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The REI brand, or REI Co-Op, depending on you know them, is one of the better tent brands we’ve seen this year. They’re always great with their tents, but it’s clear that they love to go that extra mile with their tents compared to other brands.

It is uncertain how they continue to come up with more unique ways to make large tents and put them out at great, high-quality. However, we hope they never stop inventing and continue to make wild designs and forms of tents that no one has seen before.

They make us interested, heavily, in what they come up with. REI is one of the best due to the fact that they just know how to get it done each time they put a tent together.

We feel one tent represents the company well, as it shows what they are capable of doing. However, it still does not show all they can do.

Thy Kingdom Come

The REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent is very special. While it is obvious that it can fit at least 8 people, you’ll likely find that it can fit a few more if you needed it to do so. It appears that the tent is made for families, as it breaks up into two separate rooms inside.

This is great for parents who want their end of a tent and kids who want their own. The center divider that separates the rooms can be moved around to present different sizes for the rooms.

The vertical walls and rectangular floor offer a pretty large space. This tent was updated to increase possible stability and to make it easier to set-up. The tent uses hubbed pole assemblies, pole clips, and sleeves to offer a freestanding tent.

The color coding on the tent parts helps you put the tent together easier.

This tent has 2 big doors, with 4 zipper sliders. One of the doors has a vestibule, which can be used as a single or double door, well as turned into an awning that requires tarp poles. Those poles are sold separately.

The other door is vertical, which offers a drip-free entry as well as extra room inside.

The paneling mesh, which offers a great view as well as great ventilation. It’s also bugproof. A seam-sealed waterproof polyester rain-floor, as well as cut-in floor, comes with the tent too. Inside the tent will be pockets for extra added storage.

The tent also includes a backpack carry bag with pockets for the poles and stakes. They also include 15 stakes and 8 guylines with tighteners and a pole repair tube.

However, it is not compatible with any Kingdom products sold in 2018 and beyond.

The tent is cleared for up to 3 seasons and can handle rain well with the tarp included. It’s also able to stand up to relatively high winds. With one reviewer saying it held up well against 25mph winds without any trouble.

The price of the tent sits at $550.

Price Range

The REI tents are relatively industry-standard on pricing. For tent brands that specialize in outdoor material or tents in general, it makes sense that they’d charge some higher amounts. REI does seem to offer their tents at a competitive price compared to its competitors, however.

Some 8-person tents we’ve seen as high as $900 and up. The fact they even offer one for under $600 is impressive. Their average price range for their tents is $150-$600, which is relatively fair.

REI also has a membership program that will allow you to save a little on each purchase. Typically it’s 10% off of all purchases. You can read more about their membership here.

They also offer free shipping on orders that are $50 and up. They have a couple of other things you might want to check out regarding the shipping, so we suggest you check that out right here.

REI also offers a limited warranty on all purchases.