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Ahead of the Geneva motor showMcLaren revealed some details about the next generation of McLaren Super Series cars. The upcoming supercars will take in more air than the currently available cars, and they’ll sport a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8. For those unfamiliar with modern McLaren V8 engines, that’s a 0.2-liter increase over the 3.8-liter turbocharged V8 you can get in a 650S.

Saving the official output figures for the full debut at Geneva, McLaren did say that the next-gen car can run a standing quarter-mile in 10.3 seconds, and it can scoot from 0 to 124 mph in a mere 7.8 seconds. We can only figure that this thing will be more powerful than anything currently available at the McLaren dealership. The 903-hp P1 has long been sold out.

McLaren Light up engine

McLaren will put a light in the engine bay to draw even more attention to your wild supercar.

Feeding the new 4.0-liter V8 is a pair of ultra-low inertia twin-scroll turbochargers. The new turbochargers will spool faster and reduce turbo lag, McLaren says, but we won’t know for certain until we get behind the wheel. McLaren also developed a new exhaust system, which is supposed to sound crisper than the current cars.

Waiting for horsepower? We are, too. McLaren says it’ll release more performance and engine specs on March 7, just two days before the Geneva motor show kicks off. A few other supercars will be making their debuts at Geneva, so make sure to check back to sate your supercar needs.