The new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ will officially be revealed Thursday evening at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, but the limited-edition supercar has already been shown in an Instagram post.

British Lamborghini dealer HR Owen has been posting teaser materials of the SVJ, or Superveloce Jota, on Instagram, and showed the full frontal image of the SVJ today. In the photo, the SVJ’s distinctive front vents can be seen, as well as the shape of the new rear wing. For future supercar spotters, the front bumper vents, reminiscent of nostrils, will be a good way to tell the SVJ from lesser Aventadors. There’s also a new front splitter and a re-engineered dual-pipe exhaust system with aerodynamic benefits.

The SVJ has already claimed fame with its record-breaking Nürburgring Nordschleife lap of 6 minutes and 44.97 seconds in the hands of test driver Marco Mapelli. This made the SVJ the fastest production car on the track, and the lap time is 15 seconds faster than a regular Aventador SV. Reports say the SV’s 739 horsepower will be bested by 20 in the SVJ, for a total of 759 horsepower; some reports claim an even bigger jump to 780. All in all, the SVJ is likely to be produced in extremely limited numbers.

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