We’re just about to December, the temperature is dropping all around the country, and at least here in Michigan, we’ve even seen some snow flurries in the past month. That means it’s time to squirrel away the fancy expensive sports cars in favor of some safe, boring box until warm weather returns and salt departs, right? Wrong! If you have a McLaren 570S, 570GT or 570 Spider, you already have your winter car, because McLaren has a winter tire package for it.

The company partnered with Pirelli to offer a set of MC Sottozero 3 winter tires designed specifically for the Sports Series McLarens, which includes the whole 570 line in the U.S., as well as the 540C overseas. The tires come pre-mounted to a set of forged, gun-metal finish wheels for quick installation. The company says they provide substantially better performance than normal tires at temperatures under 44 degrees Fahrenheit, and the chunkier tread is better for displacing water and snow.

We’re not sure how many McLaren owners will take the company up on this new option, considering how protective people are over their supercars, but we sure hope some will. We certainly would enjoy being able to drive a McLaren all year long. It would even be a fairly smart choice for winter duty, particularly in salt-happy regions, since the carbon fiber body and chassis are naturally rust-proof.

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