Once again, a mid-engine Chevy Corvette prototype has been spotted in the wild, and this one reveals even more new details. They include hints at the front-end design, a look at the steering wheel, and a preview of the brakes.

Starting from the front we can see on the passenger-side of the front bumper, the grille opening seems to end toward the center of the car. This is very much like the design of the 1997-2005 C5 Corvette. This could also mean that the center portion of the bumper could double as a location to mount a front license plate, but it could also just as easily be a styling feature. The grilles on each side also appear to be quite large. Additionally, the headlights look more horizontal than those on the current C7.

These photos also give us a small glimpse into the cockpit of the new mid-engine Corvette where we can see the steering wheel. It has a distinctive flat top to it, probably to give it the look of a race car steering wheel. It won’t be the first to have a flat-top wheel (and presumably flat-bottom wheel), as the Ford GT has a similar design.

Back on the outside, we get a close look at the brakes, and the rears look interesting. We can see two sets of calipers over the rear rotors. The fronts appear to have just single sets of calipers, but they look like beefy ones.

We may see the mid-engine corvette revealed next year, but it could also get pushed to 2020. We’ve seen evidence of both a naturally aspirated V8, possibly an iteration of the 6.2-liter LT1 engine, and a twin-turbo V8, which could be a 4.2- or 5.5-liter V8. Since Cadillac’s former boss has said it doesn’t want to share its 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8, we could see the 5.5-liter as being more likely, possibly even a bored and stroked version of the Cadillac 4.2-liter.

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