percent to 532,893 through October this year, and the company is on track to set another annual sales record.

Subaru, based in Cherry Hill, N.J., since 1986, is set to move into an all-new headquarters in nearby Camden, N.J., in 2018.

Subaru readies special editions to mark 50 years in U.S.” originally¬†appeared in Automotive News on 11/21/2017

By Jack Walsworth at Automotive News