I mention my affinity for the Western Rise AT Slim Rivet pants every opportunity I get. People ask about them, sure, but I also tend to bring up their being my favorite legwear as often as, say, a watch enthusiast might recall his inherited Rolex, or a proud father might discuss his favorite child. Here are some things I’ve published on the internet about said pants:

• “They fit great, look great, feel great and are tough as all hell. They are literally everything I could want out of an everyday pant. The Slim Rivet pants, which I wear when I travel, when I go to the office and on weekends (I have to try really hard not to sleep in them) are truly awesome.”

• “The fit is excellent, like modern chinos or jeans. The colors are just unique enough to stand out. But what I like most about them is how tough they are: last week, I was not exercising proper knife usage and opened a box toward myself; the knife slipped and the blade hit me right in the crotch. Granted, the blade was pretty dull, but no abrasions whatsoever — on the pants or on me.”

• “Comfortable, thanks to a light form factor and a little bit of stretch; super tough, thanks to the nylon canvas material (they feel like they could take a more serious beating than I’m capable of givin’); versatile enough that I’ve worn them on an overnight international flight, through the next day, then paired them with a blazer for dinner.”

Point is, they’re fantastic semi-casual jeans or chino alternatives. They’re also sturdy enough and functional enough to wear anywhere — I wore mine for a three-day off-grid camping excursion, I wear them when I travel, I wear them when I go to the office. They stretch just enough, have a pocket that fits my phone and they’re cut great as well. They resist water and stains and don’t shrink or seem to show wear in any way whatsoever. Highly, highly recommended and 100 percent worth the cost of admission.