There’s a new McLaren Ride-On toy hitting the market, and this time McLaren made a kid’s toy out of the GT. This GT joins other McLaren Ride-Ons already made out of the P1, 720S and Senna.

Just like the actual McLaren GT, this one comes with a rear storage compartment behind the driver. You can stow additional Hot Wheels cars and/or stuffed animals aplenty in the compartment.

McLaren promises that three-to-six year olds will enjoy driving the car, too. The single seat is in the center like the McLaren F1 or Speedtail. There’s an actual key you use to start the vehicle. When you press the throttle to accelerate, a speaker plays revving sounds from the GT. Plus, the brake pedal is synced up with an actual brake light in the rear of the car. Whether or not other young drivers will pay attention to said brake light is up for debate, but it’s there to bring another level of reality to the experience.

Also taking after the road car, McLaren says it fit an “infotainment system” that allows you to play music files off a USB or SD card. An optional MP4 display screen is available if you want to watch videos, too. Apparently, distracted driving is less of an issue when you’re driving on a lawn.

We’re fairly impressed with the design details and the replication of an actual McLaren GT throughout the vehicle. You even get the GT’s dihedral doors to look extra cool hopping in and out of the ride-on.

If you want to buy one for your kid, the starting price is $230. Tack on some options (this is a McLaren we’re talking about here), and the price goes as high as $330. You can buy one in the following colors: Burnished Copper, Silica White, Onyx Black, McLaren Orange, Amaranth Red and Burton Blue. McLaren says the GT Ride-On can be ordered from select global toy retailers. 

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