I knew as soon as matte finishes started becoming popular that we would eventually see matte as a color upgrade and sure enough BMW is giving it to their super-limited M Performance Edition M3 and M5 coupes. Along with a bevy of under-the-hood upgrades, the M-series are sporting chilled hues of Frozen Red, Frozen White, and Frozen Blue, rolling out on cool matte black alloy rims. But it doesn’t stop there. The black leather interiors will also feature color-keyed accent stitching and Alcantara-wrapped steering wheels.

Unfortunately, BMW is only making 30 of each of the M Performance Editions for the British market which won’t be significant enough to bring the frozen matte awesomeness to mainstream.

Guess we’ll either have to get the matte finishes done ourselves or wait until BMW finally makes the “frozen” line available on a larger scale.

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