I’m a big fan of Western Rise, and I have two pairs of their AT Slim Rivet Pants (and…a lot more of their stuff). I’ve mentioned them many times, and wear those pants a lot. They fit great, look great, feel great and are tough as all hell. They are literally everything I could want out of an everyday pant. And now I have to replace them because Western Rise is launching a totally new product that promises to do even more.

According to Western Rise founder Will Watters, the Evolution Pant pushes the brand even further into their core mission: “truly creating products that allow you to own less, carry less, and do more.” The pants are constructed of a fabric that comes “from one of the oldest, vertically integrated and sustainable, fabric mills in…Sweden.” They are durable, pill-proof, abrasion and wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, slightly stretchy, breathable (thanks to Supplex fibers) and stain-proof. There is a hidden zippered security pocket out back, too. Plus, the pants are made in the U.S. in downtown LA.

These are the pants that Tony Stark would design and wear, and I’m not saying a fake superhero billionaire playboy is my sole inspiration in life, but I’m not not saying that. What I am definitely saying is that I like his pants.

Anyway. The Slim Rivet pants, which I wear when I travel, when I go to the office and on weekends (I have to try really hard not to sleep in them) are truly awesome. I’m eager to see what the new Evolution pants are all about. Right now, Western Rise has a Kickstarter going with plenty of time to go. Early adopters can get in on the action (and possibly beat me to the punch) and cop the $149 pants for just $99.

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