Photographs of a prototype Audi R8 have surfaced recently. The test mule was spotted near the company’s Ingolstadt headquarters wearing camouflage on its lower parts. The photos follow rumours that Audi might discontinue the supercar for the next generation. Clearly, a facelift is planned before Audi kill it off!

The photos reveal a mild update to the R8 package. The front bumper has been revised to bring it in line with the A6, A7 and A8. It gets a hexagonal grille with the vertical bars which characterised the side vents gone. The front grille appears more upright and narrower. Slight changes to the front spoiler and the side kirts are also noticeable. It’s the rear that really excites though with the addition of large circle exhaust tips.

Audi R8 fans will recall the last time we saw the circular tips. Attached to the Audi R8 GT, they signified the hottest version of the first generation R8. Our spy photographers have suggested that the circular tips might mean something else instead for the latest generation R8.

Many of the modifications seem to make the R8 more understated which has led our spy photographers to suggest that we might actually be looking at a 400 hp V6 powered R8. An entry level R8 has been rumoured for years with the 2.9-litre V6 from the RS5 being the logical candidate. Performance will likely suffer significantly if this is the case, however, a cheaper entry point and cheaper running costs might just save the R8 from extinction!

Would you consider a V6 powered Audi R8?