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Timex is well-known in the world of watches, as they have been one of the best in this field for a very long time. Interestingly, they have found a way to step out with their military watched in a major way.

This puts them among the best military watch brands out there. In fact, they have a number of watches that are specifically designed to be for military use. However, they can be used for several activities beyond this.

What Timex realized was that, while they can make a line or two straight up for military usage, people will see that and want it for other uses too. Who would not want a great watch for any use that is insanely well protected?

The Affordable Allied Series Is A Great Budget Buy

One of these watch lines happens to be called the Allied series. They’re made pretty well, with all of them having a fabric strap. Now, this is key for those who know anything about survival. When you’re in the middle of nowhere and lost, it is useful to have anything that can double as something else.

The fabric from these watches can be removed and opened up with a knife with ease. It can then be used for a number of things. This is not all, as the fabric only touches one small side of things.

They also have something Timex calls their INDIGLO® Light-Up Watch Dial. It helps to keep the watch visible at all times of the day as well as any conditions you might find yourself in. On top of this, you’ll find that they are water resistant for up to 100 meters too.

They also contain a QuickDate® Feature that presents the proper date, regardless of where you are. So if a place is 12 hours ahead of your normal time at home, this will help you stay on the date you’re currently in.

Most of these watches are under $100 too!

Timex Goes Above & Beyond With MK1 & Timex Command™

The Allied Series is great but the second and third series of military style watches from Timex helps to seal them in for a very long time among the best military watch brands. They’re called the MK1 Aluminum Series and Timex Command™ Shock Series. These are brands that put them on the list of the best military watch brands in the world, in our opinion.

If you thought the Allied line had a lot, wait until you check these out. The Timex Command™ Shock Series has the same INDIGLO® Night-Light that the Allied Series has, but this also comes with a Night-Mode setting.

It also comes with a dual mode alarm for vibration and audio alerts and a stopwatch with a 100-hour Chronograph for the lap and split times as well as a 24-hour countdown timer. This model also comes with three different timezone settings, 24-hour display option, Hydration Alarm, and contains the date via Month & Day.

It’s also shock resistant and water resistant for up to 100 meters. This offers legendary durability that Timex is well-known for. They also come in a ton of camo colors that you can choose from.

Meanwhile, the MK1 Aluminum Series contains much of the same things, minus the shock resistance. It’s made from “aircraft-quality steel” according to Timex, making it extremely durable.

It also comes with a fabric strap that slightly differs from the Allied Series, but can offer much of the same things.

While this might be the extent of their straight-up military watches, they have several sports watches like the Ironman Essential, Ironman Original, Ironman Classic, Ironman Transit, Ironman Sleek, Expedition Camper, Expedition Chrono-Alarm, Expedition 39MM, and Expedition Base-Shock Series of watches.

That is not even discussing the options for women.

Just in case you were wondering, Timex does a great job when it comes to pricing their watches. Most of the models brought up above can be purchased for under $200, as well.