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McLaren revealed a bit more info on its upcoming Aston Martin Valkyrie– and Mercedes Project One-fighting hyper GT car. It’s codenamed BP23 and it “will be the most powerful and most aerodynamic road-going McLaren ever produced.”

McLaren says development is underway at the McLaren Special Operations division. The B in the name stands for bespoke — only 106 will be made, all already sold out — and the 3 stands for three seats. P2 is “project two.” We’re expecting a McLaren F1-style road car with one seat in the middle and two set slightly back.

McLaren BP23 three-seat hyper GT

Dead center, the way man was meant to drive.

This mule appears to use the 720S platform for testing. We’re not sure if that means it will continue using the Monocage II body structure or if the company is literally just testing the seat arrangement. It’ll also be a hybrid, says McLaren. We wouldn’t be angry with a P1 powertrain, a 720S body and an F1 seat setup.

With the advent of the BP23, we could be witnessing the next great triumvirate hypercar race, after the P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, LaFerrari showdown from a few years ago.

As always, it’s a great time to be an enthusiast, a great time to a rich guy and a great time to be alive.

McLaren BP23 three-seat hyper GT i2

This will be the fastest McLaren ever, so expect a top speed well in excess of 200 mph.