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Somebody, somewhere at McLaren Automotive got it in their head that that the P1 wasn’t fast enough. Bless that person. It’s because of him that McLaren has announced the creation of the P1 GTR — an even more ludicrous version of the ludicrously fast McLaren P1.

McLaren cites its decision to build the track-only GTR as a response to the demands of P1 owners, who clearly aren’t satisfied with having one of the fastest street-legal cars in the world. It goes without saying that the P1 GTR will see a bevy of upgrades, including those that will improve grip, aero and downforce. Power will be boosted to a whiplash-inducing 986 hp. The GTR will also come with a widened track and more aggressive and distinct styling.

Like other track-only variants offered by other companies, the McLaren P1 GTR program will offer an experience tailored specifically to each customer. The program will include consultations with the McLaren driver fitness team and design director Frank Stephenson, along with access to McLaren racing simulators. The program will also require participation in a minimum of six drive events to be held at Formula One circuits.

The price to join starts at 1.98 million Euro, or about $2.7 million at today’s exchange rate.