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Italy-based Momo, normally a purveyor of steering wheels and other racing gear, is getting into the tire game with a full range of rubber for passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs. Momo tires was initially launched in Europe in 2012, but as of this week, they’re coming stateside.

Momo says what all manufacturers say about their tires. They use an advanced silica compound leading to better fuel economy, low road noise, enhanced grip and handling. The 2018 line will feature 12 “unique all-season, winter and summer patterns with new models planned for later next year.”

If you happen to be at the SEMA Show next week, check them out at the Weld Racing booth.

In other Momo news, the company will now allow you to customize a steering wheel with colors, script, materials and even screw heads for your latest ride. The base price is $564; there are a few upgrades like Alcantara, which might add a few shekels to your total.

Check out for more information.

Momo custom steering wheel config

At you can customize colors, materials and scripts on your new steering wheel.